Age of Red (Book 1)

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"Um Alice, you're kind of hurting me." Alice let go of my arms immediately smiling apologetically.

I sat down on one of the hay stacks needing a breath. I had just turned into my other form, letting my dragon out for a few minutes. It had wanted to fly and be free. I had to push it back down not completely trusting what it (or I) would do. It took a lot out of me to gain control like that.

I was worried what Alice would think when I had turned, that she might scream and run away. But no, she was excited and wanted to know more.

She sat next to me expecting me to give a full explanation. But where do I start?

I breathed in deeply, "Um....well you didn't scream so that's a good sign."

She groaned, "Come on Vera, I'm waiting." She put her bright hair behind her ears, scooting closer to me.

I took a deep breath.

"Wellforstartersimadragon,butsoismywholefamilyandineedyourhelpfreeingthemfromamagicalprisoneventhoughitsreallymyfaulthereinthereinthefirstplace.Soimaskingforyourhelpbecauseidontknowwhoelsetogoto." I took a breath and finally breathed. That was a lot.

"Oh and please help me," I added. I looked up at her face, expecting her to ask me to say it all over again.

She only looked.....happy.

"You have a whole family of dragons! It's like I'm living in one of my favorite books," she sighed.

I only nodded to surprised to answer. She actually got all that?

She clapped her hands together startling me. "We have to focus on saving then." She looked at me sincerely, "I want to help you Vera, especially if it's for family."

"I love family reunions," she gushed.

I smiled as Alice went and grabbed a small red wagon full of books.

"Lets get to work."



I can't believe I just did that, the moon was making me do impulsive things. But I didn't want to complain, kissing Vera had felt amazing.

Now I was in wolf form feeling free, enjoying the wind flowing through my fur. I had imagined Vera's soft hands in my fur millions of times.

Vera. She was all I could think about half of the time, some of my grades were even slipping. I wasn't a straight A student. More like a straight B and C student. I was okay with it I knew most things anyway.

Like how I was supposed to become Alpha of this pack. Tonight. All of us were in our wolf forms, enjoying the night.

I howled suddenly and everyone turned to me immeadiatly.

I turn my head toward Stephen, I'm ready to commit, I mind link to him. He nodded and turned to the pack and I watched as they all sat down one by one in front of me.

I breathed in and out, stopping the stupid nervousness that was killing me inside. I turned to everyone.

I Liam Harrisson am ready to accept my throne as Alpha of the Midnight Moon Pack. I will promise to protect my wolves, to help them, to care for them. And to do whatever it takes to keep our pack whole.

For the Alpha is nothing without his pack and the pack is nothing without there Alpha.

I stop and wait for their reactions. One by one each of then raise their heads up and howl at the moon. All of then mindlinking the same word.





Suddenly I felt an immense amount of power surge into to me. I could feel it in my bones, my blood, everywhere.

I was their Alpha.



As I was reading I suddenly felt something tingle in my bones. It felt like power? I had no idea where it came from. I shake my head clearing my crazy thoughts.

I was reading one of the books Alice brought. They had nothing about what I was looking for.

I had informed Alice about Everything before we began.

Telling her how I had four sisters trapped in a prison by a queen of England long ago. She was shocked to say the least and was willing to help me free them.

I couldn't help but feel guilt that I was leaving someone out.

I told Alice i was in the prison with them, but got a chance to get out only to be trapped in the black abyss she saw when she touched me awhile back. I described the prison to her. Saying it looked like a forest with trees and animals. But that was it, it trees and animals nothing else.

"I think I've found it Vera," Alice suddenly said. I jumped and went over to her in anticipation. She was reading a thin book that looked really old.

She pointed at a picture of a small forest, "This is what it looked like right?" I nodded at her.

She smiled," if we're correct and this is it, then we can actually save your sisters. I almost leapt with joy.

"But how," I asked.

She looked at the book, "Well it says here the spell for the prison was created by a witch... who died a long time ago." She kept reading, "The witch did the spell using different supernatural elements and connecting them, putting the power into one motion." She paused, "And the way to get people out is to just use elements in the same way the witch did."


She turned to me serious, "Meaning were going to need help."

She nodded, "Lots of it."

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