Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

Who knew wolves suffer through heartbreak as humans do? I guess I am going to a party with Chase tonight. All because we ran into his ex-girlfriend while I was with him. I might invite some more people to this shindig.

I know that I was invited to get Chase there but...I get out of the house for a bit.

We’ll see how tonight goes.

Melody Hunter

Chase leads me back home and I rush inside the house. Madison is rounding the corner making my entire body fall back before I crash into Madison.

“Watch where you’re going,” she hisses in distaste. I am about to give her the finger when the boys come out of the kitchen. They are a welcomed distraction.

“Madison, you need to calm down she is in her rightful place where we are just visitors,” Hector smiles at me and I smile back at him. Hector gives me a playful shoulder bump as he passes me.

Carl makes his way towards us and looks at what is happening before him he shrugs. That is what I love about Carl he never gets into other people’s business.

“Whatever! She thinks she is so darn special because she is the daughter of the alphas. Take that away and what is she? I’ll tell you a runt, human, and worthless!”

She's family!


Even with that word pounding at my mind my blood boils and I have the nerve to beat the shit out of her but what would that get me? Nothing that’s what. She’ll probably have me on the floor before I even get scratch on her.

Focusing my attention on the boys I say, “Carl, Hector, I’m going to a party later tonight want to come with?” I can feel Madison’s eyes on me. “A bunch of town kids are going and they want to make it bigger than anything they’ve seen. So are you two in?”

Big parties are a rare occurrence in town. Even more so, I am invited and actually going.

“I don’t know Alpha Hunter might not allow us to,” Carl starts.

“Let me handle Alpha Hunter, so do I take that as a yes?” They both nod and give each other a mischievous stare.

“Yes!” They both reply happily.

“Get ready we’re leaving soon.” The boys leave and I am alone with Madison there is this tension that my heart starts accelerating it feels as if I were waiting for a cobra to strike.

She stands there with her arms crossed and a deadly glare burns into me.

“So you’re taking my brothers out,” I roll my eyes.

You were here when I said it.

“How did you find out?” I hiss at her and turn on my heels heading for the stairs.

If she thinks I’m inviting her she must be out of her damn mind.

Once in the privacy of my room, I head into my closet.

What to wear? What to wear?

My fingers skim over the fabric my eyes searching for something to catch their attention. I am not sure what to wear to something like this. This is so out of my element.

“Melody!” The scream from downstairs makes my fingers freeze and I gasp for air, “Come down here, now!”

Oh shit!

Oh shit!

Oh shit!

That is the mantra in my head with every step that I take. Making my way downstairs I can feel the hairs on my arms rise.

“Yes mother,” I try to sound as innocent as possible when I see her standing in the middle of the living room with Madison in the couch behind her with my mother’s back on her she smirks at me.

“Are you being unhospitable towards your cousin?” She narrows her eyes at me and I let the look of confusion sweep my face.

She has been so rude and evil towards me and I have to be a bigger person. What the heck?

“No, a matter of fact, I am going out with Carl and Hector tonight,” I smile at her as if I just accomplished something that should make her proud.

“And you’re planning on leaving little Madison behind?” Little? The bitch is older than me.

“Oh I’m sowy widdle Madison is sad,” I mock at her in a baby tone.

“Melody,” my mother’s anger makes me stand straighter and look at her, “either you take Madison and Chase with you or you’re not going at all and that is final!”

“Chase was included in the package she on the other hand,” my mother narrows her eyes and I know that I have to choose my next words wisely, “can come if she wants to,” you tattletale!

“I don’t want to be forced an invitation, Aunt Melany,” she pouts at my mother and my mother breathes in and out from her nose and I know that I better fix this quick.

“It’s not forced I just assumed you didn’t want to come. If you want I’ll let you borrow something of mine so that you can wear out,” her eyes brighten up at the thought of the clothes in my closet.

Since my mother’s godfather is the alpha of alphas he tends to spoil me to no end and Madison knows this. This includes a closet packed with clothes that I do not intend to wear ever. I can be nice and give them to her but one I do not want to hurt Mathew’s feelings and two she’s a bitch and does not deserve them.

“Awe thank you, Melody, you’re the best, I’m going to get ready Aunt Melany,” she beams at my mother and runs upstairs.

Being alone with my mother is never a good thing and I glance at her, “well I should be getting ready we’re leaving soon.”

“Okay sweetie, be careful,” she has always tried being the caring mother but her actions speak louder. I give her a nod and run back upstairs. Madison is actually going through my clothes when I walk inside.

“What are you planning on wearing?” She says without looking back to make sure that it is me.

“Just grab what you want and leave we’re leaving in thirty minutes, tell your brothers.” Madison stands in my closet for a few more minutes and settles on a black skirt and cream top. When she walks out I sigh out in relief and head to my closet with my outfit already on my mind.

Twenty minutes later I am finalizing my winged liner and making sure that my hair is in place. I decided with a nice and easy bow bun and my outfit is comfortable and casual. My leggings cover up my legs, as my thigh long burgundy shirt hangs loosely around me, and my dark brown boots cut off mid-calf.

The doorbell makes me take a deep breath as I grab my small crossbody bag and stuff my wallet, keys, and cellphone inside.

As I walk downstairs there is a lot of chattering going on. When I make my way downstairs I see that Chase and the boys are talking up a storm and from what I caught from their conversation it has to do with sport.

“Hey Melody,” Chase looks back and smiles at me I catch his eyes take me in quickly and then he collects himself, “so I see that we’re all ready. We should be heading out,” he points to the door with his thumb.

“Actually,” I start.

“You’re not planning on leaving without me, are you Melody?” Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and it sends a shiver down my spine.

We all turn to look at Madison coming down the stairs. The skirt hugs her curves making her appear a bit older than she really is and the blouse somehow shows her nonexisting cleavage. She saunters down the stairs as her black heels clack on the wooden floor once she reaches us.

“No!” I hiss. Of course not! You have my mother wrapped around your finger.

“You invited her,” Chase mutters under his breath and I look over at him, “we should leave already if we want to find parking.”

“I should probably ask my father if we can borrow one of the cars since it is going to be tight in the backseat,” or we can always stuff someone in the trunk!

“Don’t worry I can drive,” Chase smiles at me.

“We’re not all going to fit on your motorcycle,” I roll my eyes at him.

“It could work you would ride with me and they could have taken your Jeep but I drove my car today,” he grins wider and I shrug.

“Fine if you think that we’ll fit better. I can always drive my Jeep as well." Chase shakes his head.

"I'm driving."

“I call shotgun!” Madison says and we both turn to look at her as she gives Chase a sweet smile.

“Sorry Madison but Melody has shotgun with me. I am her shadow and I want her sitting next to me,” he says nonchalantly and the boys howl in laughter at Madison’s shocked face.

“Finally someone puts her where she belongs,” Hector says when Madison storms out of the house and I could not agree with Hector more.

Hector and Carl have dressed alike black jeans and all black Vans they both are wearing plaid shirts except Hector is wearing a red one as Carl wears blue.

“Well let’s get this party started!” Hector yells as he wraps his arms around Chase and I pushing us out the door. Madison is standing next to Carl and that is when my eyes see an all-black Range Rover.

“Well damn,” I blurt out and Chase looks down at me.

“You like it?” I nod how could I not it was beautiful, “that’s what signing up to shadow you got me,” he beams.

“If that’s how much you get paid I should start shadowing my damn self,” Chase laughs and leads me to the passenger door opening the door he helps me in.

From the rearview mirror, I see Madison wait for a moment. It seems as if she is waiting for him to open the door for her. Chase walks over to the driver’s side and climbs in. Hector and Carl are already sitting when Madison finally climbs in. An annoyed expression on her face.

“So are we ready to go?” Chase fixes his mirrors.

“Let’s blow this Popsicle stand!” I scream and everyone with the exception of Madison laughs.

Chase starts up the car and we are off. Five minutes into Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is playing and I let myself get lost in the song.

If I was alone in my car I would be singing this at the top of my lungs but at the moment there is an audience.

I indulge in the song when the music suddenly stops and a loud ringing disrupts the car.

“What the hell?” I say out loud.

“Sorry, my phone’s connected with the car, answer the call!” The ringing stops and a female's voice appears.

“Hey, babe,” an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach makes me turn to look out the window.

Chase stays silent for a moment. There is no hiding it, we know who it is.

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