Age of Red (Book 1)

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I turned fast as I heard footsteps coming toward us. Vera had her back to me, switching her head back and forth. The steps were getting closer, I settled in a crouch ready for the first sign of danger. Just as a figure stepped out of the trees Vera raised her hands and a wall of white smoke came between us. The smoke was a mix of white and black, and was moving around Vera and I. It formed a dome around us, protecting us.

Something seemed familiar about the figure. The figure took a step forward. Vera waved one of her hands and the smoke turned black. The figure stook another step and touched the wall of smoke, the figure fell down on his knees and screamed a heart-wrenching scream. That scream. I know that scream. Tyler! "Vera stop! I know him, don't hurt him!" She turned and faced me with one hand still held up, "Are you sure?", she asked me. I nodded quickly and reached to touch her hand then thought better of it. "Stop the smoke Vera, I know this person" She nodded back at me, then moved her hand and the smoke turned white again. then she lifted both her hands and the dome of smoke disappeared.

In front us Tyler was on his knees holding his burnt hand. It was really bad, his skin was peeling and red. His face was scrunched up in pain like he was holding back from tears. I ran to him and touched his shoulder lightly. Just then two figures joined us. It was Alice and Michael, as soon as they saw me they ran toward me. Michael got there first and went to Tyler. When Alice got there she grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face her. "Where the hell were you! We were looking everywhere for you. We thought you were dead!"

Alice was short with curly auburn hair. She had freckles along her nose and eyes the color of a very orange sunset. She also had a white stripe of color in her hair, she was born with it. It marked who she was, a seer. I looked at her now with a confused look on her face, "You can see the future Al. So, how could not know if I was dead or not?", I asked. She let go of my arms and had a confused expression herself, "That's the thing, I couldn't see you. It was like you didn't have a timeline. When I tried looking for you all I could see was black."

I really didn't know why that was. There was another scream from Tyler, his hand was really bothering him, there was a trickle of blood going down to his arm. I looked at Vera, she was looking at me and Alice with an amused look on her face. I walked to her and grabbed her hand, it didn't burn this time. That didn't stop her from trying to pull away, but I held on tight not letting her go.

I brought her right in front of Tyler and turned to her, "You have to fix him." She was still focused on our hands, I took my hand and put it under her chin and lifted her face to mine. We were staring in each other's eyes, a mix of green and dark brown. "Fix him. Please.", I let go of her face. She nodded at me and bent down. She faced Tyler and touched one finger to his injured hands. He grimaced by the slight touch. Smoke came out around Vera's finger an wrapped around Tyler's hand. The smoke turned a cloudy white and held for a few seconds then disappeared. Vera leaned closer to Tyler and whispered sorry, she tugged her hnd put of mine then walked away back to the fire. She sat down and stared at the fire. I looked down at Tyler's hand it was fine now, it was clear and tan like my skin. I saw disbelief in his face at he looked at his hand. Michael helped him up and helped him relax. Alice looked at me with a surprised look on her face, "What was that? Who was that?" I wasn't really in the mood for a full questionnaire from Alice just yet. I was just glad that Tyler was okay. He was my best friend.

He was werewolf like me, I met him during my first transition into my true form. He was there for me and from them on we made a pack to always be there for each other. Well that was before we met Alice and Michael and knew of the School. Michael was a normal vampire and had many tricks up his sleeves. He was turned at 18 so he never looked older or younger lucky him.

These three were my best friends for life. I faced Alice and pointed at Vera, "That was Vera, the girl who saved my life."

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