Age of Red (Book 1)

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In the beginning there was only darkness. I didn't see or hear anyone. Didn't know where I was or how I would get out. The only reason I was there was because I wanted to save them. Wanted to get them out, to free them. This darkness was the price apparently. There was always one. I walked for hours it seemed, days even. I felt like I was walking in a circle, the darkness was never ending. When will it be over? When will I be free?

I asked those questions everyday thinking the answer will come any minute. Slowly the hope started draining from me. Until I could no longer stand or walk, even think of a way out. All around me was black, all I could see was black. Then one day light, real actual light filled my eyes. Making me squint to actually see it. I got up and walked toward it, my knees were wobbly from sitting for so long. I stopped when I was right in front of it. I took one more step and I was in the light. I was the light for a moment. Then immediately my head hurt, like I'd been stung. I fell to the floor. Then more darkness.

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