Age of Red (Book 1)

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My immediate answer was yes, but I didn't say that. Instead I just nodded and followed all four them out of the forest. It took all of ten minutes to get out. There was a road and a type of transportation thing was on it. It was long and big, taller than me. I didn't know what it was.

Everyone walked towards it, Alice got there first and pulled on a piece of the transport and it opened in front of her, she then crawled inside and sat down. Once she got closer I could see she was in the first seat. There was a circle shaped thing in front of her and a strap of Velcro strapped across her chest. Tyler went in next besides her on the other side. I looked inside and saw there was three actual rows.

I was still looking at the seats when I felt a warm breath tickle my ear, "Are you going in?" I was startled, and went in and walked fast to the last row. I sat down, the seats had cushion, which was way better that the hard forest floor. There were windows in the transport and you could see clearly through them. I could see Liam come in and walk all the way to the back where I was. I looked at the window and pretended to ignore him.

He still sat down next to me, I could feel the heat coming from his skin. It was coming off of him in tiny waves, I liked it it reminded me of home and sitting by the fair. I stayed near the window and didn't look at Liam. The pale one climbed in and sat in the second row. I turned to get a better look, I still couldn't see his eyes. Liam noticed me looking and then turned to me, "That's Michael," he whispered, "He doesn't talk much."

I just nodded and turned away back to the window. The doors to the transport were closed, I saw movement in the front and saw Alice push a key of some kind into the transport. A low rumble started soon after, then the transport started moving smoothly across the road. As I stared at the window everyhing whizzed by, it was blurred by how fast we were going.

Watching the window made me realize how tired I really was. I finally laid my head on the cool surface and closed my eyes.


I awoke to a tap on my shoulder. Liam was looking at me, I lifted my head from the window. I could see tree's outside and houses lined up along side each other,we had stopped moving. I looked back at Liam, "Where are we?" This didn't seem like a place to be called a school.

Liam turned his body toward me, he played his back on the window behind him and then looked at me. "We had to pick up someone, Michael and Alice went and Tyler just went for backup." I looked at Liam, "Why did you stay?" He looked surprised at my question, "I didn't think you would want to be alone." I just shrugged at his statement. He shook his head, "I don't get you." "What's there to get," the words came out of my mouth stupidly. Liam just smiled at my question.

He sat up and slid closer to me, it was so sudden that my reflex kicked in and I immediately scooted back against the window. Liam saw it and a strange expression crossed his face, but it was gone as fast as it appeared. He replaced it with a curious one instead, "Those three are going to be a long time, in the mean time lets play a game." "What kind of game," I asked him. He lifted his hand to the back of head in a nervous jester, "I ask you questions and you ask me questions. It's more like a get to know each other game." He stopped and thought for a second, "Okay so we get to ask each other five questions and only skip two we don't want to answer." I shrugged, "Seems fair enough." He smiled at that, his smile was obviously contagious because I had a small smile of my own.

"Who starts first," I asked him. He smiled a tiny bit wider,"I'll go first if that's okay." I nodded at him. He rubbed his hands together as if to get serious. "Where are you from," he asked. His words caught me off guard. I didn't think he'd ask me that. I just shook my head as to say no. He looked disappointed but tried again, "Do you have family?" I nodded yes. He aimed another one at me, "Where are they?" I shook my head no. There was no way I was going to answer that one. He laughed, "You can't skip any more." Great. Now I have to answer the other questions. He leaned closer to me, "What's your favorite color?" I smiled at this one, it was easy, "Red," I said. He smiled, "When's your birthday?" I let out a small chuckle, "August 1st," I answered. He laughed again and I swear his eyes got brighter. "How old are you?" "I am--," I stopped.

So much time had passed that I really didn't know the answer to that question. The last age I remember was 17 but I couldn't be the same age. There was no way. I looked at Liam and smiled at what I was about to say, "I don't know." Liam was surprised at what I said, it looked like he was about to laugh then he stopped himself.

He put a hand in his hair and closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them he looked at me with a longing I couldn't understand. He reached toward me and took my hand. He brought my hand up to his face, he was running his thumb back and forth across the back of it. Though I was reluctant to admit it, I liked my hand in his, it was why I was always pulling away. I don't know what it means that I like it. Liam looked away from my hand to my face. "I promise you Vera, I will help you in any way I can no matter what. You can count on me. Understand?" I was shocked at what he said, no one had ever promised me their help before.

I just nodded for my voice was lost and I don't think it would come back for the rest of the car ride. Liam brought my hand closer to his face and pressed his cool lips to the backside of my hand. As soon as he did it I felt a jolt of electricity go up my arm. It was better than anything I've ever felt before. Liam let go of my hand, I quickly stopped myself from reaching for him. He leaned back in his seat and looked out the window.

The others were coming back with one more person too. It was young boy, he looked 8 or 9, he was calm and seemed excited. They all got in the transport and sat down. Immediately the young boy started talking and asking questions to everyone except Liam and me. Some of his questions were answered by Alice and Tyler, the others were just ignored. But even still the boy kept talking. Liam had kept his eyes on the window ignoring the other things around him. I was alone listening to this talkative boy.

It was going to be a long ride.

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