Age of Red (Book 1)

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Secrets 2


Room 347. It was the room number Michael had directed me to. After what he had told me I had immediately wanted to talk to Liam. Michael had said he was in his dorm room.

I walk to the door and knock three times. I could hear some shuffling and the door swings open showing Liam. Without a shirt on!

I instantly start blushing and look down playing with my hands, " wanted to talk to you." I could feel him staring at me and look up. He looked upset about something, but I felt like I could feel how upset he was. Weird.

He moves a little bit to the side and I walk in. I look around the room. It was big room with one bed and a desk with some books. It had light blue walls and two windows, I could see the closet and a door which I think was the bathroom. There was also some posters on the walls, they just had words in them.

There were no chairs, so I decided to sit on the bed. It felt soft under me. Liam was watching the whole time not saying a word.

He still had no shirt on, only wearing blue shorts and some sneakers. I was trying really hard not to stare at his muscled stomach.

I sighed quietly hoping he would speak first. He did, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"What," I ask confused.

"Why didn't you tell me you needed help?"

"Oh." Well just great! I was hoping to tell before he found out from somebody else.

"And in top of that you asked everyone else and kept me for last," he continued.

He was staring at me now, I could feel his eyes burning into my scalp. It was infuriating!

"It's not fair Vera. I told you about my pack and you can't even tell me what you really need."

Okay that's it.

"Well you know what's also unfair, Liam. Not telling someone that their your mate," I breathe.



I freeze looking at Vera. She was staring at me with a accusatory looks on her face. Just like I was before.

"How do you know about that," I ask her.

She rolled her eyes. Cute.

"Does it matter Liam. How could you not tell me I'm your mate. That I'm supposed to spend the rest if my life with you. Forever."

Now I felt bad. I should have told her. Now she found out from somebody else. Great!

"I'm sorry, Vera. I should have told you. I was just scared of what you would do. Afraid that you would reject me," I tell her truthfully.

She sighed, "I'm sorry for not telling you about my problems. I was going tell you, but kept delaying it. I wasn't sure how you would handle it."

I walk to the bed and sit next to her taking her hands gently. "Vera I want to help. I want to be the first person you ask not anyone else, no offense to Alice." She smiles. God I love her smile.

"Whatever you need, don't be afraid to ask me. For anything. At all," I continue.

I tighten my hold on her hands, "Understand? You are my mate, mine no one else's. If you need anything come to me."

She nods and I pull her to me in a hug. I feel her stiffen at first then she puts her warm arms around me. I pull her closer to me and kiss the top of her head.

After a few seconds I feel a tap on my chest. I look down at a blushing Vera, "Can you put a shirt on please?"

I throw my head back and laugh.



I watch as Liam gets up and goes to his closet. He grabs a white v-neck, putting it on quickly before coming back to me. I only asked him to put one on because it was a distraction to me.

The white shirt didn't do much for his muscles, I could see them popping out through the thin shirt.

Liam pulled me to him again crushing me against his chest. I didn't mind, he felt warm and I liked the comfort.

He let go of me and patted to the head of the bed patting the spot next to him. I went to him wrapping my arms around his middle, leaning my head on his chest. I could feel it go up and down with his breaths. It felt soothing.

We layed there for minutes wrapped in each other's arms. I looked up at him his eyes were slightly closed, I reached up touching his lips. His eyes open and he looks at me curious.

I smile innocently, "What?" He lifts his head up, "Do you need something Vera?" I nod looking down.

I feel a finger under my chin gently lift my head. I feel warm lips against mine and lean in. I wrap my arms around Liam's neck, pulling him over me.

He deepens the kiss allowing his tongue to slide through my lips. We continue like this for a while until Liam pulls away gasping for breath.

"We should stop before I do something we're both not ready for." I nod agreeing. We sit up and he brings me closer to him with an arm over my shoulder.

I look up, "Tell me about yourself."

He smiles.

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