Age of Red (Book 1)

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Red pt2


I went to the barn 10 minutes before midnight. I had gotten about 10 books from the library, having to lugg then into the creepy barn. You would be surprised at how many books they had about prisons.

I had no idea why Vera wanted to meet here. But she seemed like she needed help and I was happy to. Especially if it involved reading.

It was a full moon tonight so I knew Liam was out with his pack. Today he seemed occupied. In class, I caught him drawing Vera in his notes. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen! And when I asked him about it, he just blew me off like it was nothing. It was something alright.

I was now sitting on a stack of hay in the barn. When I got in I found out it wasn't as creepy as I first thought. It was cleaned up and had some lights hung up. There were no chairs just bails and stacks of hay.

I had brought the books in a small wagon like a child. I wasn't that strong, I needed help. But the librarian did give me the stink eye when I left the library. She really had a problem with me.

I heard the barn door open and stood up looking at Vera. She looked flushed, her cheeks had a little bit of pink on them. I had never ever seen Vera blush. What had caused this and how?

Vera walked toward looking nervous, "Thank you for meeting me here." I smiled, "No problem, we girls have to stick together."

Ugh, such a cliche Alice!

Vera smiled at me and pulled me to sit down on the hay again. I looked at her confused. She backed up a bit and looked around the room, as if seeing if she had enough room.

She turned to me, "Okay soo...I'm going to show you something. And you have to promise me not to scream when I do."

I laughed nervously, "What are you talking about Vera?" She was kind of scaring me now.

She sighed, ""

And I did.

Vera put her hands out on either side of her. Black and white smoke started coming out of her hands. I had heard Ms.S talking about Vera's powers but this was the first time I actually saw it in person. It was super cool, it was she like could control it with her mind. Awesome.

The smoke swirled around her body forming a cocoon. It took over her whole body, I couldn't see her anymore.

Just as I was about to call her name the smoke turned red and started to swirl faster. It started to grow in size going to the top of the tall barn. It went wide taking on a blurry shape.

I couldn't tell what it was. It kind of looked like a giant bird. A few seconds later the smoke cleared and I was left with a clear image.

I gasped at what was in front of me.

A dragon! A real life dragon that Vera had just turned into!

It was red and giant. It had scales and wings like all the dragons I had read about in books. Oh my god, it was like a fairy tale come true!

I took a hesitant step forward and watched as its eyes (Vera's eyes) followed me. Vera lowered her giant head down, sitting down carefully.

I put my hand up and saw it shake stupidly. I kept going and touched my hand to her snout. My hand was small against it (her), it looked tiny.

She breathes deeply and I saw smoke come out her nose. It felt cool on my face. I pulled my hand away and backed up slowly. I took in her full body. She looked beautiful, everywhere was red, even her eyes. Her wings spread wide, about 20ft across. Dang she was big! I mean that in a good way.

She started to stand up pulling her wings to her body. Smoke started to surround her again, circling around her giant form.

Seconds later Vera was back to her human form out of breath. I ran forward gripping her arms, smiling like a doofus.

"Tell me everything!"

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