Scorned Love

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In a world where Humans and Creatures such as Vampires, Wolves, and Witches used to live in harmony, now shattered by the differences of power. A long stone wall divided the land of Christiania. The Western land housed the rebelling humans and the East harbored the mythical creatures. Tension continued to grow between the two sides. Until witches conjure a prophecy. Lucinda Agnes, a demoted Beta werewolf and a daughter of the pack’s exiled Beta, struggled with losing her power to find her mate. It was a command given by her childhood friend because of the death of the pack’s Alpha. Like any female werewolf, she longs for a mate and a stable life. What if a marriage proposal, a King’s Ball and an unlucky circumstance change the course of her destiny?

Fantasy / Drama
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Author’s Note

How's life everybody! Katrina is here!

To get this straight first, my name is not Katrina, but it is an alias. Some people here in Inkitt already know who I am.

*Childish laughter in the shadows*

Ha... Anyway, on the less secretive note, I am a junior high school student and a new enthusiastic writer jumping into the world of writing and Inkitt!

I would just like to let you know how happy I am for you to stumble in and read my book. Scorned Love is the first book I ever publish. It is still a work in progress, but I am excited to share this piece in Inkitt!

A shoutout to @Breann_Hill a fabulous and successful author! She guided me so much through this that I am super happy that I got on her good side!

Don't forget to press that heart in the corner to vote and comment... Like, spam me messages! I would love to hear your thoughts, pain, laughter, hatred, and emotions throughout the book!

Please! I beg you all to comment! I want your anger, sadness, and happiness all in one bubble!!


⚠️This story has mature themes that many cannot handle. I would write the scene and use marks to show where it starts and ends. I will post an Author's note to show where the mature scenes start to fall.

⚠️This book is also under heavy editing as I write. Please bear with me as I am a human being with a load full of school work

⚠️I want the comments!!! Shower your love, hatred, concerns and other random stuff you want to comment on. But if you want me to read your book, DM me and I will try to get to you!

❤️Know that I care for each and every one of you

❤️It is hard to get on my bad side... Ask everyone... It is really hard. I DON'T WANT ANYONE STEALING MY WORK! okay? Please... Don't...

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this book!

❤️Katrina out!❤️

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