Age of Red (Book 1)

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Picnic pt2


Can I take this blindfold off now," I said. I didn't mean it as a question, more like a demand. Liam had led me to a place he said was perfect for us to sit. Surprisingly I didn't trip or fall with him.

I felt hands in the back of my head. Liam was untiying the bandana. When it was off I was met with bright sunlight. I had to blink a few times to see clearly. When I finally could I inhaled sharply at the sight in front of me.

There was flowers. Everywhere. All around me were flowers of yellow, red, and pink. The aroma of all the flowers was like heaven. I looked down Liam and I were in the only patch of green without flowers. Also in the grass was a picnic basket and blanket. So this is what Liam meant by sit. I turned to him and smiled happily, "It's beautiful Liam. Thank you." He smiled shyly at me and held out his hand to me. I took it and he helped me down to the blanket and basket.

Liam opened the basket and started pulling different assortments out. I instantly recognized some bread and cheese he took out. He also took out fruits like grapes and strawberries. Ms.S had just taught me about the small red fruit. I hadn't tried any yet. Liam pulled out some sandwiches and some orange colored juice.

When he was done he turned with a slightly embarrsed smile, "So I figured while we were out here we could eat too." I quirked my eyebrows at him. "You know to enjoy the view," he added quickly. I laughed and made a show of grabbing a strawberry.

I brought it to my mouth and took a bit. Sweetness exploded in my mouth. Strawberries are delicious! I finished that one and grabbed for another one and another. All the time I was stuffing my mouth Liam was watching me. "What," I asked innocently. He laughed and shook his head making his golden curls bounce too. "Nothing, just that you must really love sttawberries." I nodded happily.

He laughed again. I loved his laugh. The thing was becoming an infatuation. It always reminded of home. Liam started eating bread taking small bites here and there. I ate some more strawberries then grabbed for the orange liquid. I held it up in front of me in the sun, it sparkled under it. "What is it," I asked Liam. He grabbed two cups from the basket. He took the liquid from my hands and filled the cups.

"It's tree nectar but with a twist. The fairies make it every spring, the only time they can," Liam finally answered. He handed me one of the cups. I took the cup, "It's really sweet so don't take to much at one time."

I rolled my eyes at his warning. I lived sweet things now. I brought the cup to my mouth and swallowed. Immeadiatly I started coughing from the overbearing sweetness. It was sweet, even for me. I heard Liam laughing uncontrollably. I smiled, "Okay, maybe I should have listened." He stopped laughing for a second, "You think." Then he started up again. This time I couldn't help it, I joined him. We stopped laughing after our stomachs hurt too much. We continued eating for a few minutes until we were filled up with satisfaction.

Liam suddenly got up and stretched. He bent down and started removing his shoes. "What are you doing," I asked curiously.

Liam smiled sneakily, "Having fun". He pointed out in the field of flowers around us,"We -," he made a gesture with his hands. "-are on top of a hill. I believe hill are meant to be rolled on. I started at him, looking for any signs of joking. There was none. Liam lay down on the grass and and winked at me, "See you down there." Then he rolled away down the hill of flowers. I could hear his whoops of joy at he rolled down.

I was shocked and watched as he rolled to the flat part of the the field. When he stopped he didn't move. I waited a few seconds and watched as his body stated still. Why wasn't he moving? I got up immeadiatly and ran down the hill afraid of what I might find.

When I reached Liam's body I flipped him on his back. I didn't see any injuries anywhere. So why was he still? I was freaking out. I was about run and call for help who knows where, when I felt a vibration of laughter in Liam's chest. I looked at his face, his blue-green eyes were open and full of laughter. He sat up, "Did I get you?"

I got up fast. Did he get me?! This was all a joke. I felt relived and furious at the same time. I looked at Liam, he was standing up now bent at the knees with laughter. You've got to be kidding me. He thought this was funny. I was fuming now. Liam looked up and saw my expression. He stopped laughing, "Hey, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong is that I thought you were dead. And know you're laughing like it's the funniest thing in the world," I nearly yelled. His expression turned guilty, "It was joke. I didn't think you would be mad." "Well I am," I replied.

I turned away and started walking up the hall. I heard footsteps come after me. I walked faster. I was suddenly turned around by strong arms.

Liam was holding my arms to keep me from walking away. "Please don't be mad. I was being stupid, I didn't mean to scare you," he begged me. I turned to look at his face, "I wasn't scared," I said defyingly. A slight smile lit up his face. He pulled me closer, "Okay, but don't be mad." I nodded slightly.

I looked up at Liam and realized how close we actually were. So close I could see the almost invisible freckles along his nose. The outline of light pink lips. I had sudden urge to lean forward, but I ignored it and stayed still. I looked at Liam eyes and could tell he was looking at me the way I was looking at him.

I still stayed still, but after a few minutes Liam didn't. He leaned forward and pressed his cool lips to my warm ones. I felt a shock of electricity between us that I immediatly craved for more. It was like my lips had a mind of its own. They pushed against Liam's lips begging for the kiss to be deepened.

Liam's lips answered right away. I felt my legs wobble. I wrapped my arms arounds his neck so I was against his chest. He put one hand on my back and one on my neck. I tilted my head to get a better angle.

My lips opened a little, but that was enough for Liam to slowly put his tongue in. It felt amazing. Like I was riding on a cloud.

Really Vera?

I froze stopping the kids. Who was that? I pulled away from Liam, "Did you hear that?" He looked at me weird, "What?"

I stepped out of his arms, where did that come from? I looked around, there was no else for miles. I was confused now.

You know for someone who's trying to save her family, your taking your damn time doing it.

There it was again. But it seemed distant yet familiar. I knew that voice from somewhere.

Liam was looking at me with a worried expression. "Are you okay?" I nodded reassuringly. "I just remembered that I have something to do at the school. Can we go back?"

Liam looked down, "Oh okay. Let me get the basket and blanket first." We walked to the picnic and picked everything up. We got to car and I went in first. Liam got in and started the car and drove to the school.

The car ride was silent, which was probably my doing. I felt bad for ruining the moment between us.

Of course your worrying about your little wolf. What about your sisters?

I was surprised at hearing the voice again. But what it said was right. The whole time I was here, I was thinking of a solution to help them that much.

That needed to change.

Finally your listening. Keep doing that.

I smiled slightly, the voice had a sense of humor. A few minutes passed and we arrived at the school. A few hours had passed, so now it was 6 p.m.

The sun had set, which meant the students were eating dinner. Good, no one would see us come in late. Liam parked and turned off the car. He turned to me probably planning to tell me a whole I'm sorry speech.

I stopped him before he could say anything. "Thank you for this and every thing else," I said hurriedly. I leaned against the seat and kissed his cheek. I opened my door and stepped out, "See you later." I closed the door and walked fast inside the school. I headed to my room.

Good choice. Maybe we can figure out a plan then.

Yeah, and maybe I could figure out what the hell was going on.

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