Age of Red (Book 1)

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Where was I in the first place? Where was I going to stay? On top of that I was starving, but I needed a place to sleep more I guess. I looked around me, I was surrounded by trees, branches, and bushes. I looked at the ground, there was sticks and branches all over the ground; probably from a recent storm. I had an idea, and only had a few minutes to make it happen.
I quickly gathered fallen branches and sticks and put them in two separate piles. One for a fire and the other for a small tent. I arranged the second pile to form a small teepee. My mother first taught me to do these. She always said that there was a time I would have to fend for myself. So here I am fending for myself.
I stacked the first pile of sticks on top of each other in front of the teepee. I quickly rubbed two sticks together until it started smoking and began a fire. The fire was low but warm enough. I crawled into the teepee, and put my head on the cold ground. This was going to have to do for now. Sleeping wasn't an issue apparently, I was exhausted from walking. As my eyes slowly drooped closed I saw the moon. It's a full moon, I thought. In the distance I swear I could hear howling.

SQUACK! My head was up before my eyes even opened. I opened them slowly assessing what was around me. I crawled out of the teepee and stretched. I was alone, I looked up; except for the annoying birds flying above. It was early morning, not all animals were up yet. Thanks a lot birds. I walked back to the swimming hole, I hadn't walked that far from there. I could still hear it. I took my clothes off and dipped in. I washed and played with smoke a little. Pulling to and fro, down and upward.
Afterwards I went hunting. A deer seemed to big so I went for rabbit. I let the my smoke do the work for me. I let the smoke out of my fingertips and let it surround the rabbit. It died in seconds. My smoke was like that, harmless or venomous when I wanted it to be. My smoke could kill if I wanted it to. It was my weapon, my protection. I took the dead rabbit back to the teepee. I started the fire again and cooked the rabbit. It was flavorless but good all the same. I finished and did some more exploring; leaving a trail so I wouldn't get lost.
As I was walking I caught a familiar scent. I walked toward it, I identified quickly. Blood. Then I saw it, the deer that was drinking from the swimming hole before. It was dead now on the forest floor. There were no flies around it yet, it hadn't died that long ago. It looked like its throat was torn out, along with its stomach too. Its guts open for everyone to see. Another animal did this. I just didn't know which one. I wasn't scared though, a deer-eating animal was better than darkness. Way better.
There was a trail of blood following after the dead deer. It went deeper into the tree's, I took a deep breath and followed. As I walked the blood trail got spotty like it was dripping. I felt like I was reaching the end when the trail stopped. It just ended and there was nothing there. Nothing! I had no idea why I got my hopes up for nothing interesting was going to happen.
I turned around heading back to my warm fire. My skin got goosebumps thinking of it. But that's when I saw it. The black shadow on the roots of a tree. I walked towards it and cursed heavily under my breath. It was a wolf. A wolf! I didn't know if it was wild or tame. The wolf's breathing was labored, like it was injured. I bent down and put my hand over its fur. It shivered, its fur was golden and had streaks of white all along its body. It was.....beautiful.
I shook my head to clear my thoughts.The sun has set and it was getting late. I looked down at the wolf's face and saw a red piece sticking out of its neck. I leaned closer and saw it was some kind of small dart. I wrapped my hand around it and plucked it out.
The wolf whimpered and shook. There was a sparkle of lights as its body continued shaking, now vibrating. The sparkles were all over its body now, I started backing away. I couldn't see the wolf anymore. Suddenly it all stopped, I moved backed to the wolf. I inhaled sharply at what I saw before me.
The wolf was no longer a wolf.
It was a man.

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