Book of Truth

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All I remember was the warning... Life is not always as it seams. Life during 3013 was surrounded by lies. I was only 13 when I found the truth. When my friends and I found the truth in the library. The truth of life and our world in the “Book of Truth. ”

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 Secret Room

Beap, Beap, Beap. I woke up to my alarm clock, beaping. It was December 13, 3013. I didn’t think it was strange, at the time, that my alarm clock went off early. It was 4:00 am. My alarm doesn’t go off till 6:00 am. I just thought, I set my alarm to go off early because it was my 13th birthday, after all. Now I wish I would of stayed home. If I did, I wouldn’t be in this mess. My friends wouldn’t be in this mess. We all would not be in this mess.

Nothing strange happened till after school. At 3:15 pm, my friends and I went to the library. That’s when the trouble started.

We went to the library for a school project. At 3:59 pm, we got to the old part of the library. Some books in that part where from 300BCE! Rose, one of my friends found a book that would work. But, when we pulled the book off the shelf, a secret door opened. The book was a lever!!! We deasided to go in the secret room. There was a book on a stand in the middle of the room. The book was called Book of Truth.

We were all in the room, now. I reached out to open the book. That’s when someone behind us screamed to not open the book. They were to late.
The door slammed shut. Then we were all sucked into the book.
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