Age of Red (Book 1)

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Where was he? I was standing outside the school front doors where Liam told me to wait. He told me to come at noon, and it was 12 past already. He also said not to eat lunch yet, which I didn't like that much. I was starving.

Just when I thought he had forgotten me, he pulled up in a silver sedan. Thank you Ms.S for teaching me cars. I walked toward him, as he was getting out. He held the door open for me, I smiled at him and got in. I waited for him to get in and put my seatbelt on. He immediately started driving, and I watched as the school literally disappeared behind is. I turned to Liam, but he already saw my expression. He chuckled, "It's a protection spell. Keeps away the curious." I nodded.

The next few minutes were quiet, I turned to window and saw tree's, and cars pass by. Where were we going? I was still staring at the window when I turned to Liam impatiently. "Where are you taking me?" He was smiling, "I was waiting for that question." I gestured for him to continue. "Do you trust me," he asked jokingly. "No," I said. His smile fell.

I started laughing, "Yes, Liam I trust you." I really did. Even though I only knew him for a short time, I trusted him. His smile returned. Good, I liked it. What is wrong with me? The car was coming to a stop. We were finally here. I looked out the window, there were no flowers that I could see. Just more trees.

Liam parked the car and opened his door. I was just about to open mine, when he suddenly grabbed my arm. "You stay here," he smirked. I sighed and stayed. He got out of the car and I heard open the trunk. He brought stuff. Some of it better be food.

Liam closed the trunk, and opened my door. He didnt have anything in his hands. He was smirking still, "Now, I have to blindfold you."

My eyes got wide,"Why?" He pretended to think for a second, "Because it's a surprise." I was curious now, "What is it?" He shook his head, "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise." He pulled out a red bandana. "Now close your eyes."


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