Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

It appears that everyone knows everyone here better than I do. I met someone new at the party. He has no idea who I am and I like this. The mysterious new girl always seemed to intrigue me in stories now I get to be one.


Chase chugs his drink as if he has not had anything to drink in days. His hand crushes his cup and he throws it aside.

I stare at him, surprised at his behavior. He has always acted respectably around me and at the moment he acts as if he does not care how he is behaving.

As if he is not my shadow but instead he is hanging out with his friends.

Chase wants to get another drink since the first one vanished in a matter of seconds. I told him he could have mine but he said that he could get another one. I lift the cup to my lips and the clear liquid pours into my mouth

Hmm, Sprite.


Of course, Chase didn't want my baby drink. He would not allow me to drink.

My eyes go back to the crowd and Luke is gone. My eyes scan the nearby people and he is nowhere to be found.

Tilting my head I peek over some people's shoulders and he is gone.

“Awe Angel, I’m right here,” his words surprise me and my cup slips through my fingers as my drink splatters everywhere. I turn and stare at Luke as a huge smile appears on his lips.

“What makes you think I was looking for you?” I hiss as I wipe my hands on my leggings.

Great! We just got here and I am already dirty. This is going to get sticky!

“Your eyes got wide when you looked in my direction and I wasn’t there,” he smirks. He thinks he has me all figured out. He does at the moment but I will not let him know that.

“You’re stupid, I have to go!” I glare at him.

“Did I make you mad?” He moves closer to me since I am still standing there looking at him. Luke moves like a werewolf does, quick and graceful.

“No.” You just caught me off guard.

“Then why am I under the impression that you’re mad?” He tilts his head to the side like a puppy would do.

I don’t know jackass maybe because I am.

I shrug and turn in the direction of the kitchen. Chase is making his way towards me, “Bye Duke!” I yell at him and start walking towards Chase but I can hear Luke say.

“Duke? My name’s Luke!”

“Hey, do you happen to know where the bathroom is?” I ask when I reach Chase and he nods. His neck stretches and he motions for me to follow him with his chin.

Chase leads me through the group of people down the hall and to the right where the people start thinning out until we finally reach the bathroom.

“Are you serious? No line! No girls banging on the door!” I open up the door and it is a small bathroom but empty nonetheless.

“Everyone thinks the restrooms are upstairs.” Chase grins at me and I smile back.

“Thanks.” I walk inside and close the door. Scrubbing my hands with the soap I hear something outside the door and it seems to be getting louder. Turning the faucet off I can hear the voices now.

“Why are you acting like this? Come on Chase, I’ve always loved you! Even when we found we weren’t each other’s mates I still loved you and you dumped me! How could you do that?”

“I don’t seem to recall it like that. I fucken loved you, Brooke..." I can almost hear him sigh in frustration, "and when you found out we were not mates you went after the nearest male so go cry your sob story to someone who cares!”

He doesn’t like her anymore. She dumped him when she shifted.

“Do you think your mate is that little runt of the pack? Because that would be a huge joke to you honestly.”

“Watch how you speak of her. She is destined to be so much more than you can imagine,” I can hear something muffled and then Brooke speaks again.

“Mark my words she’ll end up breaking your heart, Chase. Are you seriously willing to take that chance? Is she even worth it?”

“You act as if were dating. As if I confessed that I loved her. You just need to stop with this. Stop coming after me when I am clearly over you already.”

“You don’t have to say it. I see it in the way you look at her the way you stare at any male that comes near her. Let’s be honest Chase that was how you would look at me but with her, there is something different.”

“I’m her, God damn, Shadow, of course, I stare at any male that approaches her.”

Brooke's words ring loud in my head, let’s be honest Chase that was how you would look at me but with her, there is something different.

I never truly paid attention to Chase or the way that Brooke is saying he stares at me.

“Is that the card you want to play? I’ll see you around Chase but remember this I always get what I want and I want you. It doesn’t matter who tries to get in my way. Bye lover boy,” there is a smooching noise and then a growl.

“Just leave Brooke,” something inside of me overpowers me for a moment and my hand grips the door handle twisting it and pulling it towards me.

My eyes land on Chase and Brooke’s faces inches from each other but Chase’s hand grips her chin tightly keeping her away from him.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” Brooke smiles at me with Chase’s hand still on her.

“I thought you needed a mirror for that,” I snap at her.

“So what high and mighty parents do you have that you need a Shadow? Or do you like to have Chase all to yourself?” There is a faint slur to her words and I narrow my eyes at her.

“What makes you think he is protecting me and not protecting the people around here from me?” I raise an eyebrow and she narrows her eyes back at me.

She snorts as my shoulders sag. There is a moment of silence between us before she breaks into a burst of full-blown laughter.

“Let go of me,” Chase releases her, “what can a mere human do that would make a werewolf sweat?” She saunters toward me. She is dressed provocative shirt jean skirt, extremely tight top that shows her midriff and pierced navel, and these big hooped earrings.

“I seriously thought you had so much better taste than that Chase,” I take one last glance at Brooke and turn on my heels and head to the back in search of Hector and Carl.

I push my way through the people as they seem to be more talkative now that the music has died down a bit but the music outside is loud enough to be enjoyed inside as well.

“Angel baby, where are you going?” His voice sends a shiver through me. I ignore him and keep on my path. I can hear him walking towards me and it appears that my senses concentrate on him since my eyes want to look at him and my hearing zeroes in on his movements.

Weaving my way through all the people I make my way to the backyard.

The bonfire is high and set ablaze. The flickering flame catches my attention. The beautiful red, yellow, and orange mesmerize me. Since a very young age, fire has always captivated me. It both intrigues me and terrifies me at the same time. My eyes drift and I spot Hector and Carl amongst a group of people laughing and talking.

Carl’s eyes meet mine and he waves me over. Without hesitating I make my way towards them. “Hey guys this is my baby cousin,” I throw a glare in my cousin’s direction when one of the boys of the group looks at me.

“What a miracle! Melody came out to play,” I look over at him and suddenly I remember him. He is a boy from my Calculus class. Carl wraps his arm around me showing him that I am under his protection. I bet that I would be safe if they knew who my parents were but that would make me an easier target for my parent’s enemies.

“I know right. The wolves are going to descend,” he laughs and shakes his head.

“There’s the angel,” I sigh and turn to look at Luke his eyes fall on Carl’s arm around me. “Are you cold I can get you a sweater,” he points back at the house and I shake my head.

“Move over, pup,” Chase’s stern voice comes from behind Luke and Chase walks past him with some kind of fabric in his hands, “I have her covered.”

Chase makes his way towards me and I give him a questionable look, “what’s that?”

“Your mother makes me carry extra supplies with me and that includes a coat for you.” He smiles and is about to hand it to me when Luke’s words stop him in his tracks.

“Why are you so possessive over her? She is not your mate,” Chase’s eyes widen and harden before me and a menacing growl erupts through his lips.

For the love of the moon goddess can these two just stop?

“You’re pushing your luck mutt,” he hisses at Luke as he pushes Carl and me behind him. Luke might be physically about the same as Chase but I doubt that Luke has had as much training as Chase.

“Let me test your patience,” Luke smirks at him and Chase’s body slightly starts to tremble.

“Chase,” I whisper to him and suddenly fear grips me I have heard of wolves losing it so close to humans and the results are not pretty.

I need to calm him down.

Spinning out of Carl’s embrace I spin around Chase and my hands land on his trembling chest.

“Chase, I am very cold can you help me into my coat,” my voice quakes a bit as I do not know what to expect from him.

His trembling body calms under my fingertips and he takes a deep breath calming himself as he closes his eyes. For a split second, he looks like a child peacefully asleep and safe.

When his dark eyes open they are on mine without much effort and he gives me a weak smile, “Thanks,” he shakes his head a bit trying to get his wolf out of his head.

Flapping the coat he holds it before me and I step back putting my hands into the sleeves and Chase pulls the shoulders on me. I was planning on leaving the coat open but when Chase’s hands go to the hem of the coat I do not fight him. He buttons up my coat and then ties the string around me making sure that it is on secure.

“Thank you, Chase,” I smile at him when he is down but his eyes stay on the knot that he made on the string.

“You’re welcome. That is why I am here for,” there is this foreign feeling inside of me and I cannot quite understand what it is.

“I’m happy that you’re here,” his eyes dart to me and there is a gleam in them that makes me smile back at him.

“I wish I had two guys fighting for me,” one of the girls in the group sighs.

Is that what they are doing? No, it can’t be! Why would they be fighting over me, a stupid human? One that isn’t worthy of them...well at least of Chase. He has proven himself time and time again that he is meant to be in this pack and me...well all I do is cause trouble.

I back away from him. Maybe I need to put some space between us.

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