Age of Red (Book 1)

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Werewolf! I laughed out loud. Out of all the things I could run into it had to be a werewolf. To think about it I really never saw a werewolf before. And to be honest I really wasn't impressed. My mother used to tell me stories about these vile creatures who only came out when the moon was full. It used to keep me in bed with nightmares about giant animals, with yellowed fangs and eyes as red as the blood of their victims.
I stopped being scared when I was brave enough to stay up one full moon and venture into the woods near my house. I stayed for about an hour and realized my mother was just playing a trick on me. I went to back to bed and I gave my mother the silent treatment for a whole week. It was on the seventh day when I finally pushed her buttons. She pulled me to a corner and I confronted her. When I was done she started laughing and gave me a hug. She told me that she didn't lie but didn't tell me the full truth either. So I just didn't ask her again because I didn't feel like knowing.
I looked down at the wolf and man before me. He was young, probably a year older than me, he had soft golden curls at the top of his head and full pink lips. His eyes were closed and his breathing was still labored. My eyes started drifting down his body from his face. I stopped went I met his bare chest, they were rippled with muscles. I could feel my face heating up slightly. Why was he not wearing a shirt?! I stood up quickly and looked down at his whole his body. He was Naked!!
I turned around fast so I didn't see anything else. I could feel the increasing heat on my face. My face was probably bright red now. I slowly turned around, the safest place I could look was his feet. There was fabric wrapped around one of his ankles. I bent down and untied it from him. They were clothes, a white t-shirt and plain khaki shorts, put there by him I guess. Whatever it was enough to cover his body. I bent down and quickly arranged his legs so I could put the shorts on. I pulled the shorts on fast so I didn't see anything I didn't want to see.
I grabbed the shirt and slowly started pulling it over his head. I put his arms through the right wholes. As I was doing this, there was a small voice in the back my head that was reluctant to putting the shirt on him. I quickly pulled down the shirt and blocked the voice out.
There. He was fully clothed, I assesed his body I didn't see any injuries in the front. So I reached for his shoulder which was strong, firm, and warm. I could feel heat seeping through the thin fabric of the shirt. I tugged lightly and lifted so I could see his back. I hissed as I saw red beginning to spread in two lines across his back.
I set his shoulder down and stood up. I gathered my smoke from inside me and left it surround the Wolf. I stretched out a hand and commanded my smoke to lift him in the air toward me. It came and stopped in front of my body. I flipped his body to lay flat on his stomach in the air. With my smoke I slowly lifted up the shirt so I could see where the blood was coming from. There was two straight lines across his back, like it was from a claw.
He was dripping blood, and if I wasn't fast he would die from bleeding out. I gathered a ball of smoke and watched as it turned milky white. I let the ball seep into the two tears and watched as the lines slowly closed up. The only thing that was left was two faint pick lines and dried up blood. I had healed him. Saved his life. I smiled at the sudden thought. It vanished just as quick as it appeared.
I pulled his shirt down, which still had blood on it. I pulled my smoke and let it surround the blood. It soaked it up and the blood disappeared into the air. When I looked down at his face, his eyes still closed and his breathing was sounding normal. He was still floating in my bed of smoke under him.
Since he was still sleeping I decided to take him back to the teepee. With him behind me floating, as my smoke followed me all the way to the teepee. When we got there I set him inside and laid him down. I didn't get inside for it was way to small for two people. I sat by the fire and let it's warmth overtake me. I closed my eyes with its feeling, warm and heated. I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky, it was being filled with colors as the sun was rising. I could see purple, blue, red, pink, orange, and yellow all rolled into one.
After a few minutes the sun finally came and brightened the forest. At the same time I heard rustling from the teepee. When I turned to look blue green eyes met mine.
He was awake.
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