I’ll save my villainous brother no matter what!

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She was the sister of five siblings, but ended up dying in an unfortunate accident. Now she became the sister of the villain in an otome game... My father passed away when I was in my third year of high school and as a result, he left my mother, my five siblings and me to survive alone. During high school, I took on fourteen different kinds of part time jobs in order to support my family financially. My mother was a nurse, so she didn’t have much time to take care of my siblings and that’s why I also took on the role of a mother. On my way back from shopping one day, I unfortunately got into a car accident and ended up taking the role of the villain’s older sick sister from the otome game [“ Mysterious lover”]. It was an otome game that my younger sister used to play and told me about. At least, I know the basics about the otome game. The characters to be precise. My role as the villain’s older sister starts now.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

When I realized I had died, it was too late. I had already left the world, in which my family was.

[“I wonder how they’re doing?”] was the first thing I thought about.

My father passed away when I was in my third year of high school. At that time, my family was going through a hard time, especially my mother because she was now a single mother, who had to take care of six children.

In order to help her, I took on fourteen different part time jobs and helped with house chores. I still graduated successfully even with all the part time jobs and soon got myself a proper job. However, right after getting myself a job and going grocery shopping, I got into an unfortunate car accident and died.

Upon waking up, I realized I was in a different body and the previous owners memories started to overflow in my head. That is how I became aware of my current situation. I reincarnated into an otome game my little sister used to play, [“ Mysterious Lover”].

My name is Lavinia Ustores Bames Rekta. I’m the eldest daughter of the duke Rekta family. Unfortunately, the previous owner had a heart problem and was disabled, so she was bedridden and played an indirect important role in this otome game. However, it doesn’t seem like I have those problems, in fact, I feel like a newborn child.

Back to the topic though, my mother, Liselotte Rosalia Rekta, also has an illness and is bedridden. My father, Elkabew Justal al Rekta, the duke of this house and the finance minister of this country, Eliktus, has too much work to be concerned . However, all of us play insignificant roles. The reason being my younger brother, Kaith Laviatan Rekta, one of the main villains of this otome game.

The otome game [“Mysterious Lover”] is about a commoner girl, Fines Cral, who is able to get a scholarship and transfer into an aristocratic school. At that time, she is than cornered and bullied by those with higher statuses. Among those people is of course, the main villainous, Lacezra Vivian Esterburg, and her gang, so all the side villainous characters.

There are about four routes in this otome game, casual, deep, mystic and evil. If you follow tha casual route, than you‘ll be able to capture three targets, the second prince, a servant and the son of a baron. In the deep route you can also capture three targets, the son of a duke, the son of a commoner and a teacher. Then there’s the mystic route, in which you can capture the first prince, the neighboring country’s prince, and the son of the knight general. If you’re going to take the evil route, than you can capture my brother, the last boss, the son of the greatest magician and lastly, the second brother of the neighboring country’s prince.

I have no idea how you’re supposed to get into those routes though. My little sister used to compare me to an egg, that still needs to come in contact with the power of love in order to hatch. That’s why she would tell me about this otome game a lot. If I may say so myself, my sister was incredible. She finished all four routes.

The one route she was fixated on the most though, was the evil route or to be precise, it was my current brother’s route. She would always talk about how pitiful he was. Kaith, my brother, was under pressure because of becoming the rightful heir to the duke’s estate. Not only was his mother sick, but his elder sister also. His mother treated him like normal, but as for me, the older sister, it was different. Before having a heart problem and becoming disabled, I used to have a pretty good relationship with my brother. However, after becoming bedridden, I didn’t talk, look at others and acted as if I were already dead.

That’s when Kaith started to lock his heart up. As a result, after meeting the kind and warm hearted Fines, he fell in love. Nonetheless, he fell too deep in love and when the heroine fell in love with another capture target, leading to both of them ending up together, he tries to kill her and is then stopped by the other capture targets. At a ball, where all the capture targets and villains are invited to, the heroine’s engagement is announced and the villains are reprimanded.

Truly a horrible ending.

But now I have to think about what I should do from this point onwards. I don’t think it’s possible to return to my previous world, since I died after all, and I haven’t even fully accepted the situation I’m in yet. I think I have to get used to this first.

As I stood up and walked outside of the exquisite room I was in, I came across a maid in the hallway, who was carrying a tray. She immediately dropped the tray and looked as if she had seen a ghost.

“T..T...The...THE LADY IS WALKING!!!!!!” the maid’s scream echoed throughout the hallway, also exceeding the walls of this mansion.

To be continued...

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