The MystiK Squad: Once Upon a MystiK (book1)

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You’ve heard all the stories, and all the myths. Don’t get too cocky, for though you may have heard the story before, every myth...has a twist. Khimera and Griffin have always had each other’s backs. But, after the untimely death of their mother, their lives have become repetitive and mundane. Khimera longs for adventure and excitement, while Griffin just wants to make ends meat and keep themselves out of trouble. But, The Lord moves in mysterious ways. When strange occurrences start to wreak havoc around their peaceful island home, the twins are going to have to put aside their differences and work together and embrace who they truly are. These kids aren’t natural... they’re supernatural.

Fantasy / Adventure
Jessica Arrieta
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Two men ran after the hooded figure. Their shoes became muddy and soggy from the hundreds of puddles they stepped on in their attempt to apprehend their victim. The mysterious hooded man jumped over a random car, and his chaser fired a bullet. It struck the car’s window causing the alarm to go off. The men ignored the blazing noise, their sights set on the man who’s body blended into the shadows.

The streets were empty, only the lamppost illuminated the path. The hooded man hopped onto the bar wired fence, his fingernails clinging onto the metal wires for dear life. He flipped over and landed onto the other side, rushing into the long-abandoned building covered in graffiti art. Some depicting the beauty and culture of the island, while others were just perverted images made by sick minded youths with nothing better to do.

His chasers saw him enter the building. Rather than jump over the wires like he did, the man searched for another way inside. One man called out his partner’s name once he found a broken piece of the fence behind the building. With their guns up, they pointed in all directions.

“Ven! Salte ahora inbesil!” One shouted in his native tongue. “Come on out, imbecile!” he had said. One of the men started shooting like crazy when he heard a noise behind him. Running from one side of the room to the other was not the figure of a man, but of a dog. Furious at the innocent creature for distracting him, out of smite, he shot again. The dog growled, revealing its rows of shimmering white teeth that pierced the darkness.

The man fired bullet after bullet, but nothing phased the animal. Each fire went straight through him. Before long, they were out of ammo and the dog got closer and closer, snarling and barking. The men suspected the marijuana was kicking in because they could have sworn the dog’s eyes were glowing red and a dark mist was emitting from its body.

The men heard breathing coming from above. The last thing they remembered was their own screams and a pair of glowing yellow eyes coming at them.

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