Age of Red (Book 1)

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I felt the smoke tingle in my toes. I let it come up through my body. Felt it course through my veins and surround me. I breathed in,then it let go. Vera' s been trapped in a black supernatural limbo for a 1000 years. The only reason she was there in the first placewas because she was trying to save her sisters, who were trapped in a prison of their own. She's finally out and finds that the world is a little different than she remembers. As she looks for answers she runs into a werewolf Liam, who stuck in her mind no matter how many times she tries to get him out. Wil she eventually free her sisters? Or will her love life get in the way of her one mission? (Oh and by the way she's a dragon.)

Fantasy / Romance
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"What is your greatest desire?," the witch with no name said.

"To be with child," the girl in the hood answered.

The witch raised her eyebrows and reached for the girl's hands. "And you wish this no matter what price," the witch asked weerily.

"Yes! Anything, this is my one desire," the girl answered.

The witch smiled, "Then your wish is my command.

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