Age of Red (Book 1)

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I was staring at the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had dark brown eyes, full pink lips, and black hair with just a hint of red in it. Her skin was almost as pale as the moon. She was wearing a tan long dress and black long boots. She was staring directly at me waiting.

I turned my head from side to side. I was in some sort of tent filled with fallen leaves and branches. I looked down at my self, I had my clothes on though i don't remember putting them on. My feet were bare and I was starving.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming toward me. The girl was walking toward me. She was elegant and barely made a sound. She stopped and bent down slowly in front of me. I looked up at her, she was even more beautiful in person.

Like an idiot I kept staring at her, I couldn't look away. I was breathing softly not wanting to make a sound. She titled her head a little to the right and smirked. "Are you hungry," she said in the loveliest voice I've ever heard. It was soft and hard at the same time, it reminded of lightning during a thunder storm.

She was silently waiting for my answer. I could only nod my head, my voice had escaped me. She stood up again, and went to the fire in front of the small tent. She was roasting something, some kind of small animal. She came back minutes later with cooked meat wrapped in a big green leaf.

She handed the leaf roll to me and as I reached to take it from her our hands touched. I inhaled sharply as a word appeared in my mind. Mate.

I quickly grabbed the roll and silently ate the meat. Impossible. She wasn't a wolf, I would have smelled her a mile away. Somehow she didn't seem human either. Then I remembered something, I turned my body to the girl. She was sitting now and playing with the small plants beside her.

"How did you find me," I asked. She stilled at my question. Her fingers stopped playing the plants. Her face turned and looked at me. Her face was devoid of emotion a she answered me.

"I was walking when I found you under a tree," she said dully. I thought about it and remembered crawling to a tree in desperation because I couldn't walk anymore. Because I was injured. I stopped eating and quickly pulled up the shirt I was wearing. There was nothing no marks, no blood. Did I really heal that fast? No there's no way I could have.

I looked at the girl again, "Was I bleeding when you found me, was I unconscious, and how am I healed?" She smirked again, "You ask a lot of questions Wolf."

I stilled at that, "How do you know that?" She laughed, it was like bells ringing beautifully together. "When I found you, you were in your wolf form, if I'm correct." I just stared at her incredulously, "And your not scared? At all?" She smiled at that, "No I'm not scared Wolf. Besides if I was scared I wouldn't have healed you."

I sputtered, "Y--You healed me?" She turned and looked at my face, my eyes. She nodded, "Yes." I took a deep breath, "How?" She smirked and came closer to me so we were a ruler away.

She stuck her hand out and waited. At first nothing happened, then slowly white mist started appearing around her hand. It started forming a ball around her hand, it was like a small cloud. Then suddenly it turned black then white again, the a swirl of the two. She moved her fingers and it started forming shapes. A knife first, then a tree and last a rabbit. Then it all just disappeared and it was like it was sucked back into her hand. She put her down and looked at him for his reaction.

I was frozen soaking in all I just saw. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, "What are you?" She looked down and I swear I could see her blush slightly. "Different," she said quietly that I almost didn't hear it. I had the sudden urge to hold her hand but I restrained my self and kept my hand down.

I just nodded and didn't probe any further. She was still quiet, "How did what you just did heal me?" Her head lifted and she smiled lightly, "My "powers" have healing and harmful effects. So I just used the healing part and fixed you. So you're welcome, I saved your life."

I smiled at that and scratched the back of my neck. "Thanks. I... uh owe you one," I said lamely. She smirked, "Yes you do," she said matter of factly. I laughed and shook my head. She reminded me of Alice. Speaking of which I had to get back to my friends. They were probably all worried about me. I crawled out the small tent, and stood up.

I stretched I felt pretty stiff but fine. The girl was still sitting but looking at me. She was amazingly beautiful still. I reached down to help her, she staired at it for a few seconds and finally slid her hand into mine. I felt a jolt of electricity and heard that word in my mind again. Mate! Mate! Mate!

Her hand was smooth and it took it minute until I realized I was just holding her hand. I quickly pulled her up, but I didn't let go of her hand. "What's your name," I asked. She looked up and half-smiled, "Vera." Lovely. I smiled down at her, "I'm Liam," I whispered.

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