Paradisium: Broken

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Chapter 3. Paradise

My heart paced rapidly and aggressively against my rib cage, causing it to ache a little. Yet, I continued running with hot steamy tears falling from my eyes effortlessly. All I could replay in my head were the words of truth that flowed from Leviticus mouth. Emrick and Angeline not only slept together but had a child together as well.

How could I have been so stupid to actually believe that he was true in everything that he said and did? How could I allow myself to be pulled into a world that I had never belonged in? My mind was racing at a speed inhumanly impossible to keep up with. Everything happened so fast.. So, suddenly.

Something in me knew this was too good to be true, all of this shit..too good to be true. I continued to run towards the castle, mud tracing the gold of these now worthless but priceless heels. Yet, that meant nothing to me if lies on a hidden foundation portrayed anything but the truth. The castle seemed so far away but yet so close.

To believe that a man could love me with purity and honesty. How foolish could I be? - To know that my mate slept with my ex-best friend, probably created in the love that I once believed as something the two of us would share together.

How could I be mad at a woman seeking redemption through the works of a broken heart? I couldn’t be mad at her for going about things the way she did. She was a woman scorned from not only what had to be a tragic heartbreak but traumatic separation as well. Being that she was here to most likely find out information regarding her child.

As a soon to be mother, myself to a precious boy or baby girl I couldn’t imagine not being with them. “Paradise! Please stop and think about what you’re going to do.” Em cried out bringing me back to the forefront of my painful reality. I stopped on the back steps of the castle abruptly, causing me to trip and fall forward.

I prepared for the impact of brick to collide with my face, however, Em had other plans in mind; being that her stern look shot daggers at me as I laid in her arms. Immediately after realizing that I was in fact caught by Em and not the stairs I backed away and quickly pushed the hair out of my face.

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to leave here someway and somehow. I can’t do the lies... I gave him the opportunity, to tell the truth, and what did he do? - He lied to me.. in my face, Em. My child and I are leaving.” I turned back towards the back door heading towards my room.

The castle was very quiet and empty, very abnormal. However, without a second thought, I continued running through the halls. My heels clicking loudly as I finally made my way up the stairs and to my room. I slung the door open with much force as I started searching for my bags and belongings.

“Well at least let me help Paradise, please?” Em reached her hand out to make sure I was still in this reality. “Slow down and breathe. The stress is not good for the baby.”

I nodded and started rubbing my stomach as I decided to calm down for the sake of my baby. “How are you going to help me?” I said in between breaths.

Em started packing bags for me as she wiped away a few tears that fell from her face. “I’m going to call Matthew and see if it’s okay for you to stay with them for a while. I’m sure my mates’ mother wouldn’t mind. Besides, they’re Royals and witches so you’ll be fine.”

Em smiled slightly to herself while pulling out her phone to call Matthew. I nodded and continued to pack other personal items while Em conversated on the phone to her mate. Eventually, I finished packing and was now changing my clothes to catch the car waiting for me at the back of the castle.

Nervousness filled me as we carried my bags to the gate. Silent tears fell down Ems’ face as we placed the rest of my belongings in the car. “This is only temporary Paradise. Please don’t forget that.”

She pulled me into a hug and placed a sisterly kiss on my forehead. “Call me when you get settled in.” She closed the car door with me in it and placed a hand kiss on the door. I leaned back and took a deep breath as Matthew and Em kissed each other goodbye.

Matthew got into the passenger side of the car and signaled for the driver to drive off. My heartbeat started to ease as we pulled away. The tears holding on to the lashes of my eyes eventually released themselves as the castle and Em disappeared.

Matthew turned around to face me, “Em told me everything and I just wanted you to know that you and your baby are safe with the witches.” He winked at me in a friendly manner slightly lifting the atmosphere enough for me to find sleep. The world that I knew was no more, a new world had been manifested before my eyes.

A bump in the road startled me to my edge with Matthew and the driver sending apologies and apologetic looks my way through the mirrors. Suddenly, the car came to a peaceful stop causing me to glance out of the window; curiosity at its highest peak.

“We’re here!” Matthew stated softly as he got out of the car and made his way over to me. He opened the door and offered his hand of escort.

“Welcome to your new home Paradise.” I smiled at the sight before, catching me by surprise. A castle, just as big as the one back home. Beautiful salt colored bricks peacefully laying upon one another as if it was painted just for me.

Forming a scene from a fairytale, the only thing missing was my red glittery heels. Maybe leaving was for the best after all. There were flowers planted at every corner of the castle in bundles of colors reflecting that of a rainbow. There was a fountain placed directly in the middle of everything but protected by gates.

I inhaled slowly as all my worries and sorrows started to evaporate into thin air of positivity. I could see myself raising my child here, peacefully..happily. Maybe we could turn temporary into permanently.

This truly felt like home. “You like it?” Matthew said with a chuckle as we made our way up to the stairs and into the main hall. “The scenery is quite breathtaking. I’ve been here since I was a kid and it still gets to me.”

I laughed but remained silent, my eyes spoke the words my mouth couldn’t seem to speak. Matthew signaled for me to drop my bags and to follow him to the sitting room. There were a few more things he needed to do before my room was complete.

I simply nodded and turned my attention to the books coating every wall in the room. The smell was dry but filled with the moisture of multiple languages, concepts, ideas and imaginations from writers all over the world and from different centuries.

I walked towards a red book with golden trimmings outlining it. The boost of energy to finally touch something in this house zapped me out of nowhere. Slowly with caution, I grabbed the book; It was heavy and very thick. The pages were crisp but still fresh due to the good upkeeping of this area.

The words on the page never appeared, however, leaving me to think that I picked up a blank book. Maybe someone was going to write in it. Matthews cleared throat and presence startled me, causing me to drop the book before actually reaching the bookshelf. “Oh, my goodness. I do apologize for that. My curiosity caused me to put my nose where it didn’t belong.”

I placed the book back to its original place and followed behind Matthew who chuckled to himself. While, of course, informing me that it was okay.

For me to be such a stranger they were very welcoming; then again I’m sure a bunch of witches would feel no harm or threat from a human like me.

“Ah!, You must be Paradise. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Matthews mother reached out her hand before snatching it back quickly and embracing me in a hug.

The sudden gestures caught me off guard halting me in my own personal thoughts. She held me in her arms but slightly pulled back as if she was trying to get a better look. “You’re a witch?” Her face balled up in confusion...

“Matthew, you didn’t tell me she was a witch.. or that she was pregnant with twins.” His face soon followed the confusion his mother face held while informing everyone that he was calling Emerald.

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