Age of Red (Book 1)

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Tonight was the night. The night I was going to all four of my sisters our of that stupid prison. Alice has convinved everyone to get them out tonight, at midnight.

I had to admit I was nervous. Would my sisters still be the same? Would they hate me, or will they be happy to see me. I couldn't wait any longer I just wanted to see them.

After Alice had asked everyone for their help. (They all said yes) She had made a plan for everyone to meet in a spot in the woods at midnight. She had gave in perfect instruction for what they had to do. She had told me that all I had to do was show up and wait.

All afternoon I had stayed with Liam in his dorm room. He told me about his family and becoming the pack leader. I was happy for him, and glad he finally became an alpha.

I told him about my sisters, and how we were all dragons. He said he wanted to see the dragon part of me and I told him he'd have to wait. I also told him he would their trust because they were very protective of me. All my sisters had different personalities to say the least.

Now, we were walking hand in hand to the spot Alice had said. When we got there I saw a group of fifty students standing around a fire. I smiled at how each of them agreed to help me, to help my sisters.

I saw some people look at me and smile, Alice walked toward us.

"Good your here. It's almost time." She was looking down at a watch she was wearing.

She then took me away from Liam and led me to the front of the fire. I could see Liam follow behind us.

Alice turned to the crowd and clapped her hands, "It's time! Hold hands!"

Everyone around me joined hands. Alice backed away to join leaving me inside the circle alone. I looked down at the fire as everyone stared chanting.

They seemed to chanting the same five words over and over again.

Aperire ostium ad viridi silva

The fire in front of me started lifting from the wood and forming a circle floating in the air. I started backing away afraid it might fly to my face.

The fire grew bigger turning red, blue, then finally black. It actually started looking familiar. I took a small step closer and I swear I saw green in the circle. It was actually turning into a portal now that I thought about it.

The chanting got louder and louder, I looked behind me and could see a glow of power emanating from the students. It was going toward the portal and it was getting brighter.

I looked back at the portal and suddenly there was a bright flash of light and I had to shield my eyes with my hand. I could hear soft this on the grass and looked back. I could see four figures before me.

My sisters!

I was ready to run to them when I saw something black exit the closing portal. I stopped and stared at it, it seemed to be a kind of smoke that looked and felt familiar. It seemed to be coming straight for me.

Before I could turn and give a warning it rushed toward me and I heard a slicing sound. It vanished after that.

I could feel in pain my stomach. It felt hot and wrong. I could feel something sliding down me. I put my hands and looked down seeing red, lots of it. I fell to my knees crying out. The pain was suddenly unbearable.

More blood was coming out. I felt weak and wanted lay down, before I fell to the ground completely I felt warm hands wrap around me.

I blacked out.

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