Age of Red (Book 1)

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When I woke up in the morning clothes were set out for me. There was a black striped shirt and black skirt, with black and white sneakers. I thought it was cute. I immediately got ready.

When I was done Alice got ready too. Alice was done and she was was wearing a sun dress that flowed around her perfectly. She looked pretty. She came over to me and tucked my shirt in my skirt that reached just above my knees. When she was done she gave me a thumbs up. I smiled at her.

We walked out the room, and Alice lead me to the cafeteria. There were rows of tables in the large room. They were all occupied by students of all ages. There was breakfast food on the other side of the room. Alice helped point which section was who. In the middle were the witches, it was the table with various things in the air. In the back were the vamps farthest away from the windows. Though the sun didn't affect them much, just made them tired. And on the right side were the fairies. The only reason they were over there was because they need room for their wings.

Someone called Alice's name. It was a fairy with purple hair. She had purple-blue wings that were almost see through. Alice turned to me, "You can come sit with us and eat." I shook my head, "Thanks, but I have to go see Ms.S about something." I didn't think I would fit in anywhere. Alice smiled in understanding and went to the fairy.

I walked to the table with various treats and and fruits. I really wasn't hungry. Last night Ms.S had dinner delivered to us, which I was still stuffed from. She said she had personal chefs for the school. I just grabbed an apple and ate it on the way to Ms.S's office.

I opened door the to office and at the desk was Michael and Ms.S in a deep converstation. When I walked in Michael stared at me. I stopped midchew on my apple, I could see his eyes. They were a deep blue. It surprised me, his eyes didn't seem to match his personality. Michael was staring at me intently, it felt he could see through me. Like all my thoughts in my head were visible to him. I swallowed hard. Michael got up and Ms.S finally looked up and saw me. She turned to Michael, "We shall discuss this matter later." He nodded then walked to door. I moved away, as he passed me. I turned to Ms.S, but not before I saw Michael gave me a sideways glare. I shivered at the intensity of it.

I walked to Ms.Sinclair and sat down in the the chair in front of her desk. She smiled at me,"Those clothes look nice on you." I nodded, "Thank you for giving them to me." I did really like them. They felt comfortable. Normal. I took another bit of my apple, "Ms.S is there anything new for me?" At my question her eyes brightened. "Actually I wanted to ask you something. Everyone has a special gift or another. I wanted to see what yours was, so I could give you the right classes." I nodded. She put her hand up in a demonstrate gesture. I looked down at the the apple. Why not?

I set the half eaten apple on the desk. I lifted my head above it, and felt my smoke in my body. I let it pass through my hand and circle the apple. It came out white, I kept it that color. I kept my smoke on it, until I was satisfied with the results. When I was done, the Apple was returned to its original form before I ate it. I looked at Ms.S she was smiling in amazement. I huffed and put my hand up again. This time the smoke that came out was black. I saw confusion flash on Ms.Sinclair's face. My black smoke circled the apple. After a few seconds I stopped the smoke and put my hand down. I heard a soft gasp, the apple was rotten and destroyed. I looked up at Ms.S, her face was of deep appreciation. Different from what I expected. I got my smoke out again to dispense of the apple.

"Well I've never seen powers like your. They're truly unique," she exclaimed. I smiled wide, no one had ever been happy to see that part of my power. The always called me the black devil. I hated it. Ms.S turned around and reached for a binder behind her. She put it in front of her and grabbed a pen. "I like to log all of my students powers to see how far their abilities grow," she said proudly. I nodded. She looked at me curious, "Have you done anything big with your power since you've been here." I nodded, "I saved someone's life." I smiled at the memory, it was the first time I saw Liam.

Ms.S was shocked, "Really, well that's gr--," she was cut off when her phone rang. She smiled apologetically and answered it. I waited patiently and got up and went to one of the windows. Outside was the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. It had rows of colorful flowers I had never seen before. It was beautiful.

Ms.S was still talking on the phone. I waved goodbye to her and walked out the room. Breakfast was over, so know kids were roaming the halls. I looked at each way wondering which way lead to the garden I saw. I was about to turn right when something purple blocked my way. I looked up, in front of me was the fairy from the cafeteria. The one who called Alice. Now that I was up close I could really see her. Here eyes were clear almost with a hint of purple in them. Her wings shined rainbow from the sun that lit the hallway. Her face seemed to sparkle as she moved. She was wearing a white cotton dress that stopped above her knees. I looked down at her feet and gasped quietly when I saw the she was floating in the air. I looked up at her, she was smiling at me.

She stuck her hand out, "You look lost. I'm Tanya." I shook her hand it felt like smooth water, "I just wanted to get to the garden. But I don't know which way." She laughed it sounded like a soft breeze. "That's my favorite place, I can take you there." She turned left a flew slowly down the hall. I followed after and noticed some of the teens watching me. I felt eyes every time I took a step. Tanya looked at me and giggled, "Don't mind them they just think you're pretty." I felt a blush creep on my cheeks.

Tanya pushed opened a door to the outside. The sun was out but it wasn't too hot. There was a soft breeze that made my hair ruffle. Tanya continued on and I followed beside her. I looked up her curiously, "How did you know what those teens were thinking." She smiled, "I have the power to read minds. Though for someone reason I can't with you. I like it though, it gives me a break." I laughed, "That's nice to know." Suddenly she stopped,"Well this is your stop, enjoy." Then she flew away fast that I could barely see her.

I looked forward, in front of me was the garden. It was even more beautiful in person. The colors were more vibrant and bright. I walked towards the first row I saw and smelled a white rose. It smelled fresh like raindrops. I lived it. I started walking the paths of each row and touching each flower I saw beside me.

After a few minutes, my legs felt started feeling tired and started looking for a bench to sit and enjoy the view. I walked at the end of a row and saw it one. A boy was sitting on it, it was Liam. His golden curls on his head were shining from the sun. He was slumped and playing with a red rose in his hands.

I smiled and walked toward him.

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