Realm of Demons

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Rose Velmonte believes to be the luckiest girl in the world, she has three loving brothers, one caring uncle and her best friends Nailah and Diego Everything seems to be perfect except she has a secret. A secret that not even her brothers know, but is she the only one with a secret? Rose's life takes a drastic turn the night she turns eighteen years old and she meets a mysteriously gorgeous guy, but Rose feels like she has a deep connection to this guy. Is this guy a stranger or does she know him? What are her brother's hiding and what is her secret?

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“Rose,” Nailah called for my attention. She’s been calling me for a while, but I can't find my voice to respond. The terrifying creature standing right in front of me blocks my voice, paralyzes my body, and almost makes my heart stop.

Looking into those diabolic eyes gives me chills and makes my head throb with anxiety and fear. A rush of electricity runs down my spine that makes the hair from the back of my neck stand up like thorns. I don't know what he wants. I don't know what he's after but I'm afraid. His presence comes as a warning of something terrible is about to approach.

“Rose...” Behind this horrific creature, I can see Nailah about to blow up. Can I just catch a break? Damn it.


This world is filled with strange things. Things that can’t be explained. Things that normal people don’t believe in; because not everyone can see it. This is one of those things.

If Nailah could see the terrifying monster mocking her movements, she would faint or probably have a heart attack which is worse. She can’t even feel the draining energy and it’s horrifying. Why am I the freak one?

I fucking hate Roco.

Roco is a black shadowy creature with the face of a bird but without eyes. Black wings hanging from its shoulder, but they look rotten and decomposed. He a human body for what I can imagine since everything is covered with a black cloth that drags on the ground or maybe he doesn’t have legs. What do I know? I see claws handing on each side, dirty and bloody claws that probably carry viruses. I used to be afraid of Roco, but not anymore. Sometimes he just catches me off guard.

He’s a monster that feeds off my energy, unfortunately, he’s not the only one. Most of the time I feel like I’m lost in a different world, like the little kid in the ‘The Six Sense’ movie. I have a “gift” I can see things that no one else can, spirits, demons, spectrums, ghosts, and shadows. Good and bad, everything gets attached to me.

Some of these menacing monsters come in with a harmful force that scares the hell out of me, but somehow after some time, I get used to them. They don’t speak or actually touch me, they only come to torment me for a few minutes and then leave when I have nothing else to give.

I can sense them coming, my whole body fills up with dreadfulness that stops me from functioning. My energy fades right away, making me weak and nauseous an easy target for them to terrorize.

Although nobody knows about this side of me, everyone seems to understand that I’m not normal. Nailah seems to be the only one against it, not even my overprotective brothers. In their minds, I’m simply a lazy teenager with no thrive to live, I can’t argue with their opinion, but Nailah can’t accept it.

“Rose, what the hell!” She shouts frustrated. At the sound of her irritated voice, Roco fades away taking away half of my motivation with it. Although my legs start moving forward, I get exhausted with every step I take but I hope Roco or any of them appear for the rest of the day. Nailah follows m, trying her best not to get angry at my lack of enthusiasm.

“Sorry, Nana. what?” I shake my hands in the air to make sure that Roco disappears completely.

“Your birthday is tomorrow and you still have to make up your mind about the club,” Nailahrolls her eyes. Even though she knows the answers, Nailah is patient enough to plea her case every single day until she gets me to change my mind.

“You know what I think about crowded places.” More demons to find me- I finish the thought.

“I know but honestly, you only turn eighteen once in your life, I thought about a simple gift but-”

“But what can you possibly want? You have three devoted almost stalker brothers, I may add. And that fortune that not any of you are willing to spend. Damn your luck.” Nailah says while stretching her arms to the sky.

Although Nailah is right, I should feel lucky to have three loving and dedicated brothers and one uncle, they are like a reward from God but sometimes it makes me anxious to have them look over my shoulder most of the time. I feel like they’re waiting or looking for something, can they possibly see the monster around me? Or maybe that’s their way to make up for the absence of my parents, they have to protect the baby of the family?

“Damn my luck,” I repeat with a hint of sarcasm.

My family is formed by five people. More like, my world is formed by five people. Uncle, Klaus the head of the family, the father figure, my three brothers, Aoi the oldest, Robyn the middle child, Ira my twin, and Nailah my best friend who to me is like a sister.

I’m the youngest of three brothers and by a curse, I’m also the only girl in the family. Although Nailah raves about how awesome it is to be the spoiled brat of the Velmonte’s Family. To me, it doesn’t look like that.

Behind closed doors, my brothers aren’t that crazy about spending time with me, they never have. Aoi is the busiest with his job, even though he doesn’t have to work at all. Apparently, he loves the nightlife, especially if he spends it bartending at one of the most sophisticated bars in town. He’s never home at night, and I hardly see him during the day.

Robyn is the grumpiest of them all, sometimes I feel like he hates me. He rarely speaks directly to me or even looks at me, although I do notice him how he’s always watching me from the corner of his eye. I really don’t get Robyn, I guess he’s just a troubled guy trying to figure out adulthood or something like that.

Ira is different because he’s my twin, our connection is different but even though they make sure I enjoy my life and freedom. That’s the reason Nailah loves them, we have no limits or is more like, Nailah has no limits. I’m just the source of her freedom. Not that I mind letting her enjoy herself, but sometimes, I like the silent time I can get when there’re no voices or evil laughter echoing taunting me. The feeling that there’re hundreds of eyes watching me, waiting for the perfect moment to attack.

“Daydreaming?” Nailah asks, irritated for my lack of enthusiasm for finally turning eighteen. She has been planning on her own for months, which never makes sense to me because I don’t know people enough to throw a party.

Nailah sighs giving up, she also knows that when I lie it’s because I don’t want her to make her angry, because unlike me. She loves everything I don’t like. She likes the attention, to show off and the overly crazy devotion my brothers have for me. It’s like a crazy fantasy she has with them, she admires and drools for them, one in specific. Aoi.

Nailah has had life long crush on Aoi, but he has never seen her like something more than a sister. I’m glad about it but I wouldn’t say that to her. Now that she’s finally reached the age that she can experience the nightlife like Aoi does, she believes he will take notice. Personally, I don’t think it will work but I’m not planning to say that to Nailah.

“I was thinking, what I want for my birthday.” I lied as I turn to look at her bright blue eyes, which is always a trap.

I know better than to lie to her, it just makes things worse. She knows me too well, and not well enough. I can’t keep any secret from her, except one.

“What do you want for your birthday?” She asks removing the headphones from her ears, her eyes peering mine demanding an answer.

Waiting until we reached the corner of my street to give her something to work on. I stop, making her stop and get more curious. I tried to relax. Raising my face to look at her and with a huge grin on my face.

“Come on, Rose. Tell me,” she demands an answer crossing her arms, she’s getting annoyed.

“I want to find someone to love as much as you love Aoi,” I tell her, and before she can react at my jab. I start jogging back home. I could feel Nailah’s surprise look behind me.

Honestly, I do want to find someone to love. Someone to think about, to dream about to crave. Someone that could turn my dark world into something I want to see.

I slow down two houses before mine to catch my breath one more time and let Nailah catch up with me. My phone buzzed with a text.

-Hey, Are you home?- the text said.

I glanced back to check on Nailah, but there’s no sign of her. suddenly I feel it. I feel them coming.

"Roco?" I call out to the familiar demon but nothing. My heart starts to accelerate at the second a dark mass dashes in front of me. Immediately jumping back, my heart flinches painfully.

"What is this?" I can feel my mouth mouthing the words out but there's no sound coming out of my throat. Even though Roco is a bad entity that steals my energy, this shadow is something different. Something powerful that paralyzes my whole existence.

Disappearing within the gates of the house next door, I can feel it forcing me to turn with it. To look where it's going. A house that has been abandoned for years, even before I can even remember.

"Come to me..." a disembodied chant is heard from behind the walls, shills run through my spine as the cold energy manifests in a form of a tall body as it hovers close to my body to touch me.

"Come to me, Rose..." my guts twist with horror as the name reaches my ear. Immediately taking all my energy away, I can feel my eyelids close, my body feels heavy as I let go.

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