Chasing Melody

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The crowd looms over us as I fight for my breath.

“Madison,” the harsh whisper leaves my lips as my frantic eyes search for her. She is all that I am thinking about as my eyes grow heavy and my vision blurs. There is a dull pain at my side but for some unknown reason, it does not worry me. I am more worried about her.

Did something happen to her?

The people above me glance around and I want to shout at them to answer me. Say something other than just stand there.

Is she okay? Was I too late to help her?

“Melody,” his voice is full of worry. My eyes close and I try my hardest to open them again but they are too heavy. "Oh no, Melody!"

Why should Chase be worried about me?

“Get away from her,” his warmth swallows me up and I feel like I am home. “Melody, I’m right here. My god,” his breath hiccups as my body is lifted off the ground, “I have to take you home,” he staggers a bit as he tries to keep me up. His body trembles and then suddenly his knees buckle and the falling sensation overtakes me.

"Dude," someone else is close by. The hard ground presses against my body as I swallow down hard.

“There was wolf’s bane on the knife and now it’s coursing through her system.” A girl's voice whispers to Chase.

“She saved me!” Madison's voice seems as if she were far away from me. "She got in the crossfire for me."

“Melody,” Chase’s voice is louder than Madison's as if he were standing above me as I am being submerged in water. “Call the alpha, now,” his voice is angry.

Don't call the alphas.

“I’m going to kill that bitch,” there are some growls and then silence.

“Alpha Melany,” no, not my mother, “Melody is hurt.” There is a moment of silence and then a whimper, “Wolf’s bane is coursing through her body as we speak.” Chase mumbles, “I can’t touch her. She weakens my wolf and myself the moment that I touch her. We’re at the Wolf’s Den,” he takes in a deep breath, “the owner of the club’s house." He lowers his voice, "Kiero’s pack is here.”

“My god there is so much blood,” I can recognize Carl’s voice. The fear in his voice makes me nervous.

“Blood?” Who’s bleeding? My god, don’t let me see it.

Groaning as I try to roll to my side I feel someone shove me back.

“Stop!” I growl as I try again.

“Melody, you’re hurt you need to stop.” Using all my might I open my eyes and see Carl, Chase, and Luke around me. Chase’s eyes scare me. They are dark as midnight but he is trying to stay calm.

“Yes, she just opened her eyes. Alpha Adrian is on his way. Yes, alpha I will keep you informed.” He hangs up and shoves his phone into his pocket. “Melody,” he kneels before me as I try to sit up, “you were stabbed.”

“What? Me!” I look around me and when my eyes see the blood oozing out of my side. “Oh no,” my head starts getting light and I feel as if I am about to pass out.

The rustling in the trees makes me turn and that is when I see my father walk out shirtless and angry. He is in full alpha mode and is ready to see heads roll.

“Who has wolfsbane?” My father does not want to attract attention to his worry since I learned at a very young age that my parents’ enemies are always in the lookout to sink their teeth into whatever can hurt them the most, and that would be me at the moment.

“Alpha,” Chase says, “a human has been stabbed and wolf’s bane is coursing through her system so we can’t help her. What do you order us to do?”

“Michael and Van are on their way they can take her to the infirmary. Where is she?” I hear my father say and Chase mutters something along the lines-

“I’m going with them,” and with a more clear voice, “she’s over here.”

As much as I want to run to my father and hug him and let him comfort me I take a deep breath.

“Chase, it hurts,” I grip my side as a pulsing pain shoots through me. The pain makes my body curl into a tight ball to make it stop.

“I know but I can’t do anything. I’m sorry.” He whimpers to me, “if I could take away the pain I would.”

My father steps from behind Chase and looks at me like a father sees a hurt daughter. His body trembles with the ache he feels to come to me and help me. If only I had my wolf she would be able to help me with my healing at least.

“Alpha, we’re here,” two bulky men come our way and they do not wait to be ordered they come straight to me and lift me off the ground.

“Ah,” I hiss as my wound collides with the man’s body.

“Careful, or else you’re going to be seeing the snout end of my wolf,” Chase says heatedly.

“Michael,” my father says, “listen to the young man.” Michael starts walking but I grip his arm tightly he takes my signal for him to stop.

“Alpha there is a girl, I believe she’s your niece, she went after a wolf named Brooke.” My father nods and his bottom lip goes into the captivity of his teeth as he wants to come to me but I nod at him letting him know that I am fine.

My father runs into the trees and then Michael continues to walk. “Melody,” Chase says but I stop him.

“Where’s Luke?” Letting my body sink further into the man I can feel my body grow heavy once again.

“He must have left when the alpha showed up. Rogues and Wanderers are not very fond of alphas.” I sigh and let the man take me where he needs to. Chase is by my side and I know that he won’t let anything happen to me. Other than getting stabbed but that was my fault.

“I feel like shit,” a groan escapes me and I can sense Chase there. “You can stay I bet that this is not pleasant for you, you know with all the blood,” a yawn escapes me towards the end and my eyelids start getting heavy.

“I’m not a vampire Melody, and if it weren’t for the wolf’s bane I would be the one carrying you.”

“Mmmkay,” I allow myself to sink further into Michael as he walks faster.

“Don’t worry I’ll be right there when you wake up,” that is the last thing I hear letting the darkness swallow me whole.

The phone rings and Chase groans, "Yes Alpha Hunter."

My mother must be losing it at home and I need to prepare for what she has in store once we are in the privacy of the packhouse.

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