Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

The atmosphere at the party has completely changed. Chase and Luke seem not to be too happy with each other's presences and I am in the middle.

Chase is my shadow so he has to be protective of me. Luke is an acquaintance and he seems like someone that I might be able to hang around with.

Stuck in the middle,

Melody Hunter

Chase's eyes grow weary as I take another step back. The more space that there is between us at the moment makes me feel as if I can breathe better.

Why is he looking at me like that?

"So, Angel face, what do you say about having a dance with me?" My eyes drift to Luke and he gives me this hopeful smile that makes my heart melt, like a boy asking a girl to the prom.

This is foreign to me. No one has ever asked me to dance before. All my dances are just me, all alone.

Chase seems as if he is about to answer for me but I want to decide for myself. This is my choice, not his.

"Just one," I emphasize with my index finger and Luke nods.

"One is all I need," his hand stretches out and my small hand molds into his as he guides me away from my family and towards a small group of people dancing.

Chase is shooting daggers my way with his eyes but I ignore him and follow Luke. The music has a fast beat and it appears that Luke does not get the memo.

Luke's hand snakes around my waist as he pulls me close to him. I want to pull away and dance with some distance between us but with his arms around me, I feel safe and somewhat warm.

He moves me to his beat and I follow his lead. My hand encased in his he smiles down at me as if I am the best thing that has happened to him tonight.

"Has anyone told you how pretty you look in the flickering light of a bonfire?" He whispers as his breath fans across my face.

Is this a line?

If it is I wouldn't know.

"I'm not the type of person to say or repeat what people tell me." I lower my gaze suddenly feeling immensely shy under his scrutiny.

The presence of the people around me registers in the back of my mind but all I can think about is how much I like being with Luke. He does not seem to think of me as a weak and needy child. Maybe it is because he does not know me well enough or maybe he sees something in me that no one else sees.

"You fucking bitch!" The scream stops everyone's movements.

What the hell is going on?

My eyes barely drift to where the commotion is coming from when someone wraps their arms around me and pulls me out of Luke's arms swiftly. My head spins for a moment.

"Hey," his arms pull me close to him as his heartbeat beats in a rhythmical speed against my cheek.

"Trouble," that is all that Chase says as the growls and shouting erupt around us. Tilting my head up I see that Chase is concentrating on what is going on around us. His sharp intake of breath makes me tense up, "Kiero's pack is here."

My mother's rival pack is here, great! This is going to be fun.

"Who are they looking to fight with?" When another pack comes into someone else territory they are not here for pleasantries.

Please, not me!

"They came to see how this party is going," his head turns to the side and I follow his gaze Carl and Hector are gone.

"Madison!" His arms tighten around letting me know that I am right, "Madison, they are after Madison." I try to push myself away from him and a growl rumbles in his chest. "Let me go! She might be a pain in the ass but she is family."

"I know that. Melody, you're just a human what are you going to do?" His words sink and I slump into him. "Now calm down and I'll take you back to the car and then handle them," I shrug and Chase's body seems to relax. His hand grips my shoulder and guides me back.

No matter how much Madison gets on my nerves she needs to know that I have her back.

My mind reels to back when my father was teaching me some moves if I ever find myself in trouble.

"I'm sorry Chase," he looks at me confused for a moment when I spin out of his grip and the look of surprise would have me making a smartass comment but at the moment I have other plans. My leg swings back and then with more force swings forward and connects with Chase's family jewels.

The hiss that escapes his lips brings back the words my father said, "No matter if the person is human or werewolf being hit 'there' can bring any man to his knees."

Chase's hands grip his injured area and I do not hesitate, "When they are down you run. Run like the devil himself is after you, do you understand?" That is exactly what I did I ran in the direction of the commotion.

"You think you're so damn special because the alpha is your aunt," turning the corner I see a group of people gathered around and I throw my body into them fighting my way through them.

"I never said I was special." There is a scream soon followed by a cheer from the crowd.

"Move out of my way," I grunt at the people holding me back. Breaking through the crowd I stumble to the ground. My hands hitting the soft dirt not dwelling too long on the fact that I fell in front of a lot of people I pick myself up and see Madison holding Brooke by her neck the tip of her toes skimming the ground as Madison stares at her dead in the eyes.

"I don't need a man to save me, sweetheart, I will let you go if you leave Melody and Chase alone." Brooke nods her head frantically.

"That girl does not mess around," Luke is by my side.

"Why doesn't she just shift?" Not that I am encouraging her to but Madison would not be able to control her so easily if she were in wolf form.

"You see Angel that girl right there," he points to Madison, "has her claws deep in her neck," I notice the small trickle of blood running down Brooke's neck, "if she tried shifting that girl can easily rip her throat out."


"Brooke, one more thing," Madison pulls her closer and whispers something into her ear to low for me to hear.

"Here," the word sounds out of place and I turn towards the crowd. Two girls are whispering to each other. One of them passes the other an object something shimmering in the light.

What the hell is that?

The girl with the object stares at her friend and whispers one last word then flings her body forward running straight for Madison and Brooke but I know who her target is.

"Madison!" I scream and my blood starts pumping adrenaline. There is a tight tension in my chest as the knife comes into view and I cannot stop myself.

Luke's hands shoot out towards me but I dodge them and run after the girl.

With the crowd forgotten I rush to help Madison. The girl is a few feet away from me as I stretch my hand out but before I can reach her my left foot rams into my right sending me flying and my body crashes into the girl.

The impact knocks the wind out of me as the girl tumbles down.

A bloodcurdling scream shakes my senses and I can hear others screaming and I can make out Luke, "Angel, are you hurt?"

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