Age of Red (Book 1)

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It was about 10 p.m when I was brought to my dorm room to sleep. All day I was with Ms.S going over every word and definition I didn't know. I learned what a car was to different types of iPhones. I also learned what a toilet was. It was all really eye opening.

Ms.S helped me learn about the different presidents and states. She helped me understand how kids went to a school for education until they were 18. She also helped me understand how I missed 500 years and how I was 517 years old. The oldest kid in the school. Older then Liam. I giggled at the thought.

Right now I was in a large room with two mattresses on different sides of the room. There were two desks with computers on each one, along with closets. Computers, another word I learned thanks to Ms.S. When she brought me here, she gave me an extra pair of clothes. Also that my roomate would be here soon. I didn't mind sharing things. I did that all the time with my sisters.

There was a bathroom I saw and I went in it. There was one of those toilets and two sinks. One was filled perfumes and lotions. The other was empty, probably for me. There was also a glass shower. I closed the door and locked it. I took off my clothes and opened the water in the shower. I waited till it was warm enough and stepped in.

The water felt amazing on my skin. I turned and let it go on my back. On the side there was a bottle of shampoo and another that was body wash. I picked the shampoo up, it said it smelled like lavender. I put some on my hand and and started rubbing it in my hair. When I brought my hands down they were filled with soap suds. I put my head under the water coming down, and rinsed out the soap. I washed my hair three more times until I felt satisfied. Then I washed my self with the body wash, this one was also lavender, until I was sqeaky clean. I closed the water and stepped out the shower.

There was a towel hanging. I grabbed it and used it to dry my body, then my hair. I put on the clothes Ms.S brought me. It was a black t-shirt, some sweatpants. She also have me a black bra and underwear. The bra was different, but comfortable. Every thing fit nice.

When I was done at looked at my self in the mirror above the sink. Somehow my skin got a tad bit darker. I wasn't as pale as I used to be. My eyes were still a very dark brown almost black, but my lips still pink. My hair was still wet from the shower. My hair looked healthier somehow. I took my hair and flipped it on my shoulder. It felt soft and smooth. I started playing with it. Twisting it this way and that.

That's when I caught a strand of red hair in the back of my head. I grabbed the hair and stared at it. It was the color of Red fire if you stared at it long enough. I was born with it and I had totatlly forgotten about it until now. It matched my true form. I always thought it was a symbol of what I was. A dragon.

Hearing the word in my head made something in me tingle. It was a heat that was begging to get out. My true form was calling out to me. Pleading to come out. Not now. If I let it out I knew it would destroy the school and everyone in it. Even Liam. At the mention of his name in my thoughts the heat died at once as if knowing Liam was a deal breaker.

I shook my head and opened the door to the bathroom. I gasped, standing in front of me was Alice. She had a towel, soap, and some clothes in her arms. She almost dropped them at the sight of me. She breathed deeply, "Your my roommate?" I nodded yes, and moved out of the way and into the room. Alice went in the bathroom and shut the door.

I looked at the room, one bed had it blanket opened and pillows arranged along the bed. One of the closets was opened, clothes were aligned neatly on hangers. Shoes on the top and bottom. I didn't have any things to bring with me, Ms.S said she would go buy me some clothes and shoes to where. She also asked if I had any preferences, I told her it didn't matter but no bright colors.

I sat on the unoccupied bed, it felt comfy and soft. I crossed my legs on the bed, and leaned against the wall. 5 minutes later, Alice cane out dressed in a pink t-shirt and fuzzy poka dot pajamas.

She grabbed a book from the desk and sat on her bed. While she was walking I saw the book title. Age of Red. I hadn't heard of it. Alice was reading her book on her bed. I lifted the blank from the bed and put it on my lower body. I wasn't sleepy apparently hours of knowledge didn't get me tired.

I layed down on the cool pillows and looked at the ceiling. I was so bored that I started counting sheep, cars, even colors, some I just made up. All of a sudden I heard a big huff. I looked at Alice, she wasn't reading her book anymore. She was looking at me actually. She got up and went over and sat on my bed. On the way, I caught some of her body wash, she smelled like strawberries. I sat up as she settled herself on my bed.

We sat there staring at each other until Alice huffed again. "Look I know you don't want to talk about it. But I just want to help you in any way I can." I didn't understand. She continued, "The darkness I saw was horrible and terrifying. I just want to know why and how you went through that." Now I understood. I decided I was going to answer her. I had a feeling she wasn't going to give up easily. Now I huffed, "I was trapped there, I wouldn't go there intentionally. I got up a day before you found me. I don't remember anything before that. But I am oldest in the school. 517 years to be exact," I said this smoothly.

I waited for her reaction patiently. It came faster than I expected. She laughed out loud, "Your 517!" Her reaction was unexpected, I had waited for more questions or pity. It was funny so I started giggling with her.

When we finally stopped we had tears in our eyes. "I'm sorry it just that your very old," she said smiling. I smirked at her. Alice's face turned serious and something else, pity. "I'm sorry you got trapped in that awful place. No one should have to go through that," Alice said. Her voice was sincere. I just nodded slowly.

Alice yawned and covered her mouth with her hand. "Well I'm going to bed. I'll take you around the school tommorow and show you around, since you've been couped up in that office all day. Maybe we can go see Liam and Tyler later too." She closed the room light and went to bed. I layed down and closed my eyes with someone on my mind.

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