Paradisium: Broken

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Chapter 2. Leviticus

Red...All I could see was the color red. Nothing could bring me back, no one could pick up the pieces of my heart. No one could bring back the heart that once beaten for Angeline. No one could revive the soul that now runs black. I could kill him, I should kill him...I wanted to kill him. To find out information that’s been withheld for so long. Opened arms and manipulation; never a true sign of love. I should’ve known, the signs..the signs were right there all along. To be used as a crutch by my own mate.

To be humiliated by the one thing I yearned for, lived for, breathed for. To walk around in a sea of lies burning my wounds with its toxic salted chemicals. To remain cool in a crowd full of people, my people..lead by the lies their future King was hoping to keep until he died. Music and laughter filled this polluted air; lies and hidden dispairs crushed against gravity until forming it’s on quilt thick enough to fill the lungs of us all.

I was disgusted but not entirely with my own people but with my blood, my best friend. There at the corner of the right step that spiraled continuously, he was there. Smiling and conversating like his engagement was true and yet “yes” attracted its polar opposite far too soon. There he was smiling and grinning toasting to fake nothings and kingdom downfall. He turned his smile towards me in hopes of reciprocation. We were supposed to be happy but how could I fake happy when I knew the truth.

Announcing to a kingdom their new King, announcing to the kingdom and showing them their new queen. Disgust reflected all over my face how dare he makes this mockery of love, of a bond so magnetic and true; he was an absolute fool. We were the foolish insects clueless to the web wrapped, tightened, unbearable enough to trap us all. My brother was the true leech.

Poor young girl dragged down and placed in his world full of polluted air. I was livid, livid for myself and her too. She knew nothing and he knew it all. He smirked; the audacity to smirk but only because you didn’t know that I knew. His guest walked away unaware of the atmospheric change progressing aggressively. Paradise kissed his cheek and walked towards Em, cluelessly. He walked towards me with worry but stopped abruptly when I motioned for him to walk to the side hallway with a nod, and so he did. I followed silently and casually for if I said any words someone would have to die.

“Whats u-“, I grabbed Emrick by the throat and lifted him into the air. He attempted to break free. I leaned in close enough for my words to be herd by him no one else.

“I know about the baby, bitch.” I squeezed his throat one last time as his eyes enlarged to the words finally settling into his brain. Like a fragrance of death sprayed upon the living patiently settling unto them as they fell; One by one, he was scared. Forcefully, I plunged my fist into his stomach.

I watched as he fell to the ground and placed my hands in my pocket. “Meet me in the field opening, away from everyone.” I whistled and slowly walked away with halfway slouched over Emrick right behind me.

Trying his best to act casual, as if everything was fine but in reality, shit just started to run. Here we stood face to face with an exasperated piece of shit of a brother. “How do you know?” Emrick said with laced venom as if he didn’t regret the action itself but the fact that he was caught.

“You are to tell no one. Not mom, not one. Do you understand?” He attempted to use his authoritative voice which only caused me to hulk up a bunch of spit.

“Fuck you, Emrick, fuck you.” I spat as we circled each other slowly.. “Do you honestly think I give a shit about you or whatever the fuck you don’t want them to know.” I spat again.

“I feel sorry for Paradise. She said yes to a fucking lie. The fact that you didn’t even tell her you had a child. You kept her in the dark.. You kept everyone in the dark believing that you were this fucking Prince Charming.. what bullshit of a charade. You don’t deserve the life that’s been placed upon you, Emrick.” I shook my head and smirked.

Emrick slit his eyes and jumped in the air with the same motion as me. “You are younger than me Leviticus, you’ll never win.” His smirk grew as we lunged for each other once again in the same motion. I slammed my right fist into the side of his face causing him to come back even harder with a crushing left hook. I flew into a tree bouncing back quickly adding two more punches in the mix; more force behind every inch.

We were so caught in the rage that we didn’t realize Angeline was watching the whole time. “Now that he knows, what happened to my child?” I stopped mid-air and stared at her with disgust.

“How dare you even show your fucking face in front of me?”I pushed passed Emrick and walked up to Angeline,

"The both of you are nothing but pathetic fucking liars and manipulators. The Heavens should have kept the two of you together, maybe Paradise and I would have suffered less. You pulled me into this bullshit scheme of yours to get back at my fucking brother just like the fucking demon dude who just kilt your fucking dad. You are really something fucking else.” Angeline stared at me while a few tears slowly dropped from her eyes.

Eventually, she stopped crying and charged for me and I gladly charged back. Emrick soon enough joined in the fight. All three of us wanted each other’s blood and it showed. I swung at Angeline, who swung at me then swung at Emrick. Emrick swung at me and then at Angeline. All three forces and energies growing as blood continued to spill.

“ENOUGH!” My father yelled as he crossed the field with his hands still in his pocket. My mother walked gracefully on his side with both hands placed properly in front of her, the true representation of a Queen naturally. However, her face reflected that of a sad, disappointed and furious mother towards us all.

"What is the meaning of all of this?” My father questioned while taking the scene in before him, along with my silent but loud mother. Silence filled the air as we all backed away from each other and turned towards my father and mother. She held her hand up to silence us, yet she had our full attention.

“How dare you? How dare you all?! Fighting out here like a bunch of damn untrained soulless leches. Thank the Heavens everyone was able to leave before all this mess started to happen. I am so disappointed in all of you but we will deal with this back at the house with the others.”

Before my mother and father could walk away Angeline stepped up breathing heavily and emotionally. “Moma, I am so sorry for all of this. I just wanted to know the truth, I just wanted him to tell me where my baby was.”

She stood there before us all with tears pouring down her face. My mothers face scrunched up in confusion, “What does your baby outside of your mate have to do with my boys?”

Angeline chuckled,

“Emrick there..that precious boy of yours is the baby daddy.” She winked at my mother as my mother turned towards Emrick, “Where is this child of yours that we knew nothing about?” Emrick stepped forward as we all watched him intensely. His hair was rough, dry and matted from the blood as his wounds were slowly healing.

“Dead.” He said with the grimmest, unemotional look laced with a venomous tone with the face to follow. Emrick stormed off to the castle leaving us all behind to understand the words of death placed on a child that was just born to us through fresh knowledge.

Angeline screamed as she hit the ground,

“That fucking bastard.”

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