War In Heaven

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Chapter 13


I’ve no idea what time it is but I highly doubt I’ve slept long. Pain wakes me and I shift stretching out my leg from underneath my butt, laying it out over the array of objects that cover the floor. My head rests against the edge of the bed and I stare at the ceiling, blinking.

I could very well go back to sleep but I twist my head around and notice Kyla’s covered feet.

This doleful nightmare is very much a reality and it’s not over yet.

I rub my leg, trying to wake it from its slumber. The view from the window reveals that night still lingers on. I should sleep more if only to pretend the world isn’t insane. I’ve come to find sleep to be a blissful surrender. Where many become insomniacs due to the harsh stress of their lives, I find sleep to be an easy way to escape. As a doctor, sleep is the best way to recover from the worst of days. I can sleep just about anywhere.

I gaze at the mess I’ve created on the floor of the hotel room.

I don’t have many things. Even if I did get the chance to go back home and pick up personal objects, I’d have very little. I’ve moved so many times that any souvenirs from past lives are simply tossed in the trash. Memories are foolish things to hold onto.

I pick up a map. I’ve decided on a route. I know of another healer a hundred miles down the coast. Tymician said she needed a doctor and so, I will bring her to one that will actually want to help.

I look over my shoulder, “Sorry, kid. It’s the best I can do. You know, I’m alone for a reason.”

There are actually many reasons I’m alone. Angels are such do-gooders that I’ve never felt like I fit in. Fallen tend to stick to their own kind and hanging out with rebel Angels doesn’t fit into their profile.

I usually connect better with humans. They are insanely emotional and stupidly judgmental. None of them seem to know their purpose in life and not of a single one of them have any idea how to find their place. They are fish out of water, flipping and flopping desperate for air. Yet, adoringly they pledge faith and fealty to their ideals. They are loyal and dedicated to their principals. It doesn’t matter if I know how wrong they are about life. They’re passionate.

It’s why after so many years I continue to be a doctor.

In a hospital, it’s not about hierarchy. I don’t save the richest man. I don’t pledge allegiance to the strongest woman. In the hospital, their pain is equal and their lives mean the same.

In addition, the nurses are typically pretty hot.

A brutal crash has me on my feet with a rapidly beating heart, gawking at the door that swings wide. I fasten my connection to the Source and find the Shini Angel snatching at the objects at the ground, throwing them into my bags, “Move it. You have to leave.” His German accent demands low and hushed.

Normally I would have floundered and flustered but I’m getting used to these chaotic scenes. I flounder around; grasping at random things and zipping the bag closed. “What’s going on?”

“The Council is coming to investigate the Vetalas killings.”

The New York Council terrority stretches down into Atlantic City. I am twenty minutes from the borderline. If I hurry it’s a probability I can make it out without being captured.

It’s not the NYC I fear. It’s who they will hand me over to. “Have you heard anything about the Ruling?”

He shakes his head, seizing the bag from my hand and nods towards the bed.

I glance back at Kyla. I had nearly forgotten she was there. I rush to her and wrap the blankets all around her, lifting her up snug in my arms.

I wish the soldier would trade me. He could carry her much better than me.

“The Ruling is oddly silent. With the Sins and then Tymician’s disappearance they should be all over this place but they do not interfere.”

He leads me down the hallway and out the back. His wings fluster in the enclosed space as we ride the elevator. I attempt to hide a smile. This giant man wearing gladiator armor with Angelic wings riding in an elevator: it’s a sight to remember.

The gentleman sends a glare in my direction so I force words to dispel my laughter. “What’s your name?” I’d rather hate to get on his bad side.

He steps out flexing his wings, shaking the feathers. “You don’t need to know. And I don’t need to know yours.” He moves fast and it’s hard to keep up with the added weight in my arms. He speaks loud over his shoulder. “Get out of Council territory. Don’t use the Source. Trust no one.”

He stops in front of gold Saturn, four doors, terribly ugly and old. My face screws in disgust as he pops the trunk and throws my bag inside.

He slams the trunk and when he turns around, I force gratefulness on my visage. “Why are you helping me?”

The Shini’s gaze flickers downward. “If the Sins are after her, then there’s a reason.”

He opens the side door for me and I carelessly plop her inside. She’s in a coma, it’s not like she can feel uncomfortable.

I turn to him again and his attention is to the sky, grabbing the hilt of his sword. Ridiculous as it is, I plead. “You said yourself, I’m not a fighter. I can’t do this. I’m not cut out for this.”

He is impassive. “Then abandon her.” He throws the keys at me before jumping into the air and leaving me.

I pout only momentarily, slamming the door to the car, kicking at its exterior. My hands run through my long golden locks, pacing in my distress. Both Tymician and the Shini told me I’m to trust no one so where does that leave me? I’m to hop around the United States for however long until Tymician comes back or until Kyla wakes up? That’s not what I want to do with my life. I don’t want to waste another day with this crap. If the Ruling isn’t after me then that means I could very well return to the life I had. I was happy where I was.

I cut my connection to the Source when I hear a distance screech and speedily get into the car. It seems I’ve got little choice. The Vetalas are after me. They want my Light, not hers. It’s beginning to feel like in order to save myself I have to save her.

I glance in my rearview mirror and adjust it to place Kyla at its center. “You better appreciate this.” I put the car into reverse. “Any more surprises and I’m leaving you behind. This relationship has to work on trust.”

I like to believe she agrees with me.

Driving actually makes me feel safe. As long as I don’t connect to the Source I am free of those nasty creatures. I can run far, further still, and get lost in the world.

The computer I had is gone. The whole package I received from Debra burned away in the car. The only thing I have is my real name and my private funds, which had been depleted by the obscene cost to change my identity. I can live off my reserves for a few weeks, maybe, but after that, what will I do?

My stomach groans from the lack of food. The sun slowly rises exposing a beautiful dawn. I humor myself, thinking Mother Nature must be happy. Despite the beginning being rough, I’m thankful it isn’t raining. Mother Nature has a knack for making situations much worse than they need to be. I hate the rain. Everything is so much gloomier drenched in water.

I glance in my rear mirror. Kyla lays undisturbed but noticing the sun glaring directly in her eyes, I reach back and stretch the blanket up to block out the rays. “You could use some sun though. You are so pale. Do Fallen tan? You’re really the first Fallen I’ve met. Tymician doesn’t count. He’s an Erelim. They are a different breed altogether, don’t you think?”

Annoyed by the silence, I flip on the radio and block out all negative thoughts as I continue on the rest of the drive.

Reality only returns when I have to stop for gas. Thankfully, I realize we are officially out of the New York Council Territory. I hadn’t been paying attention. “Washington DC.” I announce, stretching my legs. I pull at my arms, twisting my back, moaning as I pull muscles that haven’t been moved in a while. I spy a small welcome sign on the gas pump and take a brochure. I knock on the window, hoping to bother her, “You ever been here? Maybe we’ll go sight-seeing.”

I crack with laughter. The thought of carrying around a comatose un-Fallen Fallen around town just does me in.

Perhaps rest would be a good idea too. I didn’t sleep well at all.

Across the street is an IHOP. Pancakes have a healing agent to them and I yearn for them instantly. I let Kyla in on my plan. She doesn’t object so I take it she’s for it. “You like chocolate chips in yours? I love ’em. I’ll get ya a stack.”

I settle in a seat beside a window to keep a lookout at the new car. The Shini told me to trust no one but that’s not a possibility, is it? I’m a thousand years old. There are Souls with unbelievable abilities and if Kyla is so desirable as Tymician seemed to think, there is going to be more people coming in search for her. The kind of people that can evaporate my small Light.

I’m in over my head. It’s time to get out while I can.

“Darling?” I blink and fasten my sight to the woman staring at me with raised drawn on eyebrows. “You okay?”

I nod rapidly and order a nice hot coffee. She brings it quickly and I suck it down, regretting it when I burn my tongue.

“You okay? You seem like you lost your best friend.”

Even though this woman is by far a strange looking creature with her blue eyelashes and her painted rosy cheeks, I wonder if this is a sign from God. To insinuate such a thing after the night I had seems ironic. “Kind of.” I whimper. Her brows winkle with sympathy. “I never had a worse night.”

“I’m sorry. Could I get you anything to make you feel better?”

I smile wide, “Nice big chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream.” I glance to the car, hoping by chance just the thought of them woke Kyla up out of her stupor.

Does she even like pancakes?

God. I am risking my eternal life for a woman I don’t even know.

I scoff bitterly. It seems typically of me, this entire situation. I’m in trouble because of a woman.

I died seven times, pitifully, and five out of those seven times it was because of some female. I should have changed becoming an Angel, somehow learned my lesson and stayed away from the petrifying gender. Yet the first thing I do, is fall in love with an Erelim Elder, a being completely out of my reach.

Ariel: her gorgeous long blond mane, her bold and deadly blue eyes, and her ferocious voice that made any lesser being tremble. God’s Lion, an appropriate nickname for someone so legendarily virtuous and fierce, became my mentor when I was barely four hundred years old.

Those memories aren’t pleasant and I certainly don’t need to think of them now. I can hear her crude voice patronize me for my idiocies. She would tell me to give up; because that’s the only thing I am good at.

It’s not as if I wouldn’t help if I could. But I simply don’t know how.

The food shocks me out of my declining state and I blink. I really need to stop this pity bullshit. It’s getting ridiculous. I am proud of who I am. Ariel expected too much from someone like me. I’m not some six thousand year old Hikmah that’s seen the rise and fall of civilizations. I’m not any three thousand year old Asuras that have the grand abilities to shoot Light from their palms.

I’m weak. And I don’t need this girl bogging down my life.

Grabbing my fork and stuffing the tasty treat of pancakes into my mouth, my negativity fades. How can I be a grouch with something delicious before my eyes? I thank God I exist and the world is flawless again.

It takes no time to finish off my plate and when I’m done I can do nothing but smile as I rest my head against the marble countertop.

With a full belly, I find it hard to stay awake. My eyelids flutter. As the server approaches the table, I attempt a warm greeting but find consciousness impossible to uphold.

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