Paradisium: Broken

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Opened arms, and manipulation, never a true sign of love. I should've known, the signs..the signs were right there all along." - Leviticus What would you do if your bestfriend was the mate of a Vampire that you shared a terrible past with? How would you react when the past still held unanswered questions and hidden actions? After finding out about her best-friends relationship with a Vampire she shared a terrible past with she sought out revenge. No one said she would fall in love.. Find a mate or even have a mate that was the brother of the vamp she shared a past with. Could her mate forgive her for keeping such secrets away from him? Will she ever find what she is searching for? Could Emrick lose his mate forever due to his past decisions, lies and hidden secrets kept from his family and Kingdom for centuries? Would his brother Leviticus forgive him for his past dealings with his mate? What happens when the truth is revealed?

Fantasy / Romance
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I never thought about the actuality of being reunited with my daughter, nor did I ever think she would still be alive or is she? Leviticus has gone on a rampage, Paradise left Emrick, Emrick is losing his kingdom and I am on a trip of my own.

A trip to find my long lost daughter....Maria is dead, Damian has moved out of his mothers’ house and moved into the palace where he is no king. The loss of his mate is taking a toll on him and the guilt of chasing me instead of believing her is eating at him too.

Emrick hates me and wants me dead, Paradise hates him and never wants to see him again, Leviticus can’t stop drinking and destroying everything in his way. Maybe in another lifetime things could have been different, but this is how things are and how they will remain. I can’t be wrong, right?

Any mother would do anything and go to hell and back for their child, right? Maybe a few people died in the mix and hearts were broken, but I am a mother; a mother without her child. My child was taken from me and now I must find her, alive or dead. I must find my baby girl.

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