Age of Red (Book 1)

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Secrets 1


Alice and I and went to bed not long after, we were really tired and couldn't handle anymore. Before I actually slept she told I had to tell Liam all this stuff and I said I would later tomorrow. She kept saying it was the right thing to do.

I couldn't but feel dread, I don't know how he would take it. But at the same time I don't know much about him and him about me. Maybe telling him this will bring us closer?

You sure are one to hope, Vera.

You again? Don't you ever take a break. And stop listening to my thoughts!

If only I could. I swear I heard the voice laugh.

It was morning now and Alice had just got back from asking the witches for help. She had told me they agreed and would help with no questions asked. I was glad but still on edge.

Me and Alice were know walking in the school courtyard. It was next to the garden and people were talking and roaming all around. I saw a group of witches and they all waves at me happily. I just smiled shyly back.

Alice had told me we were going to talk the Michael. She said he was the voice of the vampires and made most of the major decisions. She also said he was sure to help. And if not he owed her anyways. She explained how he really was a nice and sweet guy underneath his dark bravado.

We both spotted him on a bench by himself by the entrance to the garden. We walked to him, and stood in his line of sight. He looked up, his blue eyes looking at Alice then at me then back to Alice.

Alice smiled, "Hey Michael." He nods at her, smiling slightly.

She sits next to him, "So I have a slight favor to ask you." He nods again, "Go on." His voice was deep and quiet, surprising me.

She scoots closer to him and starts whispering stuff in his ear. I saw his body go rigid then relax as Alice continued. I thought her tellings about me did that, but the more I thought about it didn't seem to be me. Hmm.

Alice finished a few seconds later smiling when he says yes that he'll help. I smile big and thank him. He just waves it away. Someone calls Alice and she walks over. I'm about to follw her then change my mind and sit next to Michael.

He looks surprised and turns to me, "Yes?"

I nod at Alice, "You like her?"

He shakes her head at me and looks the other way.

Well that was obvious!

Shut up!


I turn to Michael, "You know I think she likes you too. Based on what she says about you."

He turned to me looking stunned, "She talks about me." I nod smiling.

He smiled slightly, "Thanks for telling me." I nod again, "Your welcome." Alice and him seemed like a good fit to me. It reminded me of Liam and I.

Speaking of which I had to go tell him about some stuff. I got up to leave when I felt a cold hand on my skin. Michael was holding me back. I sit back down and wait.

"You and Liam are close, right." I nod blushing slightly. Really Vera?

He continues, "You do know what mates are don't you?"



I was sitting at the edge of the school lake watching the sun glitter on the blue surface. It was peaceful here, I always came here to think. Maybe I could bring Vera here.

Speaking of which she promised to see me to today. I got up to go when I heard a branch snap.

I see black hair and internally groaned. Maya.

"What do you want."

She laughed, "Nice to see you too, Alpha." Alpha, I was still getting used to the word.

I turned to her waiting, "I just came to ask you something."

"Go on."

"I was wandering how well you knew your little mate."


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