Chasing Melody

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Dear Journal,

Some people seek therapy for their problems. I seek solace in music. This is what I learned from my father. He used to sing to me as a child. If only he would have passed down some of his talents to me. His voice would calm me and now I dance to destress myself.

No wonder I have been dancing so much lately...

Melody Hunter

The studio is dreadfully quiet I need some noise. It is too quiet to do anything here.

Trevin takes his usual spot at the corner where he usually does absolutely nothing. I walk over to the speaker closest to me and I see my iPod attached to the aux cord. Turning it on I hit play and Fever by The Black Keys starts playing.

“I love this song,” I clap my hands and start shuffling back a few steps. “Come on Trevin this is a good song.” I smile at him and he does not move.

I let the music run through my body as the speakers' booms with the volume of the music. Thankfully my father knows how I play my music so he made this room soundproof.

I close my eyes and throw my hands up as I start swaying my hips bobbing my head to the beat. Music is my natural high.

Dancing has been a great release for me since I do not need anyone for it I can do it all on my own. My mind goes quiet as I let myself get lost into the music.

Music makes me free from everything and everyone. It lets me be myself. There are no rules to dancing, no restrictions. You do whatever your mind and body want, nothing like it is at home. Under the constant vision of my mother, she does not want me to roam free. My body moves to the vibes coursing through me and my skin fills with goosebumps.

Closing my eyes I let my feet move to the beat of the song when suddenly the silence swallows me whole. Like a tidal wave submerging my entire body my body jerks to a stop. Opening my eyes I look over to the speaker and my eyes lock with black eyes that narrow at me in anger.

“Goddammit Melody, I swear you’re going to be the death of me.” The vein on his temple protrudes as he breathes out. I swear if steam would come out of his ears it would not surprise me.

“Chase, what do you think you’re doing?” I growl at him, “I didn’t invite you in.”

He has absolutely no right to walk in here like owns the place.

He shakes his head and releases a humorless chuckle, “I don’t need a damn invite when I have a key to the place!”

“You can’t be serious,” crossing my arms at my chest as I puff out a breath. He takes it as a challenge and his hand pushes into his jean pocket and he produces a ball of metal where the jingling of keys makes its way to me as he shakes them.

“There have to be at least thirty keys in there how do I even know that any of them are from this building,” my hand stretches out pointing to the hunk of metal in his hands.

“I’m inside aren’t I?” His lips curve into half a smirk and I groan. My father would keep this a secret from my mother but why would I think that I could escape my pack here.

My father gives me more freedom than my mother but he still wants me to be watched over.

“I hate you!” I growl at him and he is unfazed by my comment. He is neither the first nor the last to hear those words from me. As long as I have a shadow on me I will hate them just because they make me feel weak and vulnerable.

“Melody,” he breathes in slowly and I notice that he stays by the speaker not making any motions of coming closer to me, “I want you to head home. You have school tomorrow,” he looks at me sternly his eyes hardening. My jaw clenches and he does the same.

He is acting like a father.

Even my father does not act like this.

“What are you, my father?” I snap at him and he rolls his eyes at me. He knows that I have a problem with people trying to order me around.

“No! Thank god because I swear you would put me off of having any more kids,” he rubs at his temples as if rubbing away an upcoming headache. When the words sink in his eyes widen.

It is too late. The hurt that his words inflict must be registered on my face.

“That’s a low blow asshole,” I seethe at him. I do not have any siblings and that itself is strange since wolves tend to have a litter of pups but I was an only child and the fact that I do not have anyone to look up to or any to look up to me has been a thorn at my side for some time.

“Go home Melody it’s a full moon tonight and you know what that means,” he does not even want to acknowledge what he said. He probably does not know what to say and neither would I. His features soften but I turn away from him.

My shoulders drop in defeat and I sigh looking over at Trevin, who seems at ease completely ignoring us, he is fast asleep in the corner.

“That’s a stupid excuse.”

To be honest it is not a stupid excuse. In our town, the young wolves love to scare the town’s people when there is a full moon. The forest is infested with both packs young wolfs and an occasional rogue here and there.

“Please, your father wants me to run rounds around our perimeter but I want to know that you’re heading straight home.” I nod at him and his eyes scrutinize mine for a moment. “Okay, I’ll walk you to your car.”

“No need I have Trevin,” we both throw a glance at him and he is still knocked out.

“It doesn’t matter your parents want me to look out after you and I will obey them so let’s go,” his hand comes towards my arm but before he can grab me he stops as his hand closes into a fist. “Trevin,” he says through clench teeth and Trevin lazily lifts his head, “we’re going.” Trevin walks to us and Chase stares me down.

“Jesus, I’m going. I’m going,” I grab my belongings and then walk out with Trevin on my heels.

Chase locks up and true to his word he has the key to the building. We walk through the town in silence. People are roaming around the street but not a lot since the sky is darkening and the air is turning nippy.

I see a group of girls eyeing Chase and I look over at him but he is not paying any attention to them as he leads me to the car.

“Chase,” my voice wavers with uncertainness.

“Yes,” he glances back at me but quickly returns to look at where he is going.

“Why don’t you date?"

Chase has been training with the pack since I have known him and seems to always be ready for whatever my parents throw his way. If he was dating that would mean that he would at least need a day off.

"I see that a lot of girls are interested in you but you pay no attention to them,” I stare at his back as he shrugs.

A little distraction will make my escape a bit easier.

“I rather wait for my mate.” His voice is monotone finding any emotions from me.

He’s one of those. I try my best not to roll my eyes just in case he turns around to look at me.

"Why don't you da-" He stops himself realize what he is asking. My parents would be at whoever's neck if I would want to date them. Who would want to date a daughter of not just one alpha but two?

“What if you don’t find her?” I question and he stops in his tracks but I keep going, passing him rather quickly, and keep heading to my car. I can sense his eyes on me.

“You don’t understand because you don’t have your wolf yet. When you do you’ll know how it feels to be with someone who isn’t your mate.” I do not look back at him as the café comes into view.

“It’s been two years since you shifted and nothing. I’m just saying maybe going out a bit wouldn’t kill you,” and maybe that will get you out of my hair for a while.

“Melody,” his hand wraps around my arm as he tugs me to a stop I turn to look at him and his eyes are hard, “drop it will you,” I swallow and nod.

“Sorry, I’ll head straight home so that you don’t get your panties all in a bunch,” he breathes out a low chuckle.

“I’ll check in with Alpha Hunter in fifteen minutes to make sure that you’re home,” he threatens and I do not believe him. Letting them know that my shadow did not make sure that I went inside the house would certainly get him in trouble.

“My mother or father,” he must know that I rather have him talk to my father.

“Your father,” he whispers and I mouth a thank you and wave him off. He stands there until he sees me climb into the Jeep and start it. I drive past him and I am tempted to give him the middle finger just for the fuck of it but thought better of it.

Trevin is curled up into a ball in the passenger seat as I drive back home.

Maybe I should help Chase find someone. Out of all my shadows' Chase has been the more relaxed one of the lot. Perhaps it is because he is closer in age to me and he understands. Who am I kidding I hardly talk to anyone?

The ride back is troubling since I am not quite fond of the darkness. I know what travels in the dark and with that, I know that I need to be careful, especially on a full moon and wolves are descending into town.

My reliable Jeep makes me feel safe as my foot inches down on the gas pedal I want to get home as soon as possible. The trees on either side of the road make me feel as if there is something unseen looking at me.

“Why am I being such a baby?” I say mostly to myself but Trevin looks at me and I bet if he could speak he would say that I was crazy.

Driving down the long road I see my worse nightmare.

Great! That’s just what I need. Why would the fog start rolling down when I am driving.

My car keeps going and there is no easing into the fog it seems as if I drove straight into a cloud and I turn my high beams on but that only makes my vision worse.

Easily my foot off the gas I lean forward. Who in their mind would be out in this fog? Right, I would be.

Both my hands grip the steering wheel as I squint my eyes for a better view. My nerves are calming down when the howls erupt in the trees and I know that I am not alone.

Slowing down I lean closer to the windshield, my eyes concentrating on the path in front of me.

“Can this fog please let up a bit,” I begged under my breath as I try to see a bit further.

My eyes are on the road when a black figure runs in front of my car, “Shit!”

I slam on the breaks as the Jeep screeches to a stop. My chest slams into the steering wheel and the honk blares through the trees. I take in a harsh breath as the heat of the impact radiates through my chest.

“My god,” I whimper as my shaky hands cover my mouth. My entire body is trembling and I look over at Trevin who is now pushing himself up from the floor. His paws claw at the passenger seat as he looks out into the fog and a growl rumbles in his chest.

Something is out there. Trevin feels it as well.

“I can’t do this,” I whimper and grab my bag that is thrown on the passenger side floor. I pull out my phone and dial my father, he will come for me. I clumsily dial his number but my fingers are shaking uncontrollably that I have to erase the number twice until I got it right.

The phone starts ringing and relief washes over me, that is until his voicemail pops up. I end the call not wanting to leave a message.

Who else do I call?

My mother, no not her, she will probably say that I should stay home from now on.


My heart is hammering against my chest and I go to my contacts and find his number and I press the dial icon.

“Please, please answer,” there are some scuffling noises and then heavy breathing.

“I told you that I would mind link your father,” he says without a greeting.

“Chase!” The word comes out a whimper through the lump in my throat.

“Melody,” I can sense his alarm through the earpiece.

“Chase. I am stuck on the road heading home. A fog is clouding my vision and I heard the howls just before something ran in front of my car.”

Trevin can sense my fear as he puts his paws on my lap and rests his head on my shoulder trying to calm me down.

“Are you okay?” His words are rushed as he seems to be running.

“Yeah I am but I can’t get home like this,” I breathe out loudly trying to stop the trembling.

“I’m going,” my eyes are on the wall of fog before me when two glimmering lights catch my eyes. At first, I thought they were headlights but when I stare at them I realize that headlights do not blink.

“Hurry, there is something out there.” I lock the doors and press the phone closer to my ear.

“I will find you,” and his line goes dead. Hopefully, he does not find me dead as well.

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