Age of Red (Book 1)

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I was in medium sized room, sitting in a comfy chair waiting for a women I’ve never meant in my life. The room had hundreds of books along the walls. There was big windows with red curtains in the front of me. In front of the windows, there was a curved white desk and a black chair on the inside. There a rectangular shape on top of the desk, it had letters in front of it. I didn’t know what it was. As I scooted closer, the door to the room opened. I scooted back instantly, in walked a beautiful women with long brown locks. She was wearing a royal blue dress. It was long in the back and shorter on the front showing parts of her legs. She walked past me and sat down in the black chair.

She turned and looked me in my eyes. Her eyes were auburn red, the sun outside made then seem lighter than they actually were. She leaned in to her chair and opened her mouth, “May I be the first to introduce you to Camden Academy.” I was surprised at her voice. It soft and light like feathers, or a soft breeze on a sunny day.

I was still thinking, and realized I had to answer, “Thank you, Miss..“. She smiled, “You can call me Ms.S, that’s what all my students call me.” I just nodded at her. She sat up and clasped her hands on top of the desk. “Now let’s get to business, Miss..“, she stopped. “Vera,” I filled in.

She smiled again this time flashing her pearly whites. “Miss Vera, that’s a beautiful name.” I nodded and smiled at her. “Now Vera, I have one question for you.” I titled my head a little, more questions. She continued, “What time are you originally from?” Her question caught me off guard. How could she know? Does she know anything else? I decided to lie stupidly, “What makes you think that?” She laughed, “Though I might not look like it, I’ve been around a long time. Long enough to notice when someone seems lost. Also it’s also the things you’re wearing, the way you looked at my school as if for the first time. And I bet the word car means nothing to you.” She was amazing, I smiled tightly at all she said. She saw and laughed again, it sounded like small birds singing to each other. “It alright Vera, you’ve done nothing wrong. I just want help you, that’s what this school is for. To help all supernatural kids, it’s the reason I built this school.” I was still on edge, but felt relieved at her saying. For some reason I felt like I could trust her, but was still unsure.

She leaned forward, “Think about it this way Vera. The faster you tell me where your from, the faster I can help you with your problems.” Well when she put it that way, I have no reason not to answer. I leaned forward, “I was born in 1502 in August.” Her eyebrow rose. “Though I got here a few days ago,” I added. She leaned back in her chair, “Where were you before?” I leaned back in my chair in exaggeration, “I don’t know. It was a place where I couldn’t hear or see. I was trapped there, then all of a sudden I was dropped in a forest. Where I met Liam and Alice.” She nodded in understanding. “Do you know what year it is?” I shook my head no. She took a deep breath, “The year is 2019.” I inhaled sharply, “That’s impossible, I couldn’t have been gone that long.” I was in shock, I was in the stupid dark for over 500 years. What had my sisters endured? I turned to Ms.S, “How much have I missed?” She smiled brightly, “I was hoping you would ask that.” She got up and went to a tall brown bookshelf. She grabbed what looked like a white book. But it was open and had papers inside, almost like it wasnt a book. She plopped it on her desk making a thump on the surface. She sat down and scooted forward, “This is a book of everything over the years. I made this a couple years ago,for people like you. Now I finally get to use it to help someone.” She flipped it open, in it were thousands of words and pictures. On the first page there a picture of something called a car. It looked like the transportation we came here in. Ms.S leaned forward in all seriousness, “Now, let’s get started.

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