Age of Red (Book 1)

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"What the hell were you thinking?!"

I was in the school infirmary, yelling at an injured Maya.

I had taken their myself holding in my rage. I had heard of how she gloated over Vera saving me calling, her a witch. It had angered me.

And the funny thing was I could feel Vera's anger too. Ever since we got closer I could feel some of her emotions. Our bond was getting stronger.

Right now I could feel she was worried about something. I wanted to got her. To comfort her. But I had to deal with Maya first.

I looked at the girl on the infirmary bed. She had a bandage on her arm where Vera burned her. I couldn't help but feel a little amused that Vera left a mark on her.

She was looking at me shocked at my out burst. "What do you mean," Maya asked.

"What I mean is how you tried to bully Vera, "I seethed.

"She was the one who attacked me!

"From what I heard you were the one calling her names. You started it."

"Why are you defending her? I'm the one hurt here."

I laughed cruelly, "Maybe that's what you get for hurting my mate." I was blinded by my anger not even realizing what I said till it was too late.

Maya gasped, "You don't know what you're saying. The moon's affecting you."

I smirked, it was a full moon but I know what I said. Vera was my mate, and I never want to see her angry or hurt. Ever.

I heard Maya sigh, "Vera's not even a wolf. I know you have to find your mate. You might not have one, I could be that for you. We could be mates."

Where was she getting this from?

"Maya, Vera is my mate and that's final. The next time you try to hurt her it won't be a warning."

I walked out the infirmary slamming the door. I saw a bench and sank down on it putting my hands in my hair. I felt hot. Maybe the moon was really affecting me.

I heard footsteps and looked up. It was Tyler, he came and sat next to me.

"Was that true? What you said in there."

I just nodded.

"Vera really your mate. Wow man that's amazing." I nodded again.

He was quiet for a few seconds.

"But she's not a wolf is she?" I shook my head. "Then what is she?

My voice came back, "I don't know, man. My head hurts just trying to figure it out."

Tyler nodded. He smirked, "You know you sounded like a real Alpha in there." I groaned.

He laughed, "What, it suits you. And know that you've found you're mate you can claim your throne now."

I shook my head, "Don't remind me."

Tyler didn't stop, "Tonight would be perfect. It's a full moon and everyone will be out running too."

I had to admit he was right, tonight was perfect. Any other day would be rushed. A full moon was always great for these things. There was a something I had to do first.

"Man, how do I fix things with Vera. I've felt like she's been drifting away from me and now this thing with Maya."

Tyler was surprised, "You're asking me for relationship advice? That's a first."

"I'm serious," I told him.

"Okay, okay. Just give her a gift. Girls like gifts."

"A gift, that's all you've got for me."

"Yeah. But it has to be meaningful. What does she like?"

I thought about it. I always saw her walking in the garden. Bingo!

"She likes flowers," I replied

Tyler smiled, "Then give her flowers."


I was walking in a hallway towards Ms.S's office when I saw Liam. He was exciting the infirmary and walking towards me but hadn't seen me yet.

I didn't want him to see me. I was not ready to speak with him. I quickly ran into Ms.S's office hoping desperately he didn't see me.

I looked out the small window and saw him pass by the door and slowly exhaled. He didnt see me.

Please do not tell me you are hiding from a guy. The same one you kissed not to long ago.

Shut up. I don't want talk if you're not gonna help.

Fine be that way.

"Vera?" I jumped at the voice. I turned around to a curious Ms.S. "What are you doing," she asked me.

I smiled (fake), "Nothing, just admiring how clean your window are." She nodded unconvinced.

I walked toward her and sat at her desk opposite of her. "Anything relatively new I need to know."

She shook her head, "Nothing really, except they just released a new iPhone. Though I don't know what number. I stopped counting ages ago."

I laughed, Ms.S seemed busy. But I still needed to pass time. I leaned foward, Ms.S, it wouldn't be too much to ask if I could take the white binder? You know to read in my room."

She looked happy, "Of course you can Vera." She got up from her seat and handed the binder to me. I stood up, "Thank you."

"No problem," she called as I walked out the office. The hallway was empty. Thank God.

I went to my room and opened my door. My mouth dropped open at the sight before me.

There were flowers everywhere. Surrounding the beds, desks, and windows. They were beautiful, the room was filled with color even more than it already had.

I walked in breathing in the scent of flowers. I put the binder on my bed also finding a note. I opened it.

Sorry for what happened today. Hope you enjoy these. From Liam.

I smiled to myself. Liam did all this for me. So he maybe wasn't upset with me?

You're wolf brought you flowers?

Yes. Have a problem with that, voice?

No, please continue what you were doing!

I sighed and sat on my bed. I started reading the binder occasionally looking at the flowers from Liam.

I read stuff about wars. They always started easily. There were things about manchios and the tallest person in the world which I found really interesting. I read for a couple hours until I finally looked at the clock on the desk.


It was midnight.

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