Becoming Apollo

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Before we get started, I should probably tell you my name. My name is Apollo, Apollo Di Angelo, and this is my story. I crept down the golden halls as silently as I could manage with a broken leg. "Hey," I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of her voice. "It's just me you moron," Artemis whispered in my ear. "Well, I know that now, Arty," I grumbled under my breath. "How many times have I told you not to call me-" She started. "Well if it isn't the remnants of the gods. Bickering like children what has become of us?" You might be wondering who said that. Well, that would be the crazy SOB that we were hiding from."Who is he?" You might ask. Well, that's a good question. Read to find out

Fantasy / Action
Joy Wallace
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Look, I didn’t want to be half-blood. *Snort* Sorry, my bad, guess I can’t rip off the Percy Jackson intro, let’s try that again, shall we?

Listen… I was a very weird child. I’m not going to explain why, because, in about an hour, you’ll start to understand. I guess I got less weird as I got older, mostly because I started to forget. “Forget what?” You might ask. Well, that comes later in the story, so you’ll just have to wait. By the way, I tend to be a bit of a dork, so please put up with me. I promise, by the end of the story it will be worth it. This is the story, of how I died. Sorry, I’m only joking with you. This isn’t really the story of how I died but it is my life story. Now I’m going to start, for real this time, from the beginning. The very beginning. I won’t allow any interruptions, so buckle up, get comfy, grab a pillow, a blanket, maybe even some snacks, cause we’re gonna be here a while. But before we get started, I should probably tell you my name. My name is Apollo, Apollo Di Angelo, and this is my story.

Word Count: 222
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