The Sleeping Prince

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Beauty and the Beast met Sleeping Beauty in a tale. The Kingdom of Rusea is in war against a powerful witch and her monster armies. Princess Darlene tries to find a solution to the end the war and stop the witch known Belinda, the Serpent Witch. But she didn't expected her solution to be a skeleton (correction; a walking and talking skeleton) who goes by name Skull. After hearing the story of The Sleeping Prince of Tretus from Skull, Princess Darlene decided to search the sleeping prince and hope he has the answer. But Darlene hasn't only one, Belinda is looking for Tretus as well. What reason does the Sarpent Witch want from Tretus? Is there something interest to her? If so, what?

Fantasy / Adventure
D. F. Tomes
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The Kingdom of Rusea wages war against an evil sorceress named ‘Belinda’. Or, what others call her ‘The Serpent Witch.’ Beautiful, cunning and deadly. With her long, wavy, and golden-locks hair. Fair skin, icy-cold green eyes and ruby lips. Dresses in a dark gown with a pointed-edge sleeves reaches her hands and bloody-red fingernails.

“How bored.” Belinda spoke in a calm and eerie tone. Her fleets unable to break the wall that surround the kingdom. “I thought the Kingdom of Rusea had fallen to the ground already. And yet, it still stand.”

Curious she is, but was aware that one of her general had came. A shadow demon general.

“My Mistress,” her general reported. “The Rusea armies haven’t fallen.”

“I can see that for myself, Shades.” Belinda hissed. “But you didn’t explain why?”

“The Princess of Rusea make things difficult,” he explained, but report something else. “But that isn’t why I here.”

“Then, what is it?!" She growled, demanded he answered and explained his action.

“One of our scouts saw a ranger with an unusual companion.” He informed her. “We believe it might be him.”

“Are they sure?!” Belinda demanded. “Cause, if it is him, we have a problem!!!”

“I’ll send the Crow Demons,” said the general unease. He vanishes, leaving Belinda alone in her thoughts.

“It better not be him,” Belinda said to herself. “If it is him, the Kingdom of Rusea will defeated me and all my plans of conquered the entire kingdom will be lost.”

Full with raged and determined, Belinda scream as she throws a fierce fireball. “He will not reach the kingdom. Not when I’m around.”

Belinda walk away from her balcony. And, magical slam the door as she went inside.

At Rusea’s Wood, a small army set camp. Leading them is a young maiden with scarlet hair and sapphire eyes. Tied in a loose braid with neck-long bangs, with a small brown leather band around her forehead. Dress in a black undershirt with a long sleeves, dark green vest and matches gloves. With midnight green trouser and brown knee-high boots, and a brown leather belt that attach itself with a sword.

“Princess Darlene!” one of the soldier call her.

“Something a matter?” Darlene asked, without turning.

“One of our scout spot some Crow Demon at the east,” he informed the princess. “By the look of things, we expect they’re searches.”

“Searches? For what?” Darlene got curious. And, wondered what they searching? Is it important?

“I don’t know, princess.” the soldier replied. “But whatever it is, it must be important.”

“I agree.” She acknowledges. “Saddle up the horses. We’re see what the Serpent Witch wants from there.”

Darlene walk away before she gives them an order.

Meanwhile, east of the forest. Two male traveler, staying beneath the shadow.

Though the traveler’s skin is tawny, ebony hair braided into a tiny cornrow styled. Wore a charcoal shirt, with ceder trouser and umber boots. And, gray belt around his waist, attach with a small satchel. With an iron-colored hooded-cape. Carried a bow and arrows in his back.

“Looks like the coast is clear, Skull.” he said to his companion. “Should we move now?”

His companion is a unique person. He dresses in an eggplant-colored robe with pitch-black shirt and trouser. Brown boots and shadow-colored gloves. But his face, hiding beneath his hood, is a skull. And, his neck is a necklace. Crafted into two snakes as they tied their tails into one with a heart-shaped obsidian stone and wings at each side.

“Patience, Kilic.” Remind his companion, making sure there’s nothing following them. “We need to be careful. We don’t know if Belinda or her goons had spotting us yet?”

Kilic understand why his companion is concerns. He and his companion had a mission to completed. And, they won’t let Belinda or her soldiers to stop them from succeeding.

“So, how much farther, are we?” Kilic wondered. “To the castle, I mean.”

“Still far.” Skull replied, continue to search. “But it won’t matter. We need to find-”

A monstrous screech got their attention, there they search the sky. Which, frighten Kilic. “What was that?”

“Crow Demons.” Skull, immediately, recognized the sound. “Which, means, Belinda knew they here?!”

Shocked they became, Skull and Kilic quickly run. Unaware that their present now got the Crow Demon’s attention as they spotted them. With great speed, the Crow Demons flew down as they’re ready to snatch them. Got a glimpse of what happen, Skull immediately, shove his companion aside. But got snatches, instead.

“SKULL!!!” he shouted, realizing what just happen. “Hang on.”

Skull was in the midair, but still heard his companion. “Easy for you to say.”

Darlene and her army marches, one of her soldier, saw something in the air.

“Princess,” the soldier cried. “Up in the sky.”

The princess looks. “What’s that?”

“It appears to be a creature,” the soldier replied. “And, it’s holding something?”

Darlene hum. “If so, why did it a human?”

“Don’t know, miss.” He answered, wonderingly. “What’s your order?”

“Shoot it.” Darlene implied. “We can’t let it capture our citizens.”

“At once, my lady.” The soldier bowed. “You heard the princess said, shoot it.”

The soldiers carry their duties, Darlene’s mind wanders. What’s the Serpent Witch want? Why sends her monster? Is there a reason?

“I’ll get my answer,” Darlene whispered, watches her soldiers shoot the beast. “I’m sure someone will explain after we’re rescued the citizen.”

In thin air, hanging by the Crow Demon’s talons, Skull wonders if Kilic is planning to save him. If so, how? That’s the question he shouldn’t ask.

An arrow appear, taking aim to them. Surprise, they are. Skull regret for that question. “Me and my big mouth.”

At first, he thought it Kilic but numerous arrows appear as it fire towards him and the Crow Demon.

“Okay, not Kilic.” Curious who shooting at them, until he realizes something. “Must be Rusea army.”

The Crow Demon still have Skull in its talons. Unaware that its grip is loose as Skull’s clothes is begun to tear. However, its captive notices.

“Not good.” Skull sound frighten than his worries. “If one of those arrows hit-”

Just as Skull predict, an arrow strike and the Crow Demon let go of its captive. As it screeches in pain, Skull yelled; “It’s the end for mmmeeeee!!!”

Kilic run. Hopes to save his companion from Belinda, the Serpent Witch. But once a scream caught he’s attention, he looks up and saw Skull fallen.

“Oh, boy.” Kilic was stunned. “Hold on, Skull! I’m coming!”

Kilic begun to run, quicker than before. Unaware, that Princess Darlene and her army were heading where Skull has landed. Hopefully, somewhere safe and unharmed.

Skull was lucky. Not only he’s safe or in clutches of Belinda’s beasts, but fell into a river. Wet, but safe and unseen by everyone.

“I better find Kilic.” He whispered, getting himself out of the water. “Before anyone can find me. Or worst, one Belinda’s beasts.”

Just as Skull was about to leave, something caught his attention and turn. He wishes he hadn’t. Cause now, he saw some armed soldiers and a scarlet woman in the front of the line. Attractive she is, but fearsome. Skull was grateful his hood remains on his head before he fell and out of the water.

“Stated your business, traveler!” The scarlet one demanded, pointing her sword to him.

“Simple a traveler who’s passing and not drawing too much attention.” He replied, lowering his hooded by his hand as he prevents anyone from seeing his face. “And, it seems I didn’t do a good job.”

“I can see that for myself.” She seems convince but in her eyes she is not. “And yet, your story isn’t promising. So I ask you once more; Stated your business?!”

“I’m telling the truth.” Skull raised both his hands, persuade her without any suspects. But fate has other plans. “That giant bird just grab me for no-”

SKULL!!!" He froze. After hearing and recognizing his companion’s voice, Skull slowly turn. There he instinct proves it. Kilic appears, unaware of his surrounds as he run.

“Kilic,” he moaned, quietly. “Please, look before saying.”

“Thank goodness,” Kilic was relieved. “A minute ago, I was worried that one of Belinda’s creature has already delivered you to her by now.”

“You idiot.” he muttered, fully aware that his companion listened. And, wondered what Skull meant and why he raises his hands. Until, he looks.

“Oh boy,” Kilic groaned, seeing the sight of the armies at front. “We’re in trouble, aren’t we?”

“What do you think?” Skull sneered.

Kilic wailed, knowing his answers. This is not what they expected.

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