Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

Did I take an attack for someone that hates me?


Yes, I did!

I will probably have the scar to prove it as well.

I guess that is the type of person I am.

In Pain,
Melody Hunter

My eyes are closed tight not wanting to see the blood or anyone’s face for that matter.

For the love of god!

The pain is excruciating as the man that is carrying me sets me down.

"She is losing a lot of blood," the man announces.

“I’m going with you!” Chase refuses to leave my side and I know that this must not be easy for him. From the sound of it wolfsbane, even when it is near them, causes them pain.

“It’s your suffering,” the man’s words sink in and my eyes shot open.

“Chase!” I scream as my eyes search for him. I am in a van with the man that carried me by my side looking over me as if wondering where to start. Chase’s head pops out from the side of the passenger seat his eyes full of concern.

“Melody,” he breathes in as if he was hoping that I was still alive.

“Chase, I’ve caused you enough pain for a--,” my breath hitches as the man next to me puts pressure on my cut, “day!” The man put pressure on my wound and my shut close tightly.

“You mean getting hit in the family jewels is right up there with getting stabbed?” He gives me a weak smile once I slow my breathing and open my eyes. My returning smile is even weaker than the one he gave me.

Swallowing down the lump in my throat I shake my head, “I won’t know last time I checked I was a girl.”

My eyes grow heavy as the van starts up, “Rest Melody. I’ll wake you when we arrive at the packhouse.”

“Okay,” I whisper as my tiredness overpowers me and I let sleep overtake me.

The faint noises drift through my mind. Car doors slamming. Voices. Lots of voices. Arguing.

“I’m going to take her in,” the growl undercurrent lets everyone know that he is not messing around.

“You’re making me break the alpha’s orders!” The man hisses back.

“I’ll handle the alpha later but I’m going to take her to the infirmary unless you want to settle this less civilly,” my body tightens up as I prepare to wake up but with that my body jolts up in pain as a reflex my body curls up trying to relieve the pain. “Move she needs help now.”

Strong arms take ahold of my body and lift me. Normally I would be fighting them but as of right now their heat is keeping me warm. The door slams behind us as he runs through the packhouse my eyes open up a bit as Chase carries me up the stairs as if I only weighed five pounds.

“Dr. Graham!” He presses me tighter to his body, “Doctor!” I hate doctors. Inwardly groaning I press the side of my head against Chase’s chest and close my eyes once again.

“Alpha Hunter, she’s here. Boy, lay her on the bed at the end of the hall.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Chase rushes forward.

“Can you slow down I think I’m going to hurl,” my stomach churns with all the movement that I have been experiencing.

“We’re here,” he whispers to me when suddenly a soft material caresses my body.

“Melody,” her voice brings up many emotions but none of them comforting.

“Where’s my father?” I open my eyes once again and the blinding light makes me wish that I had not done that.


“Your father is fighting off Kiero’s pack at the moment. Madison got bit by one of their wolves and your parent’s Beta is about to rip someone’s head off.” Opening up my eyes slowly I look at Chase and mouth thank you at him. If it isn’t for Chase I would not know what was going on.

“Is Madison okay?” I whisper as my throat scratches with every word. He nods.

“That’s enough. Chase, you’re off duty so I suggest that you head on home and I want a briefing in the morning. Am I clear?” My mother is going into alpha mode before us.

Dr. Graham is there, she must have been there the entire time or she can appear out of thin air, her gentle hands are on me at once. “I need scissors,” she says to someone that I cannot see.

“Mother,” my mother and Chase are in an apparent mental battle and they have their eyes locked on each other. When my voice makes it to her she turns to look at me concern leaking into her as she takes a couple of steps towards me.

“Yes, darling,” her words are hushed but I can hear her.

“I rather have Chase by my side. He was there when it happened and he stuck to my side when I got hurt, he was there when my father couldn’t come to my side, and he even endured the pain while he carried up here,” I gasp for air. “He has a right to be here.”

“Let me help you,” Chase is by Dr. Graham’s side and he leans closer to me. “Sorry,” his hands grip the flaps of my peacoat and without much effort forces them to the side the buttons bounce off all the surfaces that they come in contact with.

“Thank you,” Dr. Graham lifts my shirt and Chase breathes out harshly as his eyes lower down to my wound. I do not dare to look so I look at my mother her welled up eyes make the pain a bit more tolerable.

She’s suffering because of me? She didn’t even show up when I got hurt. My father did! Chase stayed with me. The ones that hurt me were Luke, I thought he was my friend and he left me, and my mother.

“He’s here,” my mother says softly as the tears escape her eyes and slowly run down her cheeks.

“Where’s my baby?” The hurt in his voice makes me want to sit up but Chase holds me down.

“Dad!” He rushes past the door and without getting clearance from the doctor rushes to me. His arms wrap around me as he pushes me closer to him. My face presses against his bare chest as his lips press against my hair.

“Oh sweetheart, oh my baby, my princess...” his words muddle together as he talks into my hair. “I almost lost it when I saw you on the ground and I couldn’t go to you.” He kisses my forehead and then pulls me away looking over me.

“She’s going to be fine alphas. The cut just needs to clean out and it might scar but all in all, we should thank the moon goddess that she not a wolf yet because this could have been much worse.” Dr. Graham assures my parents and my father nods still looking at me.

“I’m sorry that you’re going to have a scar, sweetie.” Chase firm hand wraps around my shoulder and I look at him and then my father.

“Sorry? I’m going to have an awesome battle scar!” I give them a weary smile. Glancing over at my mother she wipes away her tears and takes a deep breath.

“Come on boys. Melody needs her rest,” my father and Chase say their goodnights.

My father hugs my mother, a gentle kiss on the lips, and whispers something to her that I can’t hear but from the blush on Chase’s cheeks I’m happy I couldn’t hear it. My mother stands in the entryway as they walk through once they leave she makes her way towards me cautiously.

“Good night darling,” she lowers her head and gives me a kiss on the cheek, “just know that if I could have switched-places with you tonight I would have. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Her words resonate in my mind. I don’t answer her as she leaves my room, shutting the light, and leaving me alone.

She does care...

“I love you too,” the words echo in the empty room.

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