Age of Red (Book 1)

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"I Don't Know"


Liam. That's a nice name. I can't believe I just thought that. What am I thinking, I was still holding Liam's hand. I looked down at our hands and thought that they fit perfectly. Jesus! I shook my head and slowly took my hand away from his. He was surprised but let me go. I turned away and walked to the fire.

The fire was slowly dwindling as I stood in front of it. I felt Liam come stand next to me, "Um......I have to go." "Why?," the word came out of mouth before I could think properly. Liam had a sly smile on his face,

"I have to get back to my friends. They're all probably worried about me. " I nodded. He continued, "I wasn't supposed to get injured in the first place, that was an accident." I turned to him, "How did you get hurt?" He laughed nervously, "I may have ran into some trouble while I was in 'wolf' form. It was dumb, I wasn't thinking correctly."

I smiled at that and then sat down on the floor again. Liam started walking back and forth by the fire. "How far in the forest are we," he asked me. I looked up at him, "I don't know." He tilted his head at that, "Okay, well where did you find me again?" I looked down and started playing with the grass, "I told you already, you were under a tree and I brought you back here." He shook his head, "I know that but where exactly, the beginning or end of the forest?" I pulled at the grass under me, "I don't know."

He turned my way, then started walking again. "Fine, How did you get here then?" I grabbed a fistfull of grass and pulled, "I don't know," I answered again. He stopped walking and looked at me incredulously."Y-You don't know," he sputtered. I just shook my head, I really didn't have any answers for him. He started shaking his head back and forth, "How do you not know where we are and how you got here?" I looked up at him, "I--". "No you can't say 'I don't know' anymore," he stopped me. I smirked, "Fine, then I have no idea what the answer to your questions are."

He turned to me and smirked, "Clever. But I got one more question. Where were you before this?" His question made me flinch cause I knew the answer. Darkness. Liam was still talking, "Maybe if you answer this question we can go back and retrace your footsteps," he said. My heart started beating faster, the thought of returning to that place made we want to scream. I quickly stood up, "No." Liam flinched. I was breathing heavily through my nostrils, so when I said it is sounded like a snarl.

Liam put both of his hands out, "Hey, calm down I was just suggesting we go back to where you were before and retrace. I don't wanna be stuck here forever." I was shaking my head frantically now. I can't go back to the place. I won't go back ever. Liam was walking toward me now. He put his hands on my shoulders,"Hey what's wrong?" He was searching my eyes looking for something.

It felt like a weight was pushing down on my chest, I didn't like it. I pushed Liam's hands away, "Stop touching me." He was still worried and reached for my hand. When he touched it, he pulled it back immediately, "OW!" He was shaking his hand in air with a pained expression.

I looked down at his hand, it was red from where he touched me. Like he got singed. Did I do that? I touched my left hand to my cheek it felt normal I guess. Actually my whole body temperature felt the same. Liam was looking at me in a weird way.

"What are-", before he could finish a branch snapped.

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