Age of Red (Book 1)

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When I saw Vera fall to the ground and scream I instantly ran to her holding her in my arms before she fell to the ground completely.

I looked down and saw blood on her stomach blossoming on her shirt. I turned her face to me and saw that she was unconscious. No.

"Vera wake up," I tried shaking her a little. Nothing happened. I hadn't even seen what attacked her. How could this happen?

More blood was flowing from her, I ripped my shirt and put it on her wound trying to stop the bleeding. It didn't work well, it just soaked through.

"Come on!" I hadn't even realized I had yelled. I heard footsteps coming toward me and saw four dark haired girls circle around me. They all looked worried. They had similar features but looked nothing alike all the same. They were Vera's sisters.

They all bent down around Vera looking at her lovingly, laying a hand on her body. I looked down and could see a line of blood come from Vera's lips. I groaned painfully.

My mate was dying in my arms.



The pain was gone but still there somehow. I couldn't feel warm arms around me any more.

I opened my eyes and was met with bright white. I blinked and adjusted finding my self in a white room. I stood up looking around. It was all white without any doors.

Behind me was a chair and then appeared a women with black hair sitting in it. I jumped back surprised, how did she get there?

You saw me materialize out of thin air right?

The voice was familiar. Wait a minute it was the voice!

Yes it's me, you finally figured it out.

No I didn't, I still. Have no idea who you are.

Of course not! And it will stay like that until I say so.

I looked closer at her and saw she had red-orange eyes like fire and almost a pale skin color. She reminded me of someone.

She was wearing a white gown that went all the way down to her ankles.

Wait, was I dead?

Your on the brim of death. Still breathing, barely.

I don't want to die! She got up from the chair, you don't have to!

She started walking toward me, stopping a few feet away from me. Her eyes seemed to glow brighter.

You don't have to die, if you do one tiny favor for me.

I nodded, Anything. I wasn't ready to leave especially when I just got my sisters back.

She came closer grabbing my arms. Her hands burned, and I cried out in pain. The burning seemed to go all over my body, spreading to every inch of me. It felt like I was on fire.

It seemed to stop after a few seconds. At least I think it did, I couldn't feel it anymore.

The girl was smiling at me. Good, you took it.

Took what?

Nothing! But if you want to live you have to do me a favor. A favor that you will enjoy very much.


I need you to kill your brother. I mean it's only fair, right.



My body hurt a lot. I was on a soft cushion covered in a thin blanket. I open my eyes and stare at a peach ceiling.

I turned my head and see other beds across from me. Huh? I try to sit up and instantly regret it groaning loudly from the the pain.

I hear a door open and turn to see Liam run toward me. He grabs my hand and presses his cool lips to it.

"You're finally awake." He was smiling and I could see his eyes water slightly. That was something new.

I tried to speak but my throat was beyond dry. Seeming to read my mind, Liam turned giving me a cup of water. I downed it one gulp and drank four more before I could finally could somewhat speak.

"What h-happened," was all I could make out. My voice sounded rough still. Liam only shook his head looking down, "Something hurt you and I wasn't enough to help you. You almost died in my arms."

I put my hand up and touched the side of his face lightly, I shook my head at him. He did not need to be blaming himself for what happened to me. I would not accept it.

He kissed my hand sending shocks up my arm, he smiled seeming to know the affect he had on me. I smirked.

I tried sitting up again, successfully pulling it off with minimal pain. I was in the infirmary in a small bed. There were flowers and get well soon cards with balloons around me.

Liam was holding my hand still, I looked at him. Really looked at him. He was a mess with circles under his eyes, his eyes were red and his hair was ruffled which I didn't mind that much. He looked cuter.

"Why are you soooo.....unkept." I didn't know how to ask the right question. Liam chuckled dryly, "Vera you were unconscious for a week. I was constantly worried about you. I couldn't sleep or eat. Alice gave me hell for that too. You were the only thing on my mind, you still are."

"That doesn't give you an excuse for not eating. You need food to live," I joked.

He shook his head, "Vera, I couldn't. Do you know how much I care about you, how much I--," he stopped.

"How much you what?" My mind was a little too curious.

Liam took a deep breath. "Vera, I love you okay." My heart froze, I wasn't expecting that.

He continued, "I love you, Vera. I need you in my life. You are my mate, my soulmate. You mean everything to me. You are the best person in my life, the most special. You brighten everything for me. Make everything better. You your the one I love Vera, no one else. No other girl. And I know it might be too soon so you dont have to say it back." "Yet," he added. I smirked.

He was looking in my eyes searching for something. I moved my hand in a 'come closer' motion. He leaned over my face, I pulled him down bringing his lips on mine. He was surprised but quickly kissed me back. He put his hands on the bed to steady himself.

I broke away needing air, Liam was smiling at me. I touched our foreheads together, liking the cool touch on mine. Liam pulled away but I wanted him back and almost whined stopping myself.

He laughed, "Vera wait a second, will you?

There are four people who have been dying to see you."

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