Chasing Melody

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~Alpha Melany Hunter~

The door closes behind Feather allowing me to finally relax. Every Friday night I meet with Feather to go over the week's rounds and discuss where we can improve on.

Feather has been a great Omega. She does not step away from a fight and is not scared to be challenged by a male in the pack.

The elders have been quite taken by her.

They did not approve of her at first but the vision I had for my pack has been executed flawlessly.

Both alphas and betas are happy to have her on the team. The more females in power allow for our daughters to fight the norms and achieve whatever their hearts desire.

Breathing in my moment of peace I glance down at the pictures that invade my desk.

One is of Hunter and me at the altar during our wedding. Our longing gaze is one that is very familiar between us. We learned that we are both sought after by friends and foes. When we are together we look at each other just like we did that day.

With so much love and affection...but there are moments where we just can't seem eye to eye.

The next photo is of my father smiling brightly at the camera as he has me sitting on his shoulder with my arms wrapped around his head my face buried in his hair. Andrew is standing next to my father with a pouty face as my father messes around with his hair.

The last picture is of Andrew and his family. Madison seems annoyed as the boys fight and Angie gives them her motherly glare. Andrew seems like the only one ready for the picture.

Two people are missing from my photos. My mother that I never got to meet and my daughter. It is too dangerous to have a picture of her on display.

Oh my little Melany, I sigh.

As a baby, Hunter and I knew exactly what was best for her. Now that she is older it seems that there are three paths and none of us are on the same one.

What’s wrong Melany?


My wolf is getting annoyed with my constant worry. Melody went out with her friends and thankfully she did not put up much of a fight about her shadow going.


He does not take more than a few seconds to respond, Alpha.

Have you arrived at your destination?

I can sense him relaxing as if he were waiting for a different question. Yes, we just arrived.

Okay, watch over my daughter like a hawk.

Always do! Cutting our mental connection I roam around the now empty and extremely quiet house.


Silver is my inner wolf’s name. In my thirty-seven years of being on this earth, she has shared twenty-eight years of them along my side.


Do you think I worry too much about Melody? I sigh and make my way towards my bedroom. Taking the stairs at a leisurely pace I am drawn to my haven.

You’re her mother of course you worry. Are you overprotective? Maybe a tad bit but she is not living a normal human life. She is part of a pack that is swarming with enemies and she is vulnerable.

Yes, I know she is a free-spirited child just like I was many, many, moons ago but with that mindset, I got myself into a lot of trouble. The trouble I had to fight my way out of with fangs and claws but she can’t do that.

Making my way inside my haven I sink into this glorious bed that Mathew bought us.

He redecorated our bedroom and office as a wedding gift.

Mathew is the Alpha of Alpha’s and my godfather. With acquaintances like that, you are bound to make enemies in very high places. The bed set that he bought was made out of the black oak tree, a rare type of tree that only a few know about and even fewer know of their location.

He must have paid a great deal to have one cut down to make this bedroom set. The outline of the magnificent bed is made of the Blood Sacred tree making this desk perfect for both Hunter and I. The bed is as black as a moonless night and the red represents the blood that courses through our pack.

Being inside of my bedroom makes my mind drift. The fireplace’s flickering light calms me there is electricity in the room so I can turn on the lights but this, this soothes me. This is how my father would be all the time.

My father, when he was alpha, would stay up working late and whenever I would have a nightmare or just needed some company I would run in here into his arms. No matter what he was working on or who he was talking to he would drop it the second I was inside. My father was both parents to me when I was scared he would sing to me calming me down. If anyone would hear him they would be shocked since he is so authoritative with everything that you would think he did not have a soft bone in his body.

Maybe that’s what’s missing between you and Melody.


Your father was both your mother and father stern when need be but caring when you needed it.

What are you trying to tell me?

Melody has two fathers! One that she trusts and the other one she is terrified of. Take a guess which one you are.

I refuse to be the man in this! I am her mother. I was there with tears in my eyes the day she said mama, I was there when she tried to take her first steps with concern that she wouldn’t get hurt, and I was there when she fell to pick her right up. I sang to her to help her fall asleep and I stood there watching and listening, constantly watching and listening for anything that might want to hurt her.

You were a mother then and something happens when she was about ten.

She was so close to the age that I shifted that I turned into this crazed animal ready to rip whoever's throat that stood to close to her. I had to protect my baby, my child, and our Hunter and I’s melody.

Melody is the melody that both alphas’ hearts beat to.

Silver knows what to tell me but does not know how to respond when I am at the brink of letting myself jump over the edge.

I have to be here for my pack and my mate but Melody is part of both my worlds and I could barely handle it when it was Hunter. Now I have two beings that mean the world to me. Hunter and Melody. Who am I willing to lose if I had to choose between Hunter and Melody. Hunter is a fighter but Melody...

My throat tightens and I feel as if all the air in the bedroom is being sucked out and I am suffocating in my dilemma. Gasping for air I decide to put my mind somewhere else I open up my connection to the rest of the pack and since I do not do this often the pack is surprised.

Alpha Melany!

Alpha Melany is here with us.

Is there anything that you want to discuss with me, Drake.

Drake’s presence in my mind is overwhelming and I know that he wants to talk about something.

Alpha, my son Josh went to a party in town that I was not completely comfortable with.

Go on.

I just wanted to know if there will be any scouts out there. You know for peace of mind.

Scouts, there is not any that I am aware of but I can contact my husband and check. I know that I do have a shadow out there at the moment and he has not reported anything to make me worry.

A Shadow? You mean Chase Whitman!

The one and only. Drake, I wouldn’t worry about them. They are under the protection of the Moonless and Crimson Moon packs if anyone wants to mess with them they must be extremely stupid or are seeking a death wish.

I will sleep a bit better since I know that you allowed your daughter out to this party.

Only a close few know about Melody, Drake is one of them, but I had to fake her death when she was just a few months old. No one knew her name and now when anyone sees her with Hunter or myself we pass her off as our niece or Madison’s friend.

It kills me not to be able to let the whole world know that she is my daughter.

When Melody was born it was the best and worse experience of my life. During the day I was the loving mother and wife but at night...

Shaking the thoughts out of my head my body releases my tension but releasing a loud sigh. The ringing of my phone pulls me out of my thoughts faster. Before my phone was for Hunter before we could mind link each other but now I have it for Melody, who never calls, and emergencies.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket the number is unknown. Debating whether to answer or not my instincts make me answer on the fourth ring.

“Hello,” the erratic breathing makes my body jump up and I am on my feet.

“Alpha Melany, Melody is hurt.” His words echo in my mind.

“How did this happen?” I growl at him as my body shakes.

Hunter! Melody...Melody! I could not bring myself to say it even in my mind.

What about Melody? Hunter screams at me. Opening my mind I let him hear what Chase has to say. Chase has both his alphas in his mind that a whimper escapes him. “Wolf’s bane is coursing through her body as we speak.” Chase mumbles, “I can’t touch her she weakens my wolf and myself. We’re at the Wolf’s Den,” he takes in a deep breath, “the owner of the club’s house. Kiero’s pack is here.”

Kiero! Hunter shifts and his wolf is ready to sink his teeth into whoever touched our daughter. My wolf is so close to the surface.

Melany! You can’t come. You are too aggressive when it comes to Melody. I am as well, but I can control myself. If you go everyone will know that there is more between you and Melody than just a friendship.

“My god there is so much blood,” Carl’s voice breaks through. My baby is bleeding and I can’t go to her. My chest feels as if something is ripping through it.

There is some noise and then Chase speaks again. “Melody, you’re hurt you need to stop.”

“Hunter is on his way,” I can sense him moving through the trees and towards Melody. “Is Melody conscious?”

“Yes, she just opened her eyes. Alpha Adrian is on his way.”

“Keep me informed.”

“Yes, alpha I will keep you informed.” I hang up and my whole body is trembling. I take two steps and my body cannot handle the turmoil and my body drops to the ground.

My wolf claws at my core wanting to rush to my baby but I need to stay back.

The turmoil that my wolf is causing makes the room spin as I try to calm her down.

Melody is going to be fine. She will be okay.

This is what is going through my head as I wait for Hunter to say something different.

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