Vamp Gel: The Odyssey

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My Life

This story is about me. My name is Ann Pire. Yeah, I know freaky name right. And now I will tell you who I am, and what happens in my life.I was born in Tesa a land where the angels used to live, so they say. I didn't believe it till I turned twenty one. In Tesa lived a beautiful lady named Mary Lane. Conceived a miracle, me. I was a miracle because she had no lover. She conceived me with no man. While everyone in town thought I was a miracle. My mother thought I was a demon, monster and all of the above. My mother took me to Nilvay a place where vampires wander. Its very cold and snowy. I kinda miss Tesa is warm with lots of sunlight. Nilvay is to dark. My mother told me she was gonna take me to see birds that cannot fly and that are very big and cute. So back then I was three years old. And my mom left me in Nilvay and dissapeared. That's all I remember of her.

I was three when Master Golch found me in Nilvay. Hes a older looking man, but somehow ancient in way. He took me in his train. And treated me well. For some time I thought of him as my father. Master Golch would tell me stories of monsters and about his life and other things.I love stories. When I was five. I saw Master Golch go to the back of the train and opened a secret dark room. I was small and curious. In front of the door there was a banner that said The Orael drop circus. I guess he use to own a circus. Or was in one. But back then I did not know what it meant, in till I met Moon Ex. That was the day I met my first true friend.

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