Age of Red (Book 1)

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Red pt1


I got up from my bed and went out the room door, heading down to the garden.

It was dark outside, the full moon was out so I could see a little better in the dark. I could see shadows as I walked by.

I was walking by the outside school walls when I heard footsteps. I stopped and looked behind me. There was no one. I faced forward and started walking again. I heard footsteps again and stopped.

I turned around irritated. There was still no one. "Hello?," I called. No one answered me. Was I imagining things?

I shook my head and turned. I almost screamed when I saw who was in front of me. It was Liam.

I breathed out, "You scared me."

He smiled down at me, "Did I?"

I looked at his eyes, they looked different. More yellow instead of blue.

Liam took a step forward and I stepped back.

He kept walking forward as I walked backward. I hit something and felt a brick wall behind me.

I looked up, Liam had put both of his hands on either side of me. Great. I was trapped.

He leaned down, his face really close to me. I could feel his soft breath on my nose, it tickled.

"Are you avoiding me," he asked with his eyebrow up.

"Of course not," I answered a little to quickly.

He smirked, "Really? I haven't seen you since yesterday."

My mind instantly went to the memory of our kiss. I blushed. What the hell is wrong with me? I don't blush.

Liam leans impossibly closer, "I saw you in the hallway today. You ran when you saw me."

My eyes widened, but I kept my mouth shut. I didn't know what to say.

"You know I'm not mad at you for hurting Maya, right?" I looked up, his eyes were honest.

I smirked, "Yes," I answered.

"Good," he breathed. His breath tickled my face. I turned my face away from him, making his nose touch mine.

His hand left the wall, touching my face lightly. He turned me to him and bent down touching my lips to his.

I closed my eyes and leaned into them. I hadn't realized how much I had craved them.

I opened my lips, allowing Liam to slip in with his tongue. He tasted salty, it felt good.

He pulled me to him by my hips, making me closer to him. I put my arms around him, touching his nape.

His hands were still on my waist gripping lightly.

The clock is ticking. I thought you had somewhere to be.

Kissing a boy again.

I pulled away, breathing deeply. Liam wanted more and leaned in. I stopped him with my hands on his chest, his chest felt strong and firm.

"I have somewhere to be," I finally said.

"At midnight," he questioned.

"I have to meet with Alice. She needs me." That was part of the truth. I really needed her.

He let me go reluctantly, "Fine but I'm seeing you tomorrow. Got it?"

I nodded agreeing.

A wolf howled in the distance, Liam sighed and smiled. "I have to go it's time to shift." He grabbed me and kissed me on my head. It felt warm.

He let go and started to run away. He was like a blur in the shadows. I stood there for a few seconds looking after him.

Somewhere to be, remember.

Oh yeah!

I turned to the barn.


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