Age of Red (Book 1)

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"What did you say?" I looked at Alice like she grew another head. She was looking at me in a weird way, like there was an emotion I couldn't quite comprehend on her face. She took another breath and stared me right in the eyes, "Oh god, I'm so sorry Vera. That you had to go through that." My eyes went even wider. I knew the look on her face now. It was pity. Her voice was laced with it. I don't do pity.

"I don't need your sympathy," I said smoothly as I got up and looked down at her. She was confused for a second then her face turned apologetic, "I was just trying t-," I stopped her before she said anything else. "I know what you were trying to do. But you don't need to. You were crying and that was only a glimpse of what I went through." I bent down and looked her straight in the eyes. "So I'm asking you not to tell anyone about what you saw or felt. Put your pity on that instead of me." Alice was frozen in her thoughts for a while. She finally turned about to give me answer, but she was interrupted by footsteps coming toward us.

It was Liam with an awkward smile on his face. We both looked up at him. His eyes landed Alice and the dried tears on her face. His expression immediately turned worried. "Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I turned to look at Alice, quietly waiting for an answer. She silently sucked in a breath and started smiling innocently up at Liam, "Nothing, I was just thanking her for saving your life. Nothing to worry about." I let go of a breath I didn't even know I was holding in. Liam was just nodding like he understood, he didn't pry any further. But Alice didn't tell him, so that was good.

Alice got up and dusted herself off. She turned to Liam, "We have to get going. Now that we found you, we have to get the others and get back to the school." The school? I looked down, they were all leaving. Going to this school. I still have no answers for my sisters. This school might have answers I have been looking for, I need to go there. I looked up, Liam was speaking to Alice about something and she looked shocked.

"She doesn't remember anything before, and doesn't even know where she is. She needs our help. I can't just leave her here." This was about me. Liam didn't want to leave me here. There was a chance I wouldn't have to say anything to get to this place. I was just going to sit there and let their conversation play out. Alice was shaking her head, "If she does come how do I explain that to the principal. We are only supposed to bring back three not four." Liam turned around and looked back, "Come on Al, do this for me." He bent down and looked at her intensely, "I can't leave her here," the way they were looking at each other made me believe there was a hidden meaning behind his stare. It apparently worked because Alice gave in, "Fine, but you owe me." Liam smiled a huge grin. At the sight of this I smiled but it vanished as both of them turned towards me.

I quickly stood up and looked at them. Liam stepped forward first he put both of his hands out in a open gesture, "So how would you like to go to school?"

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