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Chasing Melody

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I breathe out a chuckle, "my nightmare," even saying it terrifies me, my body shivers in response as goosebumps fill my body, "never getting my wolf. Being the offspring of an alpha is tough. Melody is in a persistently tougher situation being the offspring of two alphas. Melany Hunter is a trailblazer in her own way. She is the first female alpha that includes females in her pack to move up in rank. For her safety,​ Melany tries her best to hide her daughter from the world but a daughter of two powerful alphas it seems that trouble is around every corner. Melody wants to live her life and her sixteenth birthday is coming sooner than rather than later, the​ age where most wolfings prepare their whole life for.

Fantasy / Romance
Judith Quiñónez
Age Rating:


Just living is not enough...one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

—Hans Christian Andersen

The green lushes’ trees loom over me as the sunlight escape through the leaves. The crisps air fills my lungs with the clean air of the mountains.

My nose is filled with the sweet fragrance of the wildflowers that have finally bloomed after last month's heavy rains and the pines that grow in higher up in the mountain.

The soft grass caresses my body just like a mattress would but this is nature’s bed. As a child, I used to hate the prickly sensation that grass leaves but as of right now I indulge in it since I hardly get to do this.

The soft snoring next to me brings a smile to my face. Lifting my hand up I watch as the shadows of the leaves dance around my arm, something so simple yet hard to come by when you are me. Breathing in the fresh air relaxes me further into the soft grass. The birds are chirping and everything is as it should be.

Trevin stretches next to me and rolls to his side as he lets the sunlight brush against him. I turn to face him and he rolls to his other side. He hates that I love to watch him sleep. I hold back a giggle and scoot closer to him resting my head on his stomach using it as a pillow.

“Oh Trevin, life couldn’t get any better,” I sigh contently. The sereneness of my surroundings makes my eyes grow heavy. Time has no meaning to me here.

Life feels so peaceful and untroubled as I stay here with Trevin.

“Melody!” The word would normally not cause any worry but at the moment my body fills with goosebumps. The birds take off from their branches. The sudden disturbance makes my stomach churn as I sit up quickly and Trevin lifts his head up as well.

“Oh crap!" My body reacts faster than my mind as I turn in the direction of her voice, "My mother is going to kill me.” Grabbing my bag I shove my books inside and then grab my journal. “Run Trevin!” He knows not to question me in my panicked state.

I get to my feet and run through the trees as fast as my legs can carry me. There is a rustling noise ahead of me my body reacts and my feet skid to a stop as a red copper wolf eyes penetrate mine. Trevin must not realize that I stopped since his body crashes into the back of my legs making me kneel before the wolf.

Without hesitating I bow my head. It is customary to bow your head in the presence of an alpha but that is not why I did it. I did not want to see the anger and disappointment in her eyes since the alpha is no other than my mother.

Trevin whimpers and lowers his head into his paws. Even normal wolves know not to mess with an alpha. You never want to stand taller than them because most take it as a challenge.

“Melany,” his voice brings comfort to me. I have always been daddy’s princess. My mother’s wolf growls and it is not a menacing growl it’s more of a ‘you know you messed up’ growl.

“Dad!” I whisper not daring to look up too scared to look at my mother. He walks closer to us and I want to run to him and have him as a barrier but I know that she will only get angrier.

“Melody, get inside. I’ll talk to her.” His voice is stern yet comforting letting me know that he will try to calm her.

“Yes father,” I keep my gaze low, “come on, Trevin.”

I run the short distance to the pack house. The place is like a second home for me for the last fifteen years. Pulling the door open I let Trevin run upstairs ahead of me but I do not go after him. I only make it to the third step when I press my back against the wall and try to calm my breathing.

The front door opens and I hear them walk in.

“Hunter, she is never going to learn.” I do not have to see her face to know that she is angry.

“Mel, you need to give her room and if we keep putting all these limitations on her, guess what? She is going to do whatever she pleases.”

Oh brother way to calm her down, dad.

“Doesn’t she understand that she can get hurt out there? The woods aren’t safe for her.” If you could have it your way I would be nailed to the floor.

“What are you going to do? Chain her to her bedroom? Have yet another one of our fighters shadow her every move. She needs room to breathe. I know this because she reminds me of you.”

Stop! Stop giving her ideas for the love of the moon goddess.

Yeah right! My mother and I are nothing alike.

She is the alpha and I am just the daughter lost in her shadow. She wants me to fill in her shoes and that is never going to happen! Why don’t you just have another child and let him make you proud?

“Hunter, what am I supposed to do?” That is enough of my eavesdropping I climb the stairs as quietly as I can.

Once inside my room, I drop my bag onto the floor I make my way to the vanity and put my journal on top of it.

The mirror is huge for some reason my mother thought a mirror this big might make me somewhat more confident. I have heard people both wolves and humans alike compliment me on my looks but how does that help you when you are broken beyond repair inside?

The mirror only enhances my flaws and I do not mean the light freckles that can be seen under extremely harsh light, the fact that my eyes have this blank stare to them that even scares me at times, or does she want me to see the similarities that we both have.

My grey eyes with specks of gold stare back at me. That is my favorite part of myself other than the blank stare. My eyes are the first thing I notice about people when I meet them. My eyes drift to my uncombed hair. My hair is just like my eyes both my parents mixed into it the messy brown hair my father with light red highlight when the sunlight hits it is my mother.

I grab my journal and go to bed. Trevin moves to the edge knowing well that I am going to flop onto my bed. I do and stare at my brown leather journal. My fingers grab the string and unwrap it. My pen lets me know what page I am on.

I sigh:

Dear Journal,

Today is September 11th. What can I say? I went out to the forest yet again and manage to stay longer this time before my mother found me. I’m surprised that she didn’t try to bite my head off. Color me very surprised. I won’t be surprised the day that it happens though.

I don’t understand why she is so overprotective, maybe because I am an only child. That or maybe because there is no sign of my wolf. She is nowhere to be found. I know that I’ve written about it so many times but I just want to find her already. I’m tired of being the weak link in both packs. I want to be able to show her and everyone else that I can take care of myself.

Enough about that, I’m going to be sixteen in about a month and I hope that my coming of age finally answers my wishes. Tomorrow Uncle Andrew and Aunt Angie are coming over. Hopefully, I can go out with them. Well, that is enough for today...

Talk to you tomorrow.

Melody Hunter

Just as I sign my name there is a knock at my door and I quickly wrap my journal up and shove it under my pillow. I do not want to talk to anyone so press my cheek against my cool pillow and face away from the door not wanting to look at them just yet. The door opens and the tapping of footsteps echo from the wooden floor.

“Melody, can I talk to you?” Her voice is soft. I do not move, “Well hello Trevin,” she coos at my pet wolf.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” I say pressing my face closer to my pillow. If I was anyone else I would be in so much trouble but those are the perks of being the daughter of the alpha you can ignore them, sort of.

“Melody, I know that we’ve had this talk so many times but-” so many times? We always have this talk! I can recite it from memory.

“Why don’t you ever let me talk? Why can’t you see reason?” I start and lift my head to look at her in the eyes.

Many people who do not know us think we are sisters and my father is either my brother or my mother’s boyfriend. Who can blame them they do not look a day over twenty-five. Apparently, it is because they were honored with their alpha powers so young that their aging process has slowed down, extremely.

“I can ask you the same question,” she retorts. Of course, you would!

I groan and sit up. I throw a glare at her and then swing my legs off the bed. I can feel my mother’s eyes on me. I get off the bed and walk to my door. “Trevin,” I whistle and Trevin pounces off the bed and walks to my side. I grab my bag from the floor and open my door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” My mother’s grey eyes narrow at me and she knows that her alpha tone cannot work on a mere human.

“I’m going into town if that’s okay,” she sighs and waves me off. She is done fighting with me as I am with her. I knew she would not object with me going into town there are a lot of people and her tracker can follow me easier.

I make my way downstairs and Trevin is waiting for me by the door.

“Princess, where are you going?” My father walks out of the kitchen.

“Hey daddy,” I give him a smile, “I need some air I’m going to the café, want anything?” He shakes his head. “I’ll bring you a mocha coffee,” he chuckles at me.

“Drive safe sweetie and be home before it gets dark. Trevin, look over her.” His golden eyes fall on my wolf and soften when Trevin lowers his head and his ears at him and then marches to my side.

“Bye.” I grab my keys from the key bowl next to the door. Making my way to the car I can sense someone staring at me. I look in their direction and Chase is there glaring at me. Chase is my mother’s tracker, or Shadow as they are normally called.

He is supposed to be on me just like my shadow. Last time I checked there are no shadows in the dark. I roll my eyes at him and unlock my car.

Trevin jumps inside and I follow. Starting the car I push on the gas and we are off. Trevin is happy as long as the window is rolled down. The air rushes past us as I speed down the lonely road, well lonely as in no cars but Chase’s wolf is running next to my car.

“For the love of─” I sigh. The town comes into view and I know Chase is going to have to shift soon. I press on the gas pedal harder and we speed into town. I park in my favorite part of town a small café that is hardly ever empty but today seems to be my lucky day. I grab my bag and get out as Trevin follows me.

The bell rings as I make my way inside with Trevin. The smell of coffee overrides my senses. I take a deep breath and from under the counter as the blonde barista rises. Her light brown eyes land on me.

“Hey Melody,” she smiles at me as I walk over to the counter. Her hair is tied in a tight ponytail as her curls bounce around her shoulders. “Oh look at you Mr. Trevin, your coat looks really shiny.” She beams down at him.

I used to find it weird how the town’s people did not question my wolf until I learned that he apparently has my parent’s scent all over him. They do not question anything to do with them. I wish I could say the same about human teenagers.

“What in the world are you doing down there Victoria?” I look at her confused.

She releases a breath pushing it up towards the ceiling making her bangs move to the side. “Broke another mug?” She frowns.

“That’s the third one this week.” I point out and she scowls at me.

She shushes me as she bends down and picks up the last remnants of the mug. She throws away the pieces and washes her hands quickly. “So how may I help you?” She chimes at me.

“I’ll have the usual hold back on the glass pieces please.” Her eyes narrow and I smile at her innocently. If she was not working I would probably be getting the finger right about now.

“I’ll take it to you in a bit.” She walks away from me and I head to the tables outside. Inside is cozy but that allows for people to come up to you and want to start a conversation and that is something that I want to avoid.

I take a seat letting my skin soak up some vitamin D, as Trevin stretches out at my feet. I pull out my current book and open it up. The spine is worn out and the pages have yellowed from its age but it is one of my favorite books. Victoria brings me my cinnamon tea and a water bottle.

I take out Trevin’s bowl out and fill it to the brink. His tongue lapses over the water as he quenches his thirst. I return to my book, Romeo and Juliet when I get into my book the screeching of metal and concrete makes my skin filled with goosebumps. My eyes go up and Chase is before me.

He manages to change into some suitable attire other than shirtless.

“You’re a girl of routine,” he scowls and takes his seat in front of me.

“You know where I am, so just leave me alone. All I want is some peace and quiet for a bit,” I sigh as he shakes his index finger at me.

“No can do. Your parents send me to look out after you and I’m not going to screw this up.” He lifts his feet up and rests them on the small metal table. Victoria comes back and asks Chase if he would like anything.

“A cup of Joe please,” she gives him a polite smile and runs along.

Chase is many girls type but he is not my cup of tea. He is going for this whole bad boy look with his untamed brown hair and black eyes that quite curiously remind me of black coffee.

“And I’m the one on following a routine, how about a cup of tea?” He opens up his mouth to say something but I am quicker my fingers wrap around the handle of my mug and I throw my tea at his pants so it looks like he pissed himself.

Lucky for him it is lukewarm.

He jumps out of his seat and his hands run over the darken spot on his jeans.

Victoria returns with his coffee as a string of profanities is running through his lips. Her shocked face almost makes me howl in laughter but I compose myself.

“My God Chase I thought you were taking medications to help with that,” I point to his wet jeans and Victoria claps her hand over her mouth holding back her laughter.

“I swear...” He huffs and storms off to the bathroom.

I grab all my belongings as quickly as possible, “Vic, please put this,” I indicate to everything on the table, “on my tab.” Victoria's eyes are on the verge of tears but she understands and waves me off. I run inside the café and Trevin runs along with me. Once outside I run to my car and open the door throwing my belongings inside and locking it up quickly.

“Come on Trevin,” I whisper to him and I run up the street. If I take the car he can easily find me the only comfort I give him is knowing that I have to come back to get my car.

Trevin is at my heels. The town is old fashioned. The buildings are made out of brick mostly humans live here. Mostly being a keyword, there are a rare few werewolves and even a few humans that know about our kind Victoria being one of them.

My feet come to a complete stop when I reach the vacant building. Pulling out the keys from my pocket my hand goes to the padlock and I quickly unlock the door leading Trevin inside.

The place is an old ballet studio that has been abandoned. I found it one day while I walked through the town aimlessly. I spend more time here than anywhere else. My father caught wind of this and surprised me one day by giving me the keys to it.

I keep it this way. Looking rundown and abandoned so that it does not catch anyone’s eyes. The reception area is dusty and full of spider webs Trevin knows where I am heading so he runs upstairs he gives me a yelp to let me know it is clear.

I head upstairs into a large open dark room. My hand caresses the wall looking for the switch. My fingers wrap around the switch and I lift it up. The fluorescent lights blinded me for a moment.

The polish wooden floor shines with the lights, the mirror wraps around the entire room like a blanket on a child, and the large black speakers on every corner seem out of place here. I decorated it a bit with bean bags, a bookshelf, and a small fridge.

This is where I can be myself. This is where I can be Melody Hunter, not Melany Blake’s daughter.

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