AMINA! The Queen of Zazzau

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"To love is to be weak" He repeated. A twisted story of the zazzau Empire, A king with a wish and A daughter with a dream both consumed by the quest for power. Copyright (c) 2019 hindhu halidhu ,NIGERIA. All rights reserved! Cover photo by desert wind photography.

Fantasy / Drama
hindhu halidhu
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Chapter One

North Africa, Zaria 1533.

Approximately two hundred years prior to the eatablsihment of sokoto caliphate,There lived the traditional city of Zazzau,in kaduna state, The Zaria Emirate.

The Zazzau emirate has it headquarters in the city of Zaria and was ruled by the king of Zazzau for decades.

The throne was passed from generations to generations with hopes that one day the kingdom of Zaria will rise Among other provinces and make a historical mark.

In the city of Zazzau,A wealthy family who trades in imported metals, cottons,Salt and horses puts them on the mark And this family held the throne of Zazzau right from time,being the most powerful and feared kingdom,Zazzau Empire was at it peak.

One evening The king of Zazzau was teaching his son " kaima" the art of archery.

"Now hold it straight and close your left eye" The king spoke as he held the bow along his son.

"Stop shaking" The king yelled.

"I'm sorry Baba" kaima spoke taking few steps away from the king.

"Is this how you're going to rule The city?"

"I'm sorry Baba" kaima repeated looking down at his bow.

"I need you to be quick, strong and smart" The king spoke waiting a for a reply which never came.

Frustrated the king thought to dismiss the young prince"Go home!"

" Wait!" The king added gesturing kaima to stop.

"Kalla!" The king called

"Yes your highness" kalla bowed a bit.

"Take him home" The king spoke.

"Yes your highness"

With kalla and the Prince on thier way back home, The king decided to pay a visit to someone.

"Wait here!" The king ordered the guards.

The king walked Alone to a familiar dark place known to him,He ventured in to caves and stopped when a voice spoke .

"You remembered me today" a shaky voice spoke.

"I never forgot you" the king replied looking at the old lady who sat on a stool.

"Oh!... but you did!" she replied.

"When was the last time you came to see me" she adds.

"My Apologies kalima" the king spoke as he crossed the distance between them and took a seat next to the old lady.

"Ah! have you been?" She asked.

The king stared at the old lady and went on to ask"I've sent supplies did you receive them?".

"Right there" kalima(the old lady) pointed to the corner in the room.

"I haven't touched them yet...thank you "

"Your father would have been-" kalima spoke but was cut short by the king.

"-Please...I handle things differently, I'm sure you'd understand"

"Stubborn..yes But you're not a bad person " kalima stated staring at him intently.

"Are you still having those nightmares?" Kalima asked.

"Yes" the king replied squeezing his fore head.

"Did you do what I told you to?" Kalima asked.

"No" the king simply said.

"People are talking" kalima pointed out.

" Let them talk..I am the king and no one can change that!"

"Hmmmm...don't get too comfortable,things are bound to change with time"

"You are one troubled king,let's things be,You can't control everything, be happy with your family and stop this" kalima offered a smile while she held his hand

"No!..." The king stood,moving his hands away.

"Why do you think I choose this life?" Kalima asked as she watched the king taking few steps away from her.

"Because I want to find peace , Out there is a world full of people hungry for power and revenge" she stated.

Sensing the king was quiet,kalima moved closer,placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Revenge is a like a poison and it will consume you before you know it and with power you will loose yourself to it...please!"

The king took her hand and turned to her direction;staring at her intently

"Come home with me"

"No" taking her hand away from his.

" I choose this" she declares

"I'm your only family, I promised my father that I will always take care of you" the king explained.

"And you did what you're like the son I never had"

"Then come with me...please" The king pleaded.

"If you have nothing else to say,..then my regards to the Queen" kalima spoke as turned away,dismissing the king .

Without Another word the king left.

At the palace

"My king I'm afraid we have bad news" the commander states

"Other kingdoms are growing stronger by the day "

" I have words from far that the Whiteman are at the shores of the of benin kingdom" the commander adds

"Are you certain" the king's right hand man waziri asked.

"But it's true your highness,They exchange thier men for weapons" the commander explained

"Weapons?" The king whispered.

"Yes your highness,particularly black powder and guns"

"Anything else?" The king asked.

"This is all I have for now".

"We must recruit young men, your highness" waziri Suggests

"We need more soldiers" waziri adds

"Commander do what you must"

"I need eyes and ears around my kingdom" The king expressed.

"Yes your highness " the commander replied.

Days passed and The king grew worried, With other cities rising who knew what would become of zazzau.

The king was a strong man physically and at heart, even as a Prince while his father ruled,he was the commander of his father's army and was feared by other kingdoms.

He still trains and when his not at the palace or on his throne,he spent hours in his private room where he collects daggers and weapons passed from generations.

As he cleaned his favourite dagger,made with gold and the elephant tusk,He sensed a presence.

"Come out...quietly!" The king spoke looking at the shadow behind a pile of cotton bags.

"Father I was...uhmmm" Amina his eldest daughter spoke as she walked to the light and struggled to some up her words.

"I thought I've told you not come here!"

"I was...I...I'm sorry Baba" Amina Apologised with her head down .

"You're stubborn" The king adds.

Amina raised her head a bit to look at the king who happened to be Amazed by something but she can't help but wonder what.

"Go!" the king simply said.

"Yes your highness" Amina bowed a bit and was about heading to the door when the king spoke.

"And don't come here..Again!,I'm I clear".

"Yes Baba".

Amina left the room and the king returned to other matters.

Amina was 19 at the time and her brother was 12, she had many proposals but was rejected by her father The king, He's been in search of a worthy partner for his daughter and felt threatened by some of the kingdoms who had previously offered marriage proposals to his daughter.

Over the years the king has been mocked and talked about by the other kingdoms on how his daughter is yet to be married like other girls her age.

On the contrary Amina was never like other girls,she was different and special. While her mates dressed in beautiful dresses and jewelry, she prefers to wear her brothers clothes and while other girls played with toys,Her play thing was a dagger.

One time when she was ten her grandmother caught her holding a dagger, she was amazed by the way Amina held the dagger, in her words " she held it like a warrior".

At 16 Amina learned to shoot the bow and arrow behind the queen's back ,Her mother who completely disapproved of her ways.

She learned to ride the horse , climb trees and fight with the help of her cousin Amir and all this she kept away from her father for he forbade her and will never condone this kind of behaviour from her.

She was expected to be gracious and prepare herself for a life in Another kingdom.


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