Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

What does it mean when his ex-girlfriend calls and still calls him babe? She still must have feelings for him.


Curiosity killed the cat!

Melody Hunter

The silence in the car is overwhelming. No one wants to say anything.


“What do you want?” Chase hisses angrily.

This makes me look at his phone that sits high in a cradle, the name knocks the wind out of me. I knew it was Brooke but that is not what shocks me. The picture on the screen is of a smiling Brooke as the sunlight hits her from behind and she looks extremely happy but the worse part of the screen is her name.


“I wanted to hear your voice.”

“We already talked today if that’s it goodbye.” Chase’s hand reaches over to hang up but her voice stops him.

“You are coming tonight right?”

He sighs, “We’re on our way now!” Chase throws a quick glance my way and I catch it from the corner of my eye. I stare out at the road making it seem as if I wasn't paying attention to his phone.

“So the runt is coming,” she stating rather than asking. The snickering in the backseat makes me turn back and glare at Madison. She tries to cover it as a cough but she is a bad actress.

“Keep it up and we’ll head back,” at this point we do not know if he is talking to Brooke or Madison perhaps the both of them but Madison’s eyes widen wiping that smug look off her face.

The triplets might be older than me but Chase is older than them so Madison knows not to mess with him.

“I’m sorry, babe,” that word on her lips is really irritating.

“Bye Brooke,” he says in a monotone.

"I’ll be here waiting for you,” the phone clicks and the music emerges once again and we are listening to the same song.

“Melody,” I can feel his eyes on me and I keep mine on the road.

“Chase?” my words sound different even to me.

“Can we talk before we enter the party?” He did nothing wrong. I know this. But all rationality is out of my mind and I lose it.

“Talk about what? Chase, she’s your girlfriend and I’m your target there is nothing to talk about,” he drops the conversation and I stare out into the darkness.

Chase drives and the boys make conversation among themselves. To my surprise, Madison stays quiet as a mouse in the back.

Chase parks and the house is in a woodsy area. The house is marvelous with a balcony running all along the second floor and the music is blasting loud and I am not surprised since there are no neighbors to complain about the noise.

Hector and Carl practically jump out of the car and head on to the back where apparently there is a bonfire going on. Madison heads into the house where the real party is going on and I stare at the place suddenly regretting coming here.

“I can always take you home you know,” Chase is by my side and I keep my gaze on the house. There are some people hanging out outside and they stare at us since we are the new people at the party.

“No,” I keep my eyes on the house and start walking up to the house. I can sense Chase’s uneasiness but at the moment all I am thinking about is having some fun and that is exactly what I am going to have.

Walking inside the temperature rises quickly with all the bodies inside this home. I push my way inside and come across a hallway leading to the back, a staircase, and an entryway leading the living room most likely.

The music is blasting loud in my ears just the way that I like and I can hear some hooting and hollering coming from the entryway closest to the door. I am about to head in that direction when Chase grabs my arm pulling me closer to him.

“I’m going to get us something to drink,” I wave him off and turn my attention to the room that I want to walk into.

There are people surrounding the living room and it appears as if all the furniture has been removed to make room for a dance area. Pushing through the crowd I make it to the front and I see two guys go at it.

One of the guys is standing back watching as the other one spins on his head and suddenly the one spinning pushes his legs out and bounces on his head. There is an uproar from the people watching when one of the onlookers walks to the middle of the dance floor and declares the guy on the floor the winner.

“So I guess you enjoyed that?” The manly voice next to me surprises me and I look up at some brown piercing eyes I swallow down and it appears as if I cannot take my eyes off of him.

His facial features are sharp and his facial hair makes him look older. Looking down his body he is shirtless and wearing sweats that have been pulled up to his calves. He is sweaty as if he were dancing earlier.

“Actually I did,” I force my eyes away from him when another song starts playing.

“My name is Luke,” he steps closer to me and I feel my heart race, pounding hard against my chest.

My body turns away from him as if I did not hear him.

“I’ve been watching you since you arrived,” he says and this I cannot ignore. I look over at him and he smiles at me, “do you mind telling me your name or else I will have to call you the angel that fell from heaven.”

What have you been smoking?

“So you’re calling me Satan then?” I retort and the surprise on his face makes me laugh.

“No. You’re a smart-ass aren’t you!” I shrug at him.

“I try,” I smirk at him and then glance around searching for Chase.

“You need to smile more often and stop looking so damn serious. Show off those cute dimples of yours,” I childishly cover up my cheeks and glared at him.

“Are you saying that if I don’t smile I look horrible, you sir, have a way with the ladies.”

“You look quite lovely the entire time that I laid my eyes on you.” He is a talker this Duke.

“Excuse me I have to go find my friends,” I give him a small wave and turn my eyes land on a serious Chase as he stares at me and then his eyes drift back a bit. He is holding two red cups in his hands and I make my way towards him. “Is one of those for me?”

“Yeah,” he pushes a cup towards me and I take it from him as his eyes stay in the crowd.


“Why were you talking to Wanderer,” Wanderer? I thought he said his name was Duke!

“Duke was talking to me and that is really none of your business,” I snap at him I get this enough at home when my mother gets a whiff of a new scent on me.

“His name is Luke and he is a Wanderer,” for the love of god what the hell is that?

“And I am supposed to know what that is?” I raise an eyebrow.

“He’s a werewolf that has left his pack on his own will. He is not a rogue but he is not a pack member either,” he made himself an outcast.

“Why would anyone do that?” I glance over at Luke and he is bobbing to the music and it appears as if he feels me looking at him since he turns to look at me and smiles when our eyes meet.

“I don’t know maybe it’s the freedom of not having to answer to an alpha, roaming free, or maybe his home life sucked,” Chase shrugs and takes a huge gulp of his drink.

“You better not be drinking," I stare at his cup, "you drove!” Chase’s lopsided grin makes me want to laugh.

“I drove here but you have a license as well and under my watch, you’re not drinking,” werewolves cannot handle alcohol as well as humans but their buzz does not last as long so many of them drink a lot just to keep a good buzz going.

“Okay but that means we leave when I say,” he nods and hands me the keys willingly.

Chase trusts me with his car. Color me shocked.

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