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Sea Of Hearts

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"You don't choose who you love, your heart does." (This Bio is a work in progress so it may change) The Gold Pearl is a ship crewed by men who are known to hunt and merpeople. Aria usually tries to stay out of trouble but sometimes her curiosity gets the best of her. She learns the hard way that curiosity can kill the cat after coming too close to the Gold Pearl and finds herself captured by the notorious Captain Adams and his handsome rogue partner William. What will happen to Aria? Why did the Captain capture her? And why does she find herself hopelessly entranced by the handsome rogue?

Fantasy / Adventure
Callie Turner
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The Mermaid

She came from the ocean,

This wild girl from the sea,

Her hair flowing southwards,

She walked towards me.

A west to east smile,

With eyes steely grey,

Like a storm in the distance,

Rolling in from the bay.

We kissed with the sunrise

Made love when it set,

A promise by moonlight,

Came dawn, my regret.

He left from the ocean,

This boy from the land,

His spirits soars northward,

His heart in her hands.

-Michael Faudet

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