Age of Red (Book 1)

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The School


We finally arrived at the school in what it seemed like forever. The kid that we picked up was jabbering the whole car ride. I was glad we only had to get one kid. Alice pulled into the school parking lot where two other cars were already parked. Great we were the last ones.

From my seat I could see the playground which was full of little kids. I could see them laughing and playing while their teachers secretly kept an eye on them. I saw Michael get out the second row and went after him. I waited at the car door for Vera. She was walking forward toward me. I reached out my and watched surprisingly as she took it and let me help her out.

Her hand was smooth and cool, considering how hot it was outside. The sun was shining down at us, already making me sweat a little. I looked around and found not surprisingly that he was already at the school's entrance. It was understandable, vampires wouldn't like the sun that much.

Alice was already starting to follow Michael with the young boy we brought. I was still holding Vera' s hand and pulled lightly on it as I lead her to the front. Tyler followed after us watching me with a funny look on his face. I sent him a funny look of my own. Vera was looking at the scbool with her eyes wide open. It was like she was seeing for the first time. I smiled at the thought of this being her first time at a school. Ridiculous.

I walked through the front double doors with Vera. As soon we were inside she let go of my hand. There were groups of kids roaming the hallways going to classes and different rooms. Kids and teachers were putting flyers or dropping off papers wherever they were assigned. There was one person who was still though, one who wasn't rushing anywhere or delivering paper. The principal.

Ms.Sinclair had the principal of this school as long as anyone could remember. She was the oldest vampire anyone had ever met. She ran the school through and through and was good at her job. Which was exactly why I stood frozen in my spot by the front as she walked toward all six of us.

She stopped right in front of Alice, "Your late," she stated. Her voice was soft and light, which always confused people when they where being berated by her. I could see her eyes focus on Vera, I stepped a little closer to her.

She returned back to Alice, "And you brought another person too." I could see Alice gulp hard, this was my fault but I couldn't just leave Vera in that forest. I took a deep breath and walked next to Alice. Her eyes went to mine, waiting for what I had to say.

"Ms.S don't blame Alice, this was all me. I made a decision at the last second to bring someone else." I saw her brows rise a little at my confession. I was waiting for an answer when she smiled, and I swear light bounced off amazingly white teeth.

She reached out and patted my soldier, "Calm down Liam, the more students here the merrier." She turned to Michael, "Mike take this little one to the others. Oh, make sure he's comfortable.

Michael left with the boy, which left me, Tyler, Vera, and Alice. Vera was still looking at in wonder. I turned back to Ms.S, she was also looking at Vera in wonder. She turned to Alice, "take her to my office. I would like to speak with her." Alice nodded and went next to Vera. I turned hurriedly, "Ms.S what do you need talk to her about?"

She put a hand up to silence me. "Mr.Woods, the meetings I have with my students is confidential. Besides don't you have your own meeting to get to," she said sternly. I frowned, I was stalling. I knew what I had to get to. The meeting with the other wolves. It was why I went to get more students with Alice in the first place.

I felt Tyler come up behind me, "Come on Liam, Ms.S is right. We have to go." He placed a hand on my shoulder led me away from Alice and Vera. "Dude come on," he tugged.

"You can't avoid the inevitable."

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