Unfortunate Sins

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Follow Vanderrynn and Rulariyen in their battle to stop the human sacrifices made to the dragons. Vanderrynn Jaonos is a white-winged lion living his life in solitude. Rulariyen Lyaridix is an elven boy who escaped his fate to be sacrificed. Once they cross paths and find out they are fated mates, they must fight against all odds to ensure their love is safe. To fight to end the archaic practices that willingly condemn innocent souls to the dragons. Follow Vanderrynn and Rulariyen's journey.

Fantasy / Romance
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In the land of Valkaria just outside the kingdom of Lodoss, Vanderrynn Jaonos was watching his prey waiting to go in for the kill. Silently crawling closer inch by inch, eyes never getting distracted by the forrest movements.

He was unbothered by what the day was. It had nothing to do with him and he wanted no part in it. Sacrificing innocent souls to keep the peace from the dragon face was just an archaic practice that should have been abolished centuries ago.

He hated how everyone bowed and cowered from the large scaly beasts, as if, if they did band together they couldn’t come out victorious. Bunch of cowards they all were. He hated them.

That’s why he chose the life of solitude instead of living in a pride pack.

The white-winged lion waited for the perfect time before he moved with the perfect grace and attacked the unsuspecting buck, latching onto his throat and swiftly breaking his neck before a whimper could be made.

He never took pleasure in prolonging another’s death. He wasn’t one for torture. Some would call him soft, his inability to decapitate and devour with a slow death a show of weakness. Someone who couldn’t survive in this era of time.

They could think of that in such a way but would still bow down to a race of firebreathers as if they have no spine.

He would never understand them.

Without wasting any time, Vanderrynn thanked the lifeless buck for his sacrifice and began to eat his meal.

On the other side of the forrest, just on the border of Vanderrynn’s land, a small elven boy was running for his life.

Rulariyen Lyaridix was an orphan boy who lost his family when he was just nine years old, now at eighteen and still unmated, he was perfect to be sacrificed.

All his life he was told how it was an honor to be sacrificed for the safety of his king, the people of his fellow landholders but that never sat right for him. He didn’t want to die for other peoples cowardice.

He wanted to live, to find his other half of his soul. To experience love and start a family and grow old in his lover’s arms.

Why should he have to give up his right to life?

Why should anyone have to?

Why can’t they have the freedom of choice? A right to fight back against the dragons.

He wouldn’t be afraid of death if he had to die fighting for the right reason and not because his soul was pure. Because he was untouched and unmarked.

So as soon as he saw the perfect opportunity, he ran. He ran and he never looked back in fear they would be right behind him. He focused his eyes forward, ignoring the burning in his chest, the dryness of his throat and the soreness in his leg.

Without knowing where he was or where he was going, he unknowingly crossed into Velgessys. The land of the lone white-winged lion.

Vanderrynn felt the unknown person crossing into his land. Anyone with half a brain knew to stay away from his borders.

Vanderrynn wasn’t someone to play with or cross. This was his land and he wouldn’t hesitate to protect what was his.

Without a second thought, he ran towards the intruder.

In mere minutes he was near the elven boy. Ready to attack.

Rulariyen saw the white lion ahead of him and quickly came to a halt, his breaths coming out in harsh pants, nausea swirling in his stomach, heart beating rapidly.

Is this how he was going to die?

Was his escape all for nothing?

As the white tiger stalked closer, Rulariyen saw black and white spots dancing in his vision.

At least if he was to die right now by the paws of Vanderrynn, he wouldn’t feel a thing for he knew he was on the cusp of consciousness.

As his eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body falling limp towards the ground, Vanderrynn quickly shifted into his human form and caught the small figure in his arms.

Looking down at the small malnourished boy, he felt the sparks. The sparks that many have spoken of, only when you meet your fated mate. The other half of your soul.

At the age of twenty-nine, the white wolf finally found his reason to rise up against all those who wish to harm the innocent.

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