Age of Red (Book 1)

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I felt three sets of eyes settle on me as I stared directly at the fire. I could hear Liam explaining to his three friends about everything that happened in the last couple of hours.

There were two boys and one girl. The first boy was tan like like Liam, but had messy brown curls on the top of his head and brown eyes to go with it. His hand was healed now, I kind of felt sorry for that. I just thought that he was going to hurt Liam, which was stupid now that I think about it. The next boy had straight black hair that covered half of his right eye. He was pale and I couldn't see the color of his eyes because they were too dark to see, almost black. The girl was the closest to Liam, she was short and had curly hair with hazel-orange eyes to match it. She had a white stripe in hair. So she was a seer. Figures.

The girl's closeness to Liam bothered me for no apparent reason. I shook my head and turned my attention back to the fire. It was out and now smoke replaced the red strands of color.

I could hear footsteps come toward me. I turned around in front of me was the girl, she had a curious expression on her face. She stuck her hand out, "Hi I'm Alice." Alice that's her name. Her voice was strong and firm, so she could make you pay attention to her from across the room. I didn't take her hand afraid that I might burn her too. So I just nodded and looked at the long gone fire.

Alice didn't leave she just sighed heavily and sat down next to me. She looked at me, "Look I just want to thank you for saving Liam. I can't even think of world without Liam in it, he means everything to us." To us. I just nodded to her again. "Oh and also thanks for healing Tyler I-" I stopped her, "That was my fault, I hurt him and had to heal him. So I'm sorry about that." She flinched when I began to talk, Surprised that I actually opened my mouth.

She nodded as I did earlier. She took a breath, "I don't want this to seem like I'm accusing you of something but you're kind of blocking me. And I don't know if it's on purpose or accident, but could please stop." Her words came out in a rush so at the end she let out a big breath. I didn't have a clue about what she was saying. I looked at her confused, "What are you talking about." She looked back at me and smiled, "I'm a seer and I can't exactly 'see' when you're blocking me." I tilted my head to the right a little. Why would I be blocking her? "I'm not blocking you, I can't. So something else might be in your way," I clarified. She seemed confused and I let her think about what I said. I looked over at Liam, he was talking to the Tyler and the other guy. He was smiling, I thought it looked...cute. Cute, what the hell am I thinking? I got up from the ground and started walking back and forth just like Liam did before. Gosh! I was wasting time, my sisters need me and I still didn't know where they were or how to get them out. Just thinking made tears spring to my eyes, I was here free and they were trapped and all alone. I blinked rapidly to get rid of the wetness. I had no idea where to start. I turned around and looked at the people before me. They all apparently were close and different than your average human. They had to know something. Anything. I was desperate for answers.

I walk around back to Alice and sat next to her. She didn't seem confused anymore, just very frustrated. I took a deep breath, "Alice," I said timidly. She turned my way with an open expression. I continued, "I know you say your blocked, but can you see me at all. Like anything in the future." She half-smiled, "I can try but sometimes I only get glimpses," she reached her hand out, "I'm going to have to touch you to get a better connection." Great touching. Everything always involves touching. I just nodded my head like I was fine with it. She reached farther and touched my hand. Her touch was cool and smooth, unlike the warm touch of Liam. I looked up at Alice she had closed her eyes, her breathing was evened and she was focused.

I was waiting for a while, when suddenly I heard a sharp intake of breath. Alice's breathing turned from even to heavy breaths every two seconds. Tears started falling from her closed eyed. There were small whimpers now coming from her. I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed her hand off of me. Her eyes opened instantly, she seemed fine there was no pain in her eyes. I leaned closer to her, "Are you all alright?" She nodded her head yes. If she was fine why was she crying still? I looked her straight in the eyes, "What did you see?" I had to know if there was a chance I could actually save my sisters. I saw Alice take a deep breath, "I saw.........d-darkness.

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