Age of Red (Book 1)

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The Meeting


I was sitting down on a bench around a light fire. I smiled, it reminded of the first time I saw Vera, with a much smaller one. I looked up, all around me were teen wolves laughing and talking. Beside me Tyler was trying unrelentlessly to get Maia Jones to pay attention to him. Every day he did this, and many times she made it clear she wasn't interested in any way. But Tyler wasn't one to give up. At all. I chuckled quietly at that.

Mara was pretty, she had straight jet black hair, and olive colored skin. Her eyes were a bright green, that was the easiest to see in the dark. She was set on finding her mate before she dated anyone. Really it was the rules. But our pack was different, really meaning we didn't follow all the rules.

We made it our own, and we liked it. Our parents didn't stop us. They allowed it as long we were responsible with our actions. From the corner of my eye I saw Stephen White stand in the middle by the fire. Stephen tall and broad. He had brown curls and freckles along his nose. His eyes were golden brown. He was the part-time Alpha in our pack. This was the one thing we couldn't change because all our parents voted on this. They decided that until we all graduate, there would only be fill-in Alphas until the true Alpha took his rightful place. The end of the year was coming up soon. And unfortunately for me, I was the true Alpha who had to lead everyone.

My father was the Alpha of his pack, and his father before him and so on. Being alpha was kind of in our blood. I had nothing wrong with this pack, but leading would take away my freedom. I would have to deal with laws and controlling all of the wolves. I like helping pups during their first transformations. If I became Alpha I wouldn't even be able to do that. And it may be that I just don't want the responsibility, but I really don't want to be Alpha.

Stephen was still standing in the middle. He put his hands in front of him, and clapped three times. Clapping three times was our call for all attention. Everyone stopped talking and turned to the middle. I leaned forward on my legs, waiting.

"We have called this meeting today because my term has ended as the fill-in," Stephen called out. I grunted, oh great. Stephen continued, "We are going to vote on the last fill-in today. The next time we call meeting it will be to accept our true Alpha." Everyone cheered at the thought of a one and true Alpha. I stayed quiet.

Stephen moved to an empty bench and grabbed a small box on top of it. It was empty. Before the meeting everyone had filled out a slip of paper with our choice of a fill-in alpha.

Stephen handed the box to Noah, a guy who didn't talk much in our pack. Noah put a piece a paper in the box then handed it the person next to him. The box got passed down, until it reached the last person. Which happened to be me. I took the box from Tyler and put my paper in. I had voted for Zach. Zach was strategic and had solutions for most problems. He was simple and not overbearing. People liked him. I got up and walked in the middle. I gave the box to Stephen. He nodded knowingly. I walked back to my seat and waited for the winner.

Stephen started pulling paper out of the box. The first name was Zach. The next name was mine. I shook my head in annoyance. The name after that was mine, and so on. By the end everyone had picked me. Stephen was smiling, "Wolves, we have our leader. Liam!" Everyone cheered loudly.

I got up and went to Stephen. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side. "No I don't accept. I still have till the end of the year. I'll be it then. Pick someone else," I seethed. Stephen shook his head, "No man. I can't, the parents already decided this. Everyone wants you to be Alpha. You can't change that. " I grunted in frustration. I turned to him, "I need more time, Steph. You've got to help me. Please." I was begging now. I hated it, I wasn't a begger. Though it worked, I could see Stephen giving in. He huffed, "Fine, I can allow you one month. I'll tell them you need time to find your mate." I nodded, that was reasonable. "Pick Zach as fill-in," I said as I turned to leave.

"One month Liam," Stephen called as I walked away from the pack.

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