Paradisium: Broken

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Chapter 1. Damian

Mold me, dear God, one may cry out in agony from the pits of hell. FOr a heart of two placed in the alignment of the stars are ripped apart. A bond, so strong that one who accumulates an immaculate thing shall suffer upon the day; let no one break the bond a higher force brought together... for if you do your days of eternal life shall continue without a soul to give any will to live. Once the soul is gone your heart shall past whilst blood runs cold. YOU WILL KNOW NO LOVE...”

Blood covered the entirety of my body as I headed for the throne. All for blindsided manipulation and foolery called “love”. My mate’s body slowly decomposing in the absence of a heart that was radiating love to what was supposed to love it back, and yet the love story disaster of them all “death”. The king’s headless body appeared in the distance as warriors placed his body on a pole; showcased to hell in its wholeness. I lost everything over something that was nothing and now I am a fucking king. “Ah hell the lamb of God.“, I chuckled to myself as I took a seat on the throne. Neighbors, friends, family and all glancing with curious eyes as to why the king is dead. Traitor, deceptions and kill reflected in the eyes of every demon starring up at me. Now was not the time for observation of emotions.

“This pit of fire holds secrets, some that may never be known to you all. The king of hell is staring at you right in your face. No need to question certain things as threatening but more so protecting. We are all we have and this kingdom must prevail. Continue on with your lives and day. We are united as one under the heart and heat of the fire. May your hearts and unanswered questions have comfort with the mere understanding that everything is not meant to be known for right now. The truth will reveal itself in due time.” I wiped my face with slight annoyance and headed towards the Kings’ old office. I snuggled back into my own mere thoughts as my mother tried her best to communicate with me as I headed to the office, but she’s getting everything she deserves...fucking traitor.

“Damian, Just talk to..“, before she could finish her sentence I slammed the door in her face. Events that have transpired started to flood my mind like a hangover making its appearance at the break of the sky allowing the sun to rise. Almost like the peak of an onset drug overdose just slowly killing you with free knowledge, allowing it to do so. She was a poison that found a way to control my mind through the manipulation of love, talk about general warfare for humanity. Yet, the most disgusting thing of it all, the true monster; for I allowed this poison to control my mind and kill my soul mate. Now I suffer slowly just because I lost something given to me by the divines and instead of cherishing her, I chased after another and killed mine and I may never feel love like that again. A knock at the door brought me out of the pits of my thoughts as David walked in ready to get an understanding of everything. He wanted answers that I still couldn’t fathom to believe myself or even make sense of.

Yet, the selfishness to keep what I knew now to myself could not be. If I am not true to myself nor anyone else who could I be true too? “Yooo, what’s up?” Davids voice of concern brought me out of my own thoughts as I prepared myself to tell him everything; even down to my dumbness and true death of Maria our friend, his crush and my mate. I motioned for him to take a seat in front of me and started from the very beginning, spilling my guts, my hearts, fears, and emotions. Silence filled the air for a few minutes, maybe even seconds. The love, hurt, betrayal, and anger of leaving a friend in the dark crossed Davids face before launching himself onto me. I deserved this. I deserved to be choked, to feel the isolation of death surrounding me. Maybe I could find Maria and explain to her everything that’s going on. How sorry I am...Make up for the lost time.

“Enough!“, A voice I knew all too well shouted before throwing David odd od me and onto the couch. “What the he--“, David attempted to shout but momma bear was a little bit louder with much more age authority behind every word. “No, what the hell is going on?” She ran her fingers through her hair and patiently waited for any response. “Oh, don’t all speak at once..I have time.” She reached over to lock the door and then sat on the desk placed in the middle of the room. “You are not supposed to be in here, I didn’t call for you.” I turned towards the door with motions for her to leave. Yet, she remained in her positioned spot. “You could move me if you would like..” I stared at the words left in the air and followed them back to the lips they flowed from.

“You and I both know that the fight to get you out would be destructive.” I ran my hands through my hair and took a deep breath. “Well I guess you should start talking and while you’re at it explain the family that’s locked up downstairs.” I looked at her in disbelief and then with questions.. A family.. locked up.. this had Angeline written all over it and of course I would have to clean up all this shit. Putting those thoughts to the back of my head was the best thing to do right now. My mother was here to assists and I needed to tell her everything. Maybe she could help me put some shit together and shine a light on what the hell I didn’t know.

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